How to Download Kodi on PS4? Complete Guide

Any player not familiar with Xbox, PS4, or PS3 certainly lacks more gaming experience. PS4 has always been trending, and its popularity has grown over time since gaming is no longer a waste of time. It’s now a profession! Gamers tend to gain a living while competing with their expertise in gaming in clans and groups.

PlayStation is more than just gaming – many of us also use it for streaming. You can enjoy more than you ever thought by adding Kodi to the Sony PlayStation. We have discussed Kodi a lot earlier in our articles. This article will discuss How to Download Kodi on PS4 and what good stuff you can do with this duo.

Kodi users will confirm that it is possible to stream live media through the Console, apart from high-class HD games. To me, Kodi is the open media streaming box that can suffice gamers’ thirst for online gaming.

What is Kodi?

It was an open-source media player known as XBMC before it was called Kodi. It is a multimedia player with a variety of functions that can be compatible with different hardware and operating systems. Therefore you can install Kodi on TV, PC, laptop, and tablet devices.

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Kodi is an HTPC application for streaming, viewing photos, video play, postcards, recording music, and much more. It is also highly personalized with several skins through which you can change its appearance. It also enables the user to install a plugin for free access to media content.

What Are the Advantages of Using Kodi on a PlayStation 4?

Kodi is an open-source, free media player. It also supports various operating systems and hardware platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, TV, Xbox, etc. There is still no official support for PS4/PS3 on Kodi.

You can stream, view photos, and play video/music/games with Kodi. You can install a plugin to access the media content freely. Moreover, you can randomly change the appearance of Kodi with the offered skins.

PS4 is a popular and powerful game console that allows you to play different games of HD quality. It has millions of users worldwide. Therefore, many people want to install Kodi on PS4 to get a rich video experience with the player.

How to Download Kodi on PS4? Would you please move to the content below for detailed information?

How to Download Kodi on PS4?

Let’s talk about some fundamental factors that have to be understood clearly. Kodi is not available on PS4 or PS3 for iOS, Mac, and Android. 

There is no way for users to download Kodi directly on Sony PlayStation as there is no official Kodi app available for PS4. However, a third-party app called “Plex” is available.

Plex is another media streamer that you can use to install Kodi on PS4. But we would like to recommend that VPN users keep them anonymous, as you don’t know which law enforcement agency keeps an eye on the purchase and sale of Kodi boxes and their illegal use.

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Before proceeding with the Kodi for PS4 tutorial, you must create a Plex account, which you will use to store all of your media files.

How to Download Kodi on PS4: Step by Step Guide

Plex is regarded as Kodi’s finest choice. So streaming is feasible using plex. You may install Kodi on PS4 via the following steps.

  1. Go to your console playstation4 to open the PlayStation shop.
  2. In the search bar, type Plex and click on the search button.
  3. Open and download an authorized Plex app on your PS4 console.
  4. Wait before downloading the Plex app. Once the download procedure is over, the installation takes place automatically.
  5. Then, on the Plex App, click on the Start button on the video and TV column.
  6. You have to make an account; you can easily log into it without credentials if you already have an account.
  7. When you’re new to creating an account, it will provide you new code and a new link.
  8. You can go to the Plex home screen through links. You must enter the code here to receive a notification such as App Linked to the PS4.
  9. The Plex app can be downloaded and installed on your devices Android.
  10. Go to the Plex App and type in all your App login details.
  11. Plex Settings > Activates Show Camera, Media Server, Network Discovery.
  12. You can only stream media materials utilizing your Android devices should your smartphones and play stations have the same network connection.

How to add a Plex account to PS4 console

  1. Register for a Plex account by going to and entering the provided URL in your web browser.
  2. Wait until the media connects.
  3. Login with your ID to Plex and choose “Stay in the test mode.”
  4. Go to System Settings and select System.
  5. Turn on “Advertise as a server, “show camera roll media,” and “Network discovery” to adjust the settings. The next step to the PS4 Console installs the Kodi app.

Install Kodi on Ps4 Without Plex

Besides games and apps, you can also install Ubuntu on your consoles in PlayStation. With Ubuntu, you can easily install Kodi. To do this,

  • Open the Ubuntu Terminal window.
  • Run the command,
sudo apt-get install software-properties-common
  • To proceed further, click Yes. Then, run.
sudo add-apt-repository PPA:team=xmbx\PPA
  • The Kodi app starts to be downloaded. Run the command after the download
sudo apt-get update
  • The Kodi application downloaded will be updated.
  • You can use the Kodi application on your PS4 once the update is done.

We hope that these instructions will allow users to start installing Kodi on PS4. The Kodi name and its appointment games on PS4 are iconic and straightforward. 

In addition, you can also make your gaming happen by installing Kodi on Xbox One. The demand for Xbox One is out of the chart and grows with more games being prepared for it.

However, your Kodi device is excellent if you do not have the correct addons for Kodi PS3 and Kodi PS4. That’d mean as if the car’s body had no engine. 

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Kodi Games Add-ons are critical for the smooth running of your Kodi on PS4 and Kodi on PS3. There are dozens of addons in the community of Kodi, but it takes the right light for the users to know.

Kodi on PS3 will soon disappear because the predecessor was dominated by the new and robust Kodi application on PS4. As time passes, new games are not compatible with Kodi PS3, but until that happens, get the best out of the Kodi PS4 app through this last guide.

How to Watch Movies with Kodi for PlayStation 4?

How to Download Kodi on PS4 Complete Guide
  1. First of all, watching Kodi TV on PS4 is very important. Plex is the alternative streaming method of PS4 in Kodi. The PS4 installation steps are essential for viewing Kodi movies for PS4.
  2. Install the Plex app first on your device to run the PS4. This download procedure includes several steps. You have to create an ID by following the given link and code. For signing the process, the given link is used. The steps indicated on official websites are used for accessing Kodi to PS4.
  3. The most important thing to install and stream videos are the internets. A high-speed connection to the server is required. You can also use Wi-Fi for a better interface and speed. For installing TV shows or playing games, high-speed data are needed.
  4. PS4 offers a range of streaming options, including Netflix, Hulu Plus, Twitch.Tv, and streaming. It helps improve HD streaming interface quality, so this is one of the reasons Kodi is used on PlayStation 4. The sharing button allows, and Ustream to be accessed. Some sites provide you with trail packs to improve accessibility.
  5. In streaming videos, DLNA servers are required, so the Plex app has built-in DLNA servers. When setting up the system, you have to enable it for better use. Kodi PS4 controllers are used for window setup or gamepad allowing.
  6. The high-resolution HDMI cables are used to connect Kodi TV to PS4. These cables enable you to view the best video quality easily. You can use these cables with computers, digital TV, and video projectors.
  7. Watching films on PS4 means better and better quality. The connection to media servers can easily explain this. It supports the formats MKV MP4 AVI and many more.
  8. After using it, you will recommend it as, among other things, the best media player.

Kodi PS4 features and advantages

  1. Kodi was modeled, and the XBMC Foundation was started.
  2. You can access this particular Kodi player on different operating systems, such as Windows, Unix, Linux, and many more.
  3. It allows Kodi users to look at video content to see photos, record music, podcasts, and you can also watch a lot on the web.
  4. Since Kodi is an HTPC application, many popular languages are encouraged, and also several addons for the Kodi player are available.
  5. Recent Kodi addons did great things with their beautiful features.
  6. It offers unbelievable audio and video content. You can watch high-quality films with the PS4.
  7. You can easily install this PS4.

A few facts for the newbies

  • You can share your media content with your family, friends, and other relatives and friends. It is one of the most advantageous features that most users are unfamiliar with your content and that anyone can access it.
  • You can install any third-party app using the My Program part in the PLEX app. And for this, the app offers a built-in emulator.
  • Many users wonder about the duo combination, but to everyone’s surprise, Kodi’s power of audio and video is combined with PlayStation’s play potential.
  • PLEX app helps to overcome Kodi’s multimedia player limitations. The PLEX app helps add value by adding Kodi addons to enrich player services.

What makes Kodi for PS4 so good?

Kodi is an open-source media player with many features to make your life much easier. You can create the player with the XBMC Foundation & the software is not limited to just one field type. 

You can find app variations on different operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, Unix, etc. It is not; the app even supports various platforms. On PS4, mac, android TV, you can install Kodi.

Sadly, from your PlayStation, you can’t access Kodi, but don’t let that bring you down. Although you might not experience Kodi on PS4, there’s an excellent alternative to Kodi on your PlayStation 4. 

One of Kodi’s alternatives is plex. Here are some of the reasons why many PlayStation users prefer plex as their streaming application.


Choose from any online shop any great apps. What is the first thing people notice when the app is first launched? Interface. The perfect balance between informative and straightforward needs to be found in every app. 

If one carries more weight than the other, the user experience decreases. Plex does the best of this. The navigation menu is much easier to use. Anyone can open the app and know what to do without confusion.

Also, this guide is just for you if you wonder how to install Exodus Redux on Kodi.


If you don’t like searching, you can find categories of tags on the front page. The users may also filter the search results by title, years, actors, and many more. It is not limited to just one part of the app. 

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All of this is accessible from every page of the app. While the view from different platforms and devices may look the same, you still have more straightforward navigation to find the correct result.


The number one reason many PlayStation users plex over everything else is because the app offers the user reliability. The freedom to stream videos, photos, podcasts of music, and much of the internet in an appropriate place. 

Plex on PS4 turns your gaming system literally into a multimedia box. You are required to play online files because plex also provides users with access to their local files.


One of the reasons you see various people worldwide using plex as their leisure solution is language support. Plex supports a wide variety of popular world languages. There is thus no language barrier between the user and the app and its features.

You cannot download PS4 Kodi from the PlayStation Store directly. But Kodi’s development team works hard to make this happen someday. 

Don’t get upset because you can install a Kodi-like app on your PS4 in many ways. Plex is the best alternative. Plex. If you want to take advantage of services like Kodi on PS4, you must take a few steps to do this.

FAQs – How to Download Kodi on PS4

Can PS4 install APK?

You can now play PS4 titles on nearly every Android device. Though there’s a warning – you need to load an APK to your device, but it’s pretty simple to get up and to run once you have. Just connect to your PS4, and streaming can begin.

Does PS4 support Plex?

You will find that the Plex app is free, so start downloading. Once the installation has been completed, the Plex app is located under “TV & Video” in the PS4 main menu.

How do I install Kodi on Plex?

Select the addon of Plex Kodi in the Addons menu and then click it to start the addon. To start associating your Plex account to this device, click the Sign in button. Take note of your screen code, then open your browser and go to Login to Plex next, but you prefer.


I hope you know everything about How to Download Kodi on PS4? & installed Kodi successfully on your PS4. I hope that the tutorial is obvious. Do let me know if you have a problem. I’d be happy to solve your problem. And Kodi is running slowly on the PS4 Console during my testing. 

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