How to Connect Hotspot to Ps4? (PC, Tablet, or Phone)

Does PS4 or Xbox One connect to a mobile hotspot? It is the only guide you need if you don’t know How to Connect Hotspot to Ps4. The PlayStation 4 was launched in 2013, featuring a range of current features to make gaming as exciting as possible.

Sony made a remarkable departure from the previous version of its flagship platform, which said it would be accessible for a price this time with the online service called PlayStation Plus. So, you needed access to PlayStation Plus and a stable Internet connection to play online.

Gaming has been a long way from ancient times, and the future of gaming is primarily defined by online connectivity. If you check at the back of the PlayStation 4 with all ports, you’ll also discover one for the Ethernet cable.

For several decades the Ethernet cable has been the standard for networking technology, and while the performance has significantly improved, connectors are still the same.

So, if you like, you may connect to your home network easily plugs into the PlayStation 4 with an Ethernet cable, known as a LAN cable. The process is quite simple; once you connect, you have to go to the settings and look for the network settings.

You will then need to determine whether you want to customize network settings or a PlayStation 4 to detect network settings automatically.

Whatever one of you picks, a seamless connection from your PlayStation 4 to the Internet should not take you more than a few minutes.

Once you are done, you may only test the network connection on the networking settings page, and you can determine if it works correctly or not.

But what if no Ethernet exists?

However, many consumers have no direct connection to their PlayStation 4 from their router. It is a common problem because finding an Ethernet cable big enough to stretch it out when you keep the router in a separate room will be difficult for you. 

Not only that, but you must also create a small hole in the wall before you can transmit the cable from one portion of the room to the next.

Although connecting to PlayStation services through the Ethernet cable is a great way to build a seamless connection, the company acknowledges that most people do not have the tools at their disposal to install one. 

The PlayStation also claims to support wifi access in that case. The PlayStation has state-of-the-art wifi support, which is both quick and seamless.

You have to choose the wifi option when seeking a new PlayStation 4 connection, and it will display you all the connections accessible. 

You can then choose the wifi network in your home, enter your password and connect immediately to the wifi connection.

Why isn’t wifi the best choice?

It would help if you considered playing via your Ethernet connection because it provides a continuous connection. Cable connectivity is usually a superior choice since it is direct. 

You can pick how much bandwidth you want to prioritize compared to other devices for your PlayStation 4. Many routers also include several choices that set speeds above the Ethernet wire in comparison with the wifi. 

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You will link numerous devices to your house wifi; thus, It will spread the speed. It will still be the case with the Ethernet line, but you will not need to worry about signal dropouts or dead areas in the house. 

If you are even a bit late when playing, you will notice a significant decline in your experience, which will be affected by issues. It is one of the reasons that you should always play instead on an Ethernet connection.

How to Connect Hotspot to Ps4

We can take action now that you know everything about the hotspot. In the following chapters, I will describe How to Connect Hotspot to Ps4 with an Android terminal, iPhone/iPad, or a computer with a Wi-Fi-compatible network card. 

Remember, once the internet connection process is complete, PS4’s online play functions are only finished if you subscribe to a PlayStation Plus membership (unless you want to enjoy a free-to-play title ).

How to Connect Hotspot to Ps4 Through Android 

The process of setting up a hotspot on an Android device is straightforward. First of all, verify if the data connection is active: you may do this with a swipe from top to bottom by clicking on the notifications menu and tapping the mobile database symbol.

It’s time to activate the hotspot after this fundamental process. To do so, press the gear-shaped symbol on your home panel or drawer for system settings and proceed to the other item, usually in the submenu Wireless & Networks.

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Touch the Tethering / Portable hotspot menu and then slide the lever corresponding to the wifi hotspot settings function (or Portable wifi hotspot) to ON, then tap Configure wifi hotspot. The menu offered to you at this point allows you to alter the following items.

Network name: This is the name that you will assign to the wifi connection created by the device.

Security: One type of access key, the most secure WPA2 PSK, is the most crucial consideration.

Password: This is the keyword that will use to safeguard the Network.

AP band: This is used to configure the 5 GHz band on the router (if the device supports it).

Click on the Save button and then turn on your portable wifi hotspot by sliding the switch to the ON position. Of course, you can turn off the hotspot by pressing it again and moving the switch to the OFF position; alternatively, the button may be located in the Android notification area.

The hotspot on your Android device will now be operational, and you will have accomplished your goal. 

However, I would like to remind you that you must confirm with your operator what the expenses associated with your plan are. 

Although most operators provide this service for free, it is always a good idea to double-check before incurring any unnecessary additional fees.

How to Connect Ps4 to Hotspot Iphone

Suppose you want to activate the hotspot on an iOS device. In that case, the first step is to ensure that the data connection is active and correctly configured by pressing on the Settings option (the one in the shape of gear on the home screen) and then selecting Mobile (from the dropdown menu). You should now double-check that Cellular Data is enabled; if it isn’t, you can turn it on manually.

Then, go to the iOS Control Center by swiping from the top right corner to the bottom (if you are using an iPhone X or higher, or an iPad updated to at least iOS 12), or from the bottom to the top (if you are using an iPad updated to at least iOS 12). 

By following the voice command Data Mobile (which can be identified by the figure of an antenna), It will display the Network of control center panel. 

You can activate the hotspot by tapping on the symbol Hotspot staff. Before proceeding forward, you’ll have to wait for the icon to become green, which indicates that the function is active. 

You might be under the impression that you have correctly activated the hotspot on iOS at this point. True enough, the feature is live, and your connection is shared with others. 

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However, I’m not sure if you’ve observed that you haven’t set any preferences, which doesn’t necessarily imply that you haven’t set a password. 

When you go to the Settings menu, select Personal Hotspot and then wifi password, type in the term you wish to use to protect your device from becoming too exposed and your Network from being used by anyone. Then press the End key to bring the configuration to a close.

It’s important to remember that the hotspot feature is tied to your tariff plan, and the charges anticipated by your operator could be prohibitively expensive if they aren’t anticipated in the contract. 

Always double-check that the hotspot is included in the offer before proceeding, or else you may risk losing your money if the hotspot isn’t included. Please refer to my particular article on how to create a hotspot on iOS for additional information.

How to Connect Hotspot to Ps4 Using PC

Perhaps you weren’t aware, but it is possible to create hotspots even with a PC running Windows 10 and a wifi network card installed. 

The technique is quite simple, but you must carefully follow the procedures in the correct order. The first of these is to ensure that your PC’s network card is equipped with hotspot functionality.

Continue with this verification by launching the Command Prompt from the Start menu (Start > Run). Once the Command Prompt is open, type the command netsh WLAN show drivers and make sure that the words Hosted Network supported: appear next to your wireless card. Yes, that is correct.

After performing a quick check, stay on the Command Prompt and type the sequence that I’ve listed below in the text box.

  • Set the hostednetwork mode to allow with netsh WLAN set hostednetwork mode = allow NetworkName is replaced with the name you want to assign to your hotspot, and access key is replaced with the access password in the following formula: SSID = networkName key = access key
  • To enable hosted networking capability, run the netsh WLAN start hostednetwork command.

Once done, go back to Start, input the terms “Control Panel” into the search area, click it, select Network and Internet items, and view devices and network computers. Now, on the bar on the left of the window, you may click Change Adapter Settings.

From this new window, click on the Internet link you want to share with the right mouse, choose Properties from the context menu and go to the Share tab to tick boxes. 

Allow other network users to connect to this machine via the Internet connection and Allow other network users to control or deactivate the shared Internet connection.

Finally, please ensure your wifi network is selected in the dropdown menu and confirm it by clicking OK to save changes.

You have configured your PC hotspot successfully! You can utilize it, noting you can disable it by returning to the Prompt command and sending the netshwlan stop host network command. 

How to Connect Ps4 to the Internet

If your hotspot is finally ready, you can connect the PS4 through wifi to the Internet.

Go to the settings area at the top of your PS4 menu, then go to Network> Connect to the Internet> Utilize wifi> Typical, then select the name of the hotspot connection you’ve set up and want to use.

You can now input your password to complete the operation and connect to the smartphone, tablet, or computer-generated Network.

If you use a portable device that acts as a hotspot, I recommend keeping it close to ensuring the highest possible wifi connection. Keep the gadget charged or hooked to the charger to prevent you from suddenly shutting it off while utilizing the connection.

FAQs – How to Connect Hotspot to Ps4

Why can’t I connect my hotspot to my PS4?

PS4 consoles often won’t connect with wifi because the wifi signal is too weak. One way would be to bring your PS4 or wifi router closer. But if you cannot, you need to increase your PS4 wifi signal.

Why won’t my ps3 connect to my hotspot?

Intel wifi adapters most usually do not allow PS3s to authenticate to the hotspot. You can first try to update your wireless drivers. 

If that doesn’t work, you might try to get your laptop using an external USB device. These gadgets are compact and cheap and provide you with a second wireless adaptor.

Can PS5 connect to hotspot?

PS5 tethering is unfortunately restricted to wireless connections. The iPhone or Android accesses the Internet wirelessly via mobile data, and the PS5 is then connected via a telephone to the Internet wirelessly.


If you want to share your PS4 connection with other devices, I am sorry you say that the famous Sony system does not allow this feature.

Therefore, PlayStation 4 can rely on a network to connect even in hotspots, but in turn, through sharing the Ethernet connection via cable or wifi, as is feasible with a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

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