How Long Does a PS4 Controller Last?

This informative post will help you understand how long it takes, what you can do to keep your life, and what to do if you break (because not all hope for them is gone)!

So How Long Does a Ps4 Controller Last? A PS4 Controller will last for more than seven years if you do not destroy the circuit inside the controller. 

At the seven-year milestone, you will notice that the battery life for your PS4 controller starts to decrease from 8 to 6 hours per charge. 

The joysticks might grow less sensitive depending on the care of the user or develop “stick drift.” Any difficulties with hardware can quickly be resolved using internet guides to help your controller last for life.

Average PS4 controller life

If you are careful with your controllers and you do not play games for an outrageous time, you should leave the controller for three to four years (if not more).

What do I mean by being careful?

Although your controller doesn’t necessarily have to ‘baby,’ it is to your best advantage to prevent it from continuously falling, keeping away from rabid buttons (particularly the sticks), and refraining from hurling it against the nearest spongy or wetting it.

Not to do things:

  • Unplug your controller repeatedly
  • Press the Spam button (especially L3 and R3)
  • Expose your moisture controller
  • Rage DS4 Rage

Warning: Many of the controllers with PS4s from the launch era have a problem, resulting in the rubber covering off the analog sticks.

Do fresh analog sticks of the PS4 controller still peel off? The consensus, including my own experience, seems to be that this issue has been rectified with the latest DualShock 4 revisions.

It did not affect all gamers, but plenty to make Sony a disturbing trend expressed their concern. Fortunately, this problem was rectified when first-gen controllers replaced redesigned models.

Is your Dualshock 4 from a few years ago? Then you don’t have to worry.

In general, the new DualShock 4 models have excellent construction quality. While others may favor the ergonomics and stick arrangement of the Xbox One controller, You cannot question Sony’s quality level.

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The DS4 is far superior to the DualShock 3 and wipes the floor in the Joy-Con configuration with what Nintendo offers.

What you are going to meet is wear and tear on the Dualshock 4, and this applies to all console gamers.

To what extent? The variety of its lifespan is crucial and determines where the casual-hardcore spectrum is used.

What Tends to Degrade the Life Span of Controller

#1) Battery Life

PS4 controllers are like telephones – the first thing you notice changes as long as battery life changes. It is not something you can avoid but rather slowed down (even then, you can’t do much about it, and that’s all right). 

Even if the battery’s life decreases by a few hours per charge, you can still use it for the whole of a game.

#2) The Analog Joysticks

People who are especially hard with or do not preserve their controls properly after usage will undoubtedly find that this is a decrease (specifically stick drift). 

Drive on one sentence: if the controller naturally generates a tiny movement in one direction since the analog sticks are not in a null and void position. 

The most effective thing you can do to prevent it from continuing for the rest of your life: keep your controls upright where they won’t fall. 

#3) Button Responsivity

I never really had a problem with that. The input lag is usually a communication gap between the PS4 and the controller, and it is all necessary to restart the system and the controller. 

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Button latency should not be an issue at all, regardless of how old your PS4 controller is. Food and filth tend to intermediate if you eat a lot during the playing process; however, this should still not substantially hinder your controller’s response.

How to Get the Best Ps4 Battery Life Controller

How Long Does a PS4 Controller Last

#1) Before you do that

You don’t know how often you turn on the PS4 to have the one bar remaining in your charger. Charge your PS4 controller batteries before playing games. Many gamers consistently disregard this point. Use a charging mount for the controller.

Tip: You may notice it fails to charge when charging a PS4 controller. If yes, see the top methods for fixing a PS4 controller that does not charge the problem.

#2) Change Controller Shutdown Time

The control unit DualShock 4 is always powered on when using PS4 to do other activities such as viewing YouTube instead of playing games till the battery runs out. You may automatically switch off the controller after 10 minutes to save as much battery life as you can.

Reduce the light bar brightness of the PS4 controller

The DualShock 4 contains a light bar, which in some games is utilized to change colors. And it is built for PlayStation VR applications. 

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However, 90 percent of gamers are redundant and let the light drain the battery. There is no method to disconnect the light; however, you can lower it to prevent electricity waste.

Navigate to Settings > Devices > Controllers on your PS4. Then find the DUALSHOCK 4’s Lightbar Brightness and select Dim for the maximum power savings.

#3) Turn Vibration off

The DualShock 4 controller features a powerful vibration engine that can suck the juice out of the battery. Fortunately, the vibration function may be disabled to save battery life for the PS4 controller.

Step 1: Go to Settings > Devices > Controllers on your PS4.

Step 2: Then you see the Enable Vibration option, and this should be unchecked.

#4) Reduce Speaker Controller Volume

You can locate a tiny speaker in the DualShock 4 controller that selects games to deliver new sound effects. The speaker is often employed to immerse you more in the world of the game.

The speaker controller is louder than necessary. The louder the volume, the higher the power. You can reduce the controller’s volume that will save the battery capacity of the PS4 controller.

You also need to go to Settings > Devices > Controllers and select Volume Control (Speaker for Controller). Then alter the volume of the controller speaker.

Other ways to improve battery life in DualShock 4

  1. Get a Second Controller DualShock 4 or use your PS Vita
  2. Get a Battery Pack DualShock 4
  3. Replace the PS4 controller battery

FAQs – How Long Does a Ps4 Controller Last

How many years will PS4 last?

While the changeover may occur for three years, it is expected that the PS4 will progressively wind down and concentrate on those exclusive PS5 titles. True, 2021 is probably the last year in which we see support from Sony and third-party developers on PS4 and PS4 Pro.

What will PS5 cost?

PS5 prices in the USA are 499.99 dollars, in the UK 449.99 dollars, and in Australia 749.99 dollars. If you’re able to live without a disc drive and you’re glad that you only have access to digital games, then you might want to consider US$399.99, UK$359.99, and Australia for the PS5 Digital Edition.

Does the PS5 controller charge when the system is off?

The light bar on your controller progressively blinks orange when charging when your console is in the rest mode. After charging, the LED bar switches off. A Type C to Type A USB cable is the USB cable that comes with your PS5 console.

Is it OK to use a PS4 controller while charging?

A second PS4 controller is not just handy for multiplayer action on the same screen. You may also charge one while playing your favorite games with the other. If you charge your controllers via PS4, please ensure that you maintain USB power even in Rest mode.

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