How to Use USB Headset on PS4 Simple Guide

Do you have a Playstation 4 and want a USB headset? You have to take several basic steps, which we describe below. Now you can learn anything about How to Use USB Headset on Ps4 and play your games without bothering anybody.

Any self-respecting video game lover will certainly be able to play with decent headphones that suit him better in the game, and that will allow him to contact other players in Online Games if they have a built-in microphone. 

In the case of Playstation 4 consoles, we can link any headset to our control unit because it has a micro jack output to plug in the headphones easily, sound configuration, and voilà! But what about USB headphones?

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If you wish to connect your USB headphones to PS4, things will get a bit harder, but it is not impossible.

When you’ve got headphones or gamer helmets to enjoy a game on the PS4, they’re certainly provided with a USB connection cord, so we’ll see what we can do to make them operate without any problems.

Step by Step: How to Use USB Headset on Ps4

  1. Connect the headphones to your PS4 console, like any other tiny headphones. Try to see if the console recognizes you because certain headphones (especially those trademarked by Sony) function with this system trouble-free and more when it comes to wireless ones.
  2. Should it not work for you, you have another method to change your headphone’s USB output into one for the PS4 controller jack connection.
  3. For this purpose, you can get a USB Adaptor with a mini-jack connection and attach the headphones to the adapter and link them to the console control easily. Now check, and you can play with the USB headphones, but before that, make sure the sound output is configured appropriately.
  4. When your USB headphones are connected to your PS4, you must click the PS button to reach the console’s quick menu and go to the “To adjust sound and devices” option.
  5. Now Choose «Output to Headphones » from the drop-down menu, and by default, You will hear only those headphones connected to the console.
  6. It is also important to pick «All audio» so that the console audio comes out via your headphones and the sound of others who talk to you in the online games you play.

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How to Use Bluetooth Headset on PS4

Unfortunately, on PlayStation 4, most Bluetooth headsets don’t work. Wireless headsets that function on this platform often have an additional USB receiver connected to PlayStation.

How to Use USB Headset on PS4

Would you like to try a Bluetooth headset anyway? Follow the below steps.

  • Boot your PS4 and navigate to Devices & Settings.
  • Choose Bluetooth appliances. The PS4 will now search Bluetooth devices in the region automatically.
  • Follow your Bluetooth headset pairing instructions.
  • Choose the headset when the device appears in the Bluetooth device list.
  • Adjust the sound settings in the menu. Hold the PS button and go to Sound/Devices.

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How to Connect a 3.5mm Jack on Ps4

  • Take PS4 and headset controllers.
  • Connect the headset’s 3.5-millimeter port to the headphone connector for the PS4 controller.
  • Press and hold the controller PS button. A menu will show now.
  • Go to Sound/Geräte. You can change the sound settings through the menu system.

Optically Connect Toslink

A headset is generally equipped with a base station connected to the PS4.

  1. Connect the base station/transmitter to the current through USB and connect the sound transference optical cable.
  2. Go to Settings for PS4.
  3. Navigate to Sound and Screen, then to Settings for Audio Output.
  4. Choose the main output port and convert it to the digital output (Optical).
  5. Choose Dolby Digital 5.1ch and click on OK. Next, you’re going back to the settings for audio output.
  6. Go to Audio (Priority) format and change it to Bitstream. Go to Settings for PS4.
  7. Go to Devices and select Devices for audio.
  8. Modify the I/O device to the headset connected.
  9. Select Headset output and change to Audio Chat.

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FAQs – How to Use Usb Headset on Ps4

Does PS4 have USB audio?

The PS4 supports the Cloud II using the 3.5mm audio connection on the controller… you can use it with the USB sound card, but since the PS4 does not have drivers, it can only handle sound.

Why is my USB mic not working on PS4?

Check whether your micro boom isn’t loose. Remove your headset from the PS4 controller, then disconnect the micro set by taking it out of the headset and re-insert the micro set. Then plug your headset back into the controller of your PS4. Check to determine if your PS4 microphone is still working.

How do I connect my USB speakers to my PS4?

Hold the PS button; NEVER switch it off. Connect to the 3.5mm jack and plug the controller into any USB port to keep the controller loaded. Good news and terrible news are there. The small PS4 can only have sound output from the HDMI.

Why is my mic not working on the PS4 warzone?

First, you must check the input and output settings and make sure everything has been properly established. You want to turn the micro threshold to zero and turn the microvolume in the audio settings of Call of Duty.

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