How to Use Ps4 Controller on Dolphin?

Incredibly, we play old masterpieces on modern genetic gadgets, and with Nintendo’s unwillingness to enable us to play those classics in any event, aside from the original old hardware, so let me answer your question: How to Use Ps4 Controller on Dolphin?

Whether you want to revive the memories of one of Nintendo’s best systems or first try the best games on your Mac, you’d need the Dolphin Emulator. But playing these titles on a mouse and keyboard set-up with a gamepad in mind is not optimal and impossible in most games.

A PlayStation 4 controller on your Mac is an easy method to get past this roadblock by attaching it to the Dolphin emulator.

Download Dolphin from the official website

The version you want vary depending on what you want, but the prior version of Dolphin is sufficient for most people to use the ps4 Controller on Dolphin Emulator on Mac:

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Some versions exist, but if you’re only starting with Dolphin emulators and want the most stable version, don’t worry about the 4-year-old release.

Get a Game (ROM – iSO file)

ROM files are complicated legal entities, and I will refrain from delving into too much detail about them here. Still, we know it’s straightforward to identify and download a reputable site. 

I’ll tell you about what I obtained from when I worked on this article about How to Use Ps4 Controller on Dolphin.

The regulations underlying ROM files usually mean that you have a physical or digital version of the game, which is technically OK for obtaining a ROM file. I prefer to pay to support the creators for everything I consume, but Nintendo has made it quite challenging to play our old titles.

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The attitude of Nintendo to backward compatibility is ridiculous and a little disrespectful compared with offerings by most other developers with the best examples of devices that have a Master Chief or Demon Souls collection as an excellent remaster offer, while Nintendo gives us Zelda Skyward Sword for $60 full retail price with an HD resolution and nothing else;

Connect the PS4 Controller

Once you’ve installed the version of Dolphin you want to try out and get at least one game from the ROM website you’re probably expecting to download; because most of these sites are running free of charge, they will not give you the fastest download speed while you’re still waiting for the connection to your PS4 Controller.

The PS4 Controller can be coupled to a computer or Mac. It is similar to the new Xbox One controllers such that you can use a not too old Xbox One controller, but not the Elite Series 1 controller because the Elite Series 2 controller is the only one having Bluetooth.

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Once the PS4 Controller is paired, you will look up the Controller, which appears as a DualShock controller for your Mac Bluetooth settings.

How To Use ps4 Controller on Dolphin Emulator on Mac

Once selected, the light strip stops blinking quickly and becomes stable, not at all blinking. It is when you’re ready to choose your Controller for Dolphin’s input device.

select it in the actual settings menu


  • You should first restart your Mac and try again.
  • It could be out of battery if the Controller doesn’t appear in the Bluetooth menu. Put it in a charger and leave it for 30 minutes before the pairing process is retried.
  • If all else seems OK, but the Controller does not appear yet, you might reset it. To do this, locate the little hole on the back near the L2 button. Press and hold the button 5-6 seconds in that hole using a small instrument such as a phone sim extractor. It should now be reset and ready for pairing.

FAQs – How to Use Ps4 Controller on Dolphin?

What controllers can I use with Dolphin?

You and any other gamepad, including Xbox 360 and One Controller, may use Wii Remotes with Dolphin. You may also use a GameCube controller, but you have to purchase a USB adaptor.

Can you use the PS4 Controller on an emulator?

Windows games cannot immediately identify your PS4 Controller. You require a third-party application to imitate an Xbox 360 controller with your PS4 Controller (which is fully supported by Windows). To work fine, you should install the software of the Xbox 360 controller on your computer.

Is the Dolphin emulator legal?

The emulator code itself is entirely legal. For his most precise audio emulation, Dolphin needs a DSP dropped from a Wii. Downloading is unlawful; however, it is legal to dump from your own modded Wii.


It is how you can set up everything for a beautiful nostalgia with old classics, which Nintendo refuses to offer a reliable and easy way to accomplish virtually the same thing Dolphin does. 

I’d pay for a remaster as I did on Xbox Series X and even Xbox One, but Nintendo doesn’t yet provide emulation specialists in the same or a similar manner.

Please notify us via the website contact section and be prepared to see the video version within 24 hours if you require assistance. 

If you share an excellent Question with me, I will continue to play Dark Souls Remasters on the Xbox Series X and enjoy more Metroid Prime on Dolphin for further testing.

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