How to Fix DNS Error Ps4 Simple Guide

When your PS4 DNS settings are problematic, the error number NW-31253-4 arises. It means that your DNS settings are complex. It is a very annoying PS4 problem code because the user cannot play or use any services of PlayStation when this error code displays on the screen.

Many customers try to fix this error code without knowing it and create another problem code on their PS4. So I propose that you collect some information first before changing anything on your PS4. This article can help you to know How to Fix DNS Error Ps4? That may help you to resolve the NW-31253-4 problem code.

Make sure that your internet connection also works correctly on other devices. And there is also good wifi and Ethernet cable. If your internet connection is problematic, your PS4 DNS Error NW-31253-4 is also on the screen, and you can’t utilize PlayStation services.

What Is a Ps4 DNS Error?

How to Fix DNS Error Ps4

DNS is the domain name system and is essential for mapping IP addresses to domain names. Error messages will appear on your screen after setting up the PS4 using the misconfigured DNS servers with an active Internet connection. DNS errors mainly occurred due to network modifications and attempts to configure the new network settings that did not configure.

So this is a harmful error for the play station, and it will disable a person from enjoying the game pleasure. So, in any case, if an error occurs, you should learn How to Fix DNS Error Ps4?

Reasons for Ps4 DNS Error

Essentially, DNS failures occur when you cannot connect to an IP address, signifying that you have lost Network or internet connectivity. It is a network of servers that track and match with the proper numerical addresses, alphanumeric names on every internet-connected device and every website in the world.

In other words, the DNS translates the IP address of your web domain name and vice versa. If you accessed “” in your browser without DNS, your servers would not know where to guide you.

DNS is a structure of hierarchical tree data. The root name servers are at the top. 

Several layers can be delegated and sub-delegated by network administrators. Each zone of the DNS has a powerful server that answers requests with only original dynamic data; non-authorized servers can only have caches.

How to Fix DNS Error Ps4?

If this PS4 DNS problem NW 31253 4 appears on the screen, you can’t play games or even use PS4 services. The PS4 DNS problem commonly happens if the PS4 DNS setup breaks up. You can next use the options below to correct the PS4 DNS issue NW-31253-4.

Change Your DNS Configuration

You may bypass several constraints with your IP addresses and access PlayStation services by modifying the DNS configuration. Many users use this proven method for several issues such as LoL RADS error, League of Legends high-level ping, and other problems.

Change the standard DNS to free DNS servers when you have PS4 DNS error NW-31253-4 and cannot access the PlayStation service.

It is the way to accomplish it:

  • Open the PS4 Home Menu, then go to the Settings icon and click the console X button.
  • Click on Network and set up an Internet connection in the Settings menu.
  • Then a way to connect to the Network is asked. Here you can choose wifi or a LAN cable that relies on the network styles you would like to join. We’ll show you how to use both wifi and LAN cables.

If You Use wifi

Choose Custom >> Select your wifi connection and enter the network connection wifi password. 

If you previously had connected to this wifi network, you won’t have to input the password again because it keeps automatically. You need to pick Automatic within IP Address Settings.

You shouldn’t use the DHCP hostname, but you should pick the Manual in the DNS Settings.

If You Use the LAN Cable

  • Select Please use a LAN cable and select the Custom button.
  • Change automated IP address settings and hence do not use the DHCP hostname.
  • Change Manual DNS Settings. Then configure the initial DNS and the secondary or DNS.
  • To install MTU Settings, click Next, so select Automatic and choose not to use within the Proxy Server within the MTU Settings.
  • To view the error fixing findings, click on Test Internet Connection.

Reload the Ps4

It is the ultimate approach to repair 90 percent of problems without doing anything for every technological thing. Because all the settings are the default when you reset your PS4, it means all the settings are the default when you reset your PS4. It is like a new PS4 when you buy a new one.

All connections refresh when your PS4 reboot. However, before you reset your PS4, all the vital data must back up in a safe place because it will erase when you reset all the data contained in a system drive.

  • Switch off the PS4 entirely first.
  • When entirely disconnected, disconnect the power cord from the rear of the device.
  • Then disconnect all you could have hooked to your PlayStation 4.
  • It comprises the modem, router, controllers, power supply, and more components.
  • When you have done all of these things, you must let it remain unplugged for at least 2-5 minutes and then connect it again.
  • After everything has connected, you should reconnect the power cord back into your PS4 console and switch the ON console together.

Run Online Troubleshooter Support

If you cannot make your mistake easier by these two approaches, you will consider using the Sony web support troubleshooter. This Fix & Connect tool typically resolves PS4 connectivity problems. Follow on-screen directions to mend the PS4 DNS error NW-31253-4 and go to the official PS4 website.

What if the Solutions Are Not Working?

 How to Fix DNS Error Ps4

This DNS approach seems to work for most folks who try to look via the boards. However, here are some additional actions to test if it doesn’t seem to work:

  • Make sure that you set everything as default/automatic except DNS when you set up the connection. For the wired connections, you choose Custom instead of easy to start with, but you can all click IP address, DHCP, etc. Just switch to the DNS Settings Manual.
  • Try to reset/restart your PS4 and router quickly.
  • Try to reset your router and PS4 completely, power them off, and unplug them for 15 minutes before they plugin again.
  • Try to reset your router by pushing the reset button or the pin below or on the side.
  • Use a port forwarding form to ensure that all ports on your router are available to your games console.
  • Try to reset your PS4 settings in Safe Mode by default. You have to choose Option 4 – Default Settings. It deletes no data.
  • Verify with other users and neighbors in your house. Do they have troubles, too? It could be an internet problem from your ISP.
  • If you connect through an intermediary device, such as a second router or switch, to your primary router, consider uninstalling it and connecting it directly to your main router.
  • If other individuals in the house have wifi difficulties, your router may be faulty. Contact your ISP for repair or substitution.

FAQs – How to Fix DNS Error Ps4? 

How Do You Fix Ps4 Cannot Connect to Server?

The PlayStation Network can go offline if your PS4 does not connect to the Internet. You should also check your wifi and reset or reposition your router and modem. You can also try to alter the DNS settings of your PS4 to fix connection problems.

Can I Use 8.8 8.8 DNS?

If your DNS merely points to 8.8. 8.8, it will reach the DNS resolution externally. It allows you to access the Internet but does not resolve local DNS. It can also stop your machines from talking to Active Directory.

What Is Your DNS Server Number?

Open your Command Promot from the Start menu (or put “Cmd” in your Windows taskbar search). Next, type the command ipconfig/all and hit Enter. Look for the “DNS Servers” field. First is the primary DNS server, and the secondary DNS server is the following address.


So if you all are confuse about How to Fix DNS Error Ps4? Apply the preceding remedies when your system says that you cannot utilize the DNS server with the PS4 system problem. You may access all PlayStation internet services without any issues with available DNS servers.

You could contact support if the remedies provided fail to resolve these difficulties and the Pdanet PS4DNS error when connecting using your mobile phone. Visit the support website of the PlayStation and follow its instructions.