How to Connect PS4 to TV Without HDMI? 3 Easy Methods

So the question is How to Connect PS4 to TV Without HDMI? PlayStation 4 demand remains on the roof even if it’s ten years old. And this is only because of the enormous affection of the console, which kept the PS4 alive.

PlayStation gamers still prefer the tiny device to play their favourite action games on their home TV, and the HDMI connectivity is required for connecting the AV signal on the big screen to the PlayStation console.

But what if you don’t have an HDMI port on your TV and plan to link your PS4 to the TV without an HDMI connection. Would this be possible? Well, a big ‘Yes,’ I think.

As though the output source has no HDMI access, but other AV signals like RCA or DVI connectivity, there’s a great chance to get the video stream over HDMI.

You will require a converter on your TV, and all of you can show the Sony logo on your old TV. So Why wait? Let’s talk about How to Connect PS4 to TV Without HDMI step by step. We’re going here…

How will it work, and what will it required?

You can use the converter to connect a high-end console to a non-HDMI source by converting the signal to be compatible with the output.  

In this scenario, you have to buy HDMI to RCA converters if your television has no HDMI port but other such composite inputs (red, yellow, white).

If your TV has DVI, get the HDMI converter to DVI. If you can somehow buy cables like HDMI to RCA or HDMI to DVI cables, consider buying this also.

It means that you can translate AV signals with these converters, but if you wonder how cables and converters can be connected to PS4 by TV, jump to the following section of the guideline to learn about connectivity.

How to Connect PS4 to TV Without HDMI? 3 Easy Methods

Although current TVs are at an accessible price, some people have an old TV with an HDMI port. And therefore, connecting the latest game systems to older TV is complicated.

As there is no HDMI port on your TV PC monitor, you must provide it with any VGA, composite port, and DVI. But PS4 only comes with HDMI ports; thus, you have to have a converter that translates HDMI according to your demand to connect without HDMI.

Method 1: Convert to HDMI Converter/Cable with DVI

Both HDMI and DVI connections function on digital signals, so there’s no quality problem. If you know that DVI doesn’t support audio signals, but if it’s the best way to buy or plan to buy soundbars with optical output. All you need is a DVI cable HDMI. It also works if you have HDMI to DVI or DVI to HDMI.

  1. Connect HDMI cable and another end to TV PC Monitor port PS4 HDMI output port and DVI port. 1. But if you have purchased a converter, you need to connect another end converter & DVI to display or TV.
  2. Turn Display on now and choose the correct input and turn to PlayStation. All you can see on the Display is the Sony Logo, even if you press the volume to test the sound.

Method 2: Connect to Composite Converter using HDMI

Shortly, you don’t plan to buy a soundbar and then follow this strategy. All you need is HDMI Cable and Composite Cable. You can find HDMI to Composite, but the quality is not assured; some also face audio problems.

  1. Connect HDMI Cable to PS4 one end and HDMI Converter another end. Convert USB power to HDMI Converter, which you acquire from this converter.
  2. Plug TV and Converter Composite cable according to colour code.
  3. Turn on the TV now and select the correct input. You’re connected, and you can see the Sony logo.

Method 3: Connecting PS4 to VGA PC Monitor

Now you want to connect it to the PC monitor with a VGA port rather than an HDMI port. The HDMI to VGA converter, HDMI Switch, and VGA cable together with HDMI cable are all necessary. 

Because sometimes PS4 does not handshake to monitor using a converter, HDMI switch needed. The Audio signal is also not supported by the VGA port; however, the converter has a separate connection.

  1. Connect a VGA cable end to the TV and a VGA Adapter end to HDMI.
  2. Adapt Speaker/Headphone Audio Jack plug.
  3. Connect HDMI end adapter to HDMI output switch.
  4. Use HDMI power switch cable since PS4 cannot supply switching power.
  5. Connect one end of the HDMI cable to Switch input and one end to the PS4.
  6. Turn on the monitor, and now you are connected to the VGA port PC Monitor.

Convert from HDMI to DVI

DVI and HDMI are both digital signals, which means you will see better results when your TV or monitor has a DVI input than with one of the adapters listed above. It would help if you also avoided loss of audio or poor audio as with an HDMI composite converter.

  1. Connect the HDMI cable to the PS4 and then connect the other part to the DVI converter.
  2. Plugin the converter and connect the DVI cable to the other end of the DVI cable.
  3. Convert your Display to the correct input and turn the PS4 on. When you look at the Sony logo, it works. Turn the volume up and test whether the sound happens.

Note: If these two approaches do not work, consider buying a new TV. HDMI compatible TVs have fallen in price and maybe bought for as little as $20 through retail sites such as Craigslist or the Facebook market. 

Although the procedures indicated above are effective, they do not always work. Even if you do, your experience with a converter is not the same quality as a regular connection.

How to Connect PlayStation 4 with HDMI to TV

There are mainly two wired or wireless choices. Let’s first look at how the wired method is achievable.

The PS4 game console only includes HDMI output, although you can skip the HDMI connection portion if you have an older TV. Most of them all have a modern television because it is now available at a low price. 

In addition, all contemporary TVs come with an HDMI port; thus, it’ll be easy to connect the PS4 TV console to the HDMI port. 

You only need the highest quality HDMI cable that is always included. Make sure your PlayStation 4 and TV are switched off before starting.

  • Connect the HDMI output PS4 Gaming Console to one end of the HDMI cable
  • Connect an additional HDMI cable terminal to the HDMI TV port.
  • Plugin the PS4 gaming console power wire Power on it.
  • Switch your HDMI TV entry to HDMI mode by pressing Remote Source/Inputs.

How To Connect PS4 to TV Wirelessly?

In other words, if you’re not a lover of cables, you’ll have to pay for this expensive wireless technique. You must have a Sony PlayStation TV to connect your PS4 to your television wirelessly. For a genuinely cordless gaming experience, check out the Wireless Sony DualShock 4 Controller.

How To Connect PS4 to TV With Broken HDMI Port?

You can only play games on your PS4 via Remote Play if you have a defective HDMI port. PlayStation 3’s Remote Play was the first of its kind, and it has since been implemented on other PlayStation consoles.

Use a Windows or Mac computer or an iOS or Android smartphone to source your PS4’s video and audio output by using Remote Play on your console.

Steps to Play PlayStation 4 on a Windows PC with a Broken HDMI Port

To demonstrate how to use Remote Play on any of the supported devices, we’ll be using a Windows PC:

Step #1)

The initial step is to go to the PlayStation Remote Play website and download and install the official PlayStation Remote Play app on your system. Select the type of device you have and download the installer file from the drop-down menu that appears.

Step #2)

Install the software by opening the installation file; the process is simple, but you can customize it as you see fit.

Step #3)

Use the shortcut on your desktop to access the newly installed Remote Play app. The resolution and frame rate should be set as high as possible in the Settings menu.

Step #4

To sign in to your PSN account, click Sign In, then enter your username and password. Then click OK. It’s essential to ensure that the account you’re signing into is the same one you’ve activated as primary on your PS4.

Step #5)

Use an Ethernet cable to link your PS4 to your home network. Make sure your PS4 is on and in Rest mode.

PS4 must be connected to the same network as your computer to register automatically. Because your HDMI is broken, you cannot provide a pin to validate your attempt to log in, which is required if both devices are not on the same network.

Step #6)

When you press the Start button, it should find your PS4 and turn it on after about 30-40 seconds of searching. Remote Play on the PS4 now shows what your TV would usually establish if you connected it to HDMI and turned it on.

Step #7)

You’ll see that you can only move about the PS4 with the arrow keys, but you can’t start anything. You’ll need a USB cable to connect your DualShock 4 controller to the computer, and the game will instantly recognize your controller.

After following these instructions, you can now play games on your PS4 with a broken HDMI port.

FAQs – How to Connect PS4 to Tv Without HDMI

What do you do if your PS4 HDMI is broken?

For a lousy HDMI port, the only good and continuous remedy are to replace the whole port. Some of them have pushed back pins and do not contact the pins on the cable anymore. Although you can push these pins back numerous times, there is no good way to store them.

How can I connect my TV without HDMI?

Fortunately, alternative options besides HDMI exist. How can you connect a TV to an HDMI-free receiver? You can use any RCA audio cable, a composite video cable, a 5-cable RCA cable, or an HDMI converter matching your available input option.

Can PlayStation connect to the TV wirelessly?

When you connect the systems through Wi-Fi directly, select (Setup)> from the PS4TM function screen [Remote Play Connection Settings] and then pick the checkbox (PS Vita/PS TV connection directly) to set a checkmark.

Can PS4 connect wirelessly?

Use the Wi-Fi console (for a wireless connection) to connect to the Internet through the PlayStation 4 console, navigate Settings> Network > Connect to the web and pick Wi-Fi.

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