How to Spot in Battlefield 1 Xbox One? Complete Guide

This article will guide you on How to Spot in Battlefield 1 Xbox One? Spotting in Battlefield 1 is as simple as pressing R1 on the PlayStation 4, RB on Xbox One, or Q on the PC. Once you’ve completed this, you should notice a minor marking appear above their heads, as well as their location on your mini-map.

How to Spot in Battlefield 1 Xbox One

In Battlefield 1, it’s critical to master the art of spotting. Keeping track of an adversary that you can’t hit at the time also helps your teammates identify the enemy. If you’re playing Battlefield 1, the spot will not get you the most points, but it’s going to be a significant assistance to your team.

R1 on PS4, RB on Xbox One, or Q on PC is all you need to spot in Battlefield 1. A small marker will emerge above their head and on your mini-map as a result of this, so keep an eye out. You’ll be able to see where they’re going now, which comes in handy if they’re driving fast.

While playing, keep in mind that you frequently have access to this skill. Your soldier’s life could depend on being able to see their enemies in the area around you. Be on the watch for and take note of any spontaneous activity resulting from these circumstances.

What Is the Spot Button on Battlefield 1?

When you teach someone how to see enemies in a Battlefield game, they invariably respond with the same smug, “duh” attitude. When you’re looking at an adversary, pressing R1 (on the PlayStation 4) will identify them, highlight their class, and place a sizeable red marking over their head and on your radar, all at the same time.

As a result, the question is, what exactly is 3d spotting? Spotting allows a player to identify and call out foes on the battlefield, and in some situations, it will enable them to show themselves to their opponents. 

This game introduced the spotting concept, which is utilized in more current Battlefield games and in which detected enemies are highlighted on the HUD and mini-map (also known as “3D Spotting”). Battlefield 2142 was the first game to utilize this mechanic.

What Is the Location of the Spot Button in Battlefield 5?

By using the “spot” button in Battlefield 5, you will be able to place a marker exactly where your aim is pointing. This marker will remain stationary, catching your team’s attention but not tracking down any adversaries. The ability to tag an enemy appeared in Battlefield 1 and preceding games, and a dot would appear above the enemy’s head.

How to Squad Spot Assist in Battlefield 1?

how to spot in battlefield 1 xbox one

Some Battlefield 1 medal achievements, such as the Crimson Heart Medal, required squad spot assist to be completed to be awarded the medal. Because there are no instructions in-game on how to do spot assist, a rookie like myself is also unsure how to do this. 

However, after some googling, I discovered a pretty simple way; you can see our step-by-step guide on how to do Squad Spot Assist below.

What you need to know about assisting a squad in Battlefield 1

  • The first step is locating an enemy and pointing your mouse crosshair there.
  • To do this, press the Q key on your computer’s keyboard.
  • The opponent and its class should be marked with a Red Icon in the game.
  • To count as a Squad Spot Assist, have your friend or squad kill the opponent.
  • You will send SQUAD ASSIST COUNT or SQUAD ASSIST COUNT AS KILL to you if you are successful.
  • The Squad Assist Count as Kill will show if you do enough damage while spotting the adversary.

Remember that you will lose the red-tagging once the opponent is out of sight, and you will have to repeat the process.

FAQs – How to Spot in Battlefield 1 Xbox One

How do you spot enemies on the battlefield?

You can use the Q key (PC) or the right bumper button (RB/R1) to identify your foes in Battlefield 2042. Spotting, often known as marking or tagging adversaries, is a method for communicating the location of enemies to your group. Your team’s approach will benefit from this selection.

How do you spot people on Battlefield 2042?

The best way to find a player in Battlefield 2042 is through observation. By double-tapping the danger spot button, you can use the RB button, R1 button, and the Q-Key. While pinging is a great tool, you should not overuse it as it may anger your colleagues.

How do you spot BFV on Xbox?

By pressing R1/RB while aiming at an adversary, you will temporarily show the location of that enemy to other players. They might be anywhere on the map and yet be able to target foes even from a great distance away. In Battlefield V, this is no longer the case.


We hope that the preceding guide on How to Spot in Battlefield 1 Xbox One will significantly assist you. Adversaries and vehicles that you are looking for on the map. Once you’ve located them, you can ping the desired location by pressing the “right bumper”/R1, RB once on PlayStation or Xbox, respectively.