How to Disable HDCP on PS4? Simple Guide

Here’s you will know How to Disable HDCP on PS4? The PlayStation 4 makes it easy for you to shoot and broadcast gameplay footage on the Twitch and Ustream websites; however, you may like to use your equipment a bit more freely. 

The adoption of HDCP encryption previously made it difficult to use the next-gen console of Elgato and Roxio game capture cards, but you can now turn it off.

What is HDCP? 

HDCP is a system that Intel created to stop people from an unauthorized recording of copy-protected media by using different kinds of equipment such as HD cards, short for the HD Digital Content Protection Protocol. 

How does HDCP operate exactly? Generally, the video feed is bundled with devices like set-top boxes, game consoles (like Play Station, Xbox), DVD players, and Blu-ray players.

When the signal reaches your TV, the device exchanges code before the video stream is scrapped. It means that you cannot record a video while watching a copy-protected video or movie. 

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All your equipment must conform to HDCP requirements to continue viewing the contents. It is also vital to understand that HDCP is effective when you consider organizations using this technology. Almost 800 companies are licensing this technology.

The Three HDCP Elements

HDCP is comprised of three components.

  1. To authenticate HDCP-compliant receivers and are connected to their immediate upstream connection (an HDCP transmitter). A “key exchange” process is used in the authentication protocol, which is the technique by which an HDCP transmitter confirms that a specific HDCP receiver has been granted permission to receive the protected content.
  2. Encryption of audiovisual content is transmitted across HDCP-protected interfaces, such as between HDCP transmitters and their downstream HDCP recipients.
  3. Invalid or non-compliant HDCP receivers are revoked. It is a built-in function of the HDCP specification. However, it is unclear whether device manufacturers are maintaining revocation lists.

How to Disable HDCP on PS4

Can’t you capture video and don’t get video (although you might get choppy sound) in your Hauppauge Capture recordings?

Does ‘1920x1080p 60fps’ and ‘Waiting for HDMI video signal’ switch in the Input Resolution Indicator in Hauppauge Capture?

If so, you must turn off HDCP copy protection on your PS4

Game recorders with HDCP copy protection are unable to record HDMI video. HDCP copy protection video can be provided using an Xbox One or PS4, cable TV, or satellite box. 

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Note: you should utilize Component video and not HDMI if you have a cable or satellite box. HDMI is typically HDCP copy prevention on cable/sat boxes.

You must disable HDCP if you have a PS4. How can I do this:

  1. Connect your PS4 to your game monitor directly (Because you cannot see the PS4 on your computer screen if HDCP copy protection is available on the PS4.)
  2. Then turn to the Settings section: from the primary user interface, press DualShock 4 onto the top-level menu of the system and pick the ‘Settings’ labelled toolbox.
  3. Enter the submenu System: When the extensive list of options shows, scroll down and select the icon called ‘System.’
  4. Switch HDCP encryption off: In Settings, you’ll discover another extensive list. Scroll down to ‘Enable HDCP’ and make sure the box is not ticked on the left side of the label. The default option is activated, so click on it to deactivate HDCP copy protection.
  5. If any programs are open, the system will ask you to close them, and you will then save your game before you complete the last step.
  6. Now you may reconnect your PS4 to a Hauppauge game recorder and your TV monitor with the HDMI from the Hauppauge game recorder. You should see your game on your TV and computer screen.

FAQs – How to Disable HDCP on PS4

What happens if you disable HDCP on PS4?

HDCP encrypted transmissions are designed to prohibit the receipt or recording of audio and video signals on unlicensed devices. Removal of HDCP from PS4 allows users to capture video directly from the console.

What happens if you enable HDCP on PS4?

HDCP is enabled by default (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection). Video and audio won’t be output when HDCP is activated, and you connect a device not compliant with the HDCP standard to your PS4TM system.

Do I need HDCP for PS4?

The HDMI output of PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 Pro is secured with HDCP by default. That means that video capture devices cannot receive video gameplay. Sony has the option to disable HDCP during playback.

What happens if I disable HDCP support?

If HDCP is disabled, you won’t see or record HD programs as almost all HDCP programs are transmitted as part of a signal.

What’s HDCP mode?

High-bandwidth Digital Material Protection (HDCP) is a digital copy protection form developed by Intel Corporation to prevent digital audio and video content transmission across connections.

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