How to Connect PS4 to VGA Monitor? Step by Step

Here in this informative post, I will guide you step by step on How to Connect PS4 to VGA Monitor? Gaming consoles are becoming increasingly popular with young people. These simple techniques make it easier for young people or even the elder to play games.

Most of these game consoles are connected to the TV for playback, but if you do not have a TV or are damaged, you will certainly choose a laptop or a monitor in other ways.

In any circumstance like this, because of their enormous screen, consumers choose a monitor. But do you know How to Connect PS4 to VGA Monitor

Well, if not, we’re here to let you know how to connect your PS4 to the monitor. You can examine many tips & tricks on the use of technology gadgets on our TrickDoc website. But you have to check numerous things before you start using the strategy. See what that is!

It is very vital to check the port connections available in your PS4 & Monitor before you start the procedure of connecting the PS4 to the monitor. Note the connectivity ports contained in both devices.

HDMI is a high-quality multi-media port and PS4 with the latest technologies. You can transfer the audio and video; however, most computer monitors don’t have HDMI connectors. And if your display does not have the HDMI you are trying to connect to your PS4, you will have to have an adaptor.

In addition, if the display does not have a built-in speaker and you want to hear the sound while playing, you need to utilize an external speaker or just put your PS4 controller into headphones.

Before You Begin…

Prepare your PS4 and PC monitor connectors first. Note the sort of connections the PS4 utilizes and the links on your computer monitor.

The PS4 contains an HDMI port and an audio optical port for visual and audio communications. While HDMI is capable of delivering both audio and video, the majority of computer monitors have no built-in speakers, so that you can use an external sound source or plug headphones into your PS4 controller.

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Cheaper or older monitors don’t support HDMI, but DVI or VGA. It is crucial to remember because you will need an adapter to convert the HDMI connection on your PS4 to one of your monitor’s other video connectors.

How to Connect PS4 to VGA Monitor? Step by Step

How to Connect PS4 to VGA Monitor

Some procedures to connect your PC to PS4 using a VGA port other than HDMI are given below. Follow them, and you’re going to be good to go.

#1) Stuff You’re going to need

For a proper setup, the following equipment is required:

  1. PS4 system
  2. PC
  3. HDMI to VGA connector cable
  4. USB Cable
  5. Controller

#2) Get a suitable VGA cable HDMI

  • You will need an HDMI to VGA cable to link your PC and PS4. First of all.
  • Make sure it is compliant with HDCP to achieve high-quality output.
  • In the other situation, you’ll get a black screen.
  • Also, make sure it contains a sound output audio line.

#3) Connect PS4 And Monitor Cable

  • It is time to connect it to the monitor and PS4 after finding an appropriate cable.
  • Connect the PS4 and VGA ports to the monitor with the HDMI port.
  • Gently handle it to achieve a safe connection.

#4) Click Power Button

  • To make it work, press the PS4 power button.
  • Keep it till you hear a beep sound for 10 seconds.
  • It takes you to the PS4 recovery menu.

#5) Controller Connection

  • Now attach the controller via a USB wire to the PS4.
  • It is necessary since you must do an action on the screen.
  • Press the PS4 button and proceed after connecting the controller.

#6) Correction of the issue of the optimum resolution

  • If the optimal resolution of your monitor is less than 1080 pixels or less than HD or HD, an error may occur.
  • It is due to the difference in PS4 and PC resolutions.
  • If it shows, you will move to the safe mode.
  • Then, on the screen, click on the “change resolution” area.
  • A pop-up will reboot your PS4.

#7) Reboot your PS4 and select resolution

  • Start rebooting your PC, and it will set any PS4 resolution after completion.
  • Now proceed to the options section and click on the ‘Video output settings’ button.
  • Change the resolution according to the specs of your machine.
  • Set the resolution to 720p if it is less than 1080p.

If you try to put it above it, you will have to repeat the operation, and your monitor will start showing a black screen.

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The PS4 starts to work after selecting the desired resolution, and you may evaluate your screen.

FAQs – How to Connect PS4 to VGA Monitor

Can I play PS4 on a VGA monitor?

Yes, using your VGA compatible monitor/display, you may connect your PS4. It must be an active HDMI with the help of an HDMI to VGA converter.

Can you game on a VGA monitor?

Your monitor is all right. And VGA normally has a max resolution of 2560 x 1600, so 1920×1080 will make you fine. There will be no delay; the only difference is that you can interfere with VGA cables of low quality (I haven’t seen it for years).

Is VGA better than HDMI?

For several reasons, HDMI is far better than VGA when it comes to VGA versus HDMI. HDMI can transmit more data (which translates into higher resolution and higher frame rates) and audio. In short, the image quality of HDMI is substantially clearer.

Can you connect a PS5 to a monitor?

Since the Playstation 5 works perfectly on numerous play monitors, there is no need to invest in a new TV. They also have the required HDMI port to connect to the single video output of the PS5. 


It is straightforward and fast to know How to Connect PS4 to VGA Monitor. You need to know these easy tricks & we covered techniques to link your PS4 to your PC monitor.

It allows you to play smoother with basic settings. You will have more intriguing tips and tricks for dealing with your digital gadgets for more information about these technology techniques on our site.

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