How to Spot in Battlefield 1 Xbox One? Complete Guide

how to spot enemies in battlefield 1 pc

This article will guide you on How to Spot in Battlefield 1 Xbox One? Spotting in Battlefield 1 is as simple as pressing R1 on the PlayStation 4, RB on Xbox One, or Q on the PC. Once you’ve completed this, you should notice a minor marking appear above their heads, as well as their location on … Read more

How to Reset Ark Single Player Xbox One? Easy Guide

ark how to reset single player ps4

You may play ARK solo and online with other players via the game’s multiplayer servers. You can use mods to speed up the taming and breeding process. Thanks to these new additions, the incubation and breeding timers will no longer be a factor in your gameplay. In the single-player mode, there are a lot of … Read more

How to Connect Guitar Hero Guitar to Xbox 360?

how to connect guitar hero guitar to xbox 1

Many Xbox Users claimed that their hero guitars do not work with the Xbox 360 console. Even after following the manual’s directions, some users report that the LED blinks without making any connection. In addition, some users have complained that it establishes a connection in a matter of seconds and then disconnects. As a game … Read more

How to Uninstall Xbox 360 Controller Driver? Easy Guide

How to Uninstall Xbox 360 Controller Driver

Need to free up some space on your computer, or are you simply looking to remove or uninstall the Xbox 360 controller driver on your computer (Windows 7, 8, 10, or Mac)? or because your driver is not correctly working. But How to Uninstall Xbox 360 Controller Driver? You will be able to remove or kick … Read more

How to Connect Xbox 360 to Laptop With HDMI Cable Windows 10?

how to connect xbox 360 to laptop screen with hdmi cable

There are two primary types of gamers in the gaming world: those who play on computers and consoles. It isn’t just limited to gamers on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One: Microsoft’s Xbox range of gaming systems is a popular choice among gamers who enjoy putting in countless hours of playtime. Numerous children’s lives have been … Read more

How to Turn Off Xbox One Controller Auto Sleep? Easy Guide

xbox series x controller sleep timer

It’s a common question among gamers: “How to Turn Off Xbox One Controller Auto Sleep?” We can use a USB charging wire and rubber band to keep our Xbox One controllers from going to sleep or disable the controller’s auto-sleep feature. When not in use, the Xbox One Controller automatically shuts off to conserve battery … Read more

How to Record Game Chat With Elgato Xbox One?

how to record party chat on xbox one with elgato hd60s

It’s not commonplace to chat with other players while playing your favorite game. Even though you can play against and connect with people worldwide thanks to the internet, recording and streaming your gaming videos has one major drawback: you can’t record your in-game conversation.  If your viewers see how the chat and game are linked … Read more

How to Use a USB Microphone on Xbox One?

do usb mics work on xbox one

Just behind the Playstation 5 monster, the Xbox One is one of the most popular gaming consoles now on the market. Among its many features is a slew of games, many of which are playable online and offline. On the other hand, online gaming requires the use of a microphone. Playing with teammates is easier … Read more

How to Clean Xbox 360 Games Disc? Step by Step

xbox 360 disc is unreadable in the middle of a game

We all know that your Xbox 360 disc will be scratched no matter how hard you try. Crashes arise shortly after intensive use and when passed from one person to another shortly after you share it with your friends.  The disc can get scratched even when rotating within the machine during a video game. It … Read more