How to Turn Off Xbox One Controller Auto Sleep? Easy Guide

It’s a common question among gamers: “How to Turn Off Xbox One Controller Auto Sleep?” We can use a USB charging wire and rubber band to keep our Xbox One controllers from going to sleep or disable the controller’s auto-sleep feature.

When not in use, the Xbox One Controller automatically shuts off to conserve battery life and prolong the controller’s lifespan as a battery-powered or direct-powered game controller.

While this option is helpful in some games, other gamers prefer to turn off the Xbox controller manually. Because of this, these games demand access time in exchange for additional in-game rewards.

Is The Xbox One Controller Auto-Shut Down?

It should not be possible for the controller to shut itself off. There must be a problem if it does not shut off. It will help if you read the answers to the three questions above to see the problem. 

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These three questions cover the vast majority of the possible outcomes. However, the controller will shut down if left idle for an extended period. The “auto sleep” feature is to blame. This feature is pre-configured to be activated.

What’s the problem with my Xbox One controller shutting itself off?

If your controllers constantly disconnect from your console, there are many possible causes. Start by looking at the most likely scenario, and then go backward. This approach has several advantages, including speeding up your search for the answer.

how to turn off xbox one controller auto sleep
  • Controller range: The most prevalent problem with the wireless controller is that it can’t keep up with the console. If you take the controller out for a walk around the house and it goes too far from the console’s wireless range, it will likely disconnect. You need to be aware of a wireless range between your controller and your console. Keep the controller inside this range at all times if you want to prevent having to reconnect to the console repeatedly.
  • A problem with the battery. You may potentially disconnect the controller from the console due to weak batteries. The battery indicator icon on the Xbox home screen lets you check the power levels of your controllers. You know where the problem is if it shows a low battery. This problem can be resolved by either replacing or charging the battery pack.
  • Problems with software or hardware can be challenging to pin down to a specific cause. As a result, experts always advise connecting and unplugging the offending gadgets and restarting them. One technique to stop controllers from shutting off is performing a power cycle or reconnecting the device to the controller.

How to Turn Off Xbox One Controller Auto Sleep?

Ensure that the Xbox One control panel settings are configured correctly before turning off your controller. Some consoles provide this feature as an optional setting, allowing users to decide whether or not the console will go to sleep when they’re not using it. If you discover that your Xbox One controller is in auto-sleep mode, disable it immediately.

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The Xbox One controller that can switch off sleep mode is usually the most recent when it comes to consoles. As long as the player and the game are happy, producers will constantly change the console to accommodate both.

Due to a lack of user feedback, older control panels do not include this feature.

It’s best to verify the control panel settings manually if you don’t know if it has the option you are looking for. We may look for an alternate solution if the Xbox One controller does not switch off auto sleep.

Is there a sleep timer on Xbox one?

Do you know how to keep your controller on all night?

Using it manually will be necessary if the first technique does not work on your terminal. Use a USB charging cable or micro USB cable to connect to a power source and replace the battery to prevent your Xbox One controller from going to sleep.

Why was a charging cable provided as an answer to the query of “How to Turn Off Xbox One Controller Auto Sleep?” It is based on the personal experiences of gamers while playing their games.

If the battery on your Xbox one controller console runs low while you’re playing, you can recharge it with a compatible USB or micro USB charging cord. As a result, gamers take advantage of this to keep their consoles awake.

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It appears to be an attempt to deceive the dashboard. Having wired connections will make the console think that someone is using it.

You should remove Xbox controller batteries to avoid draining the battery.

Through Bluetooth, how to turn off the Xbox One controller

  1. To use your controller, you first need to locate the Xbox button on its top.
  2. For six seconds, press and hold the Xbox button.
  3. On its own, the controller will go out of sync.
  4. Auto-connection will occur when you turn the device back on after an outage.
  5. Remember that if you hold down the Xbox button for 15 seconds, your controller will be hard reset.

An Alternate Approach (Using Console)

  1. You must plug your Xbox Controller into the system before using it.
  2. Now, press and hold down the Xbox button for three seconds, then release.
  3. When you connect your console to a TV, you’ll see a new notification on the screen.
  4. The controller can be turned off by selecting the option.
  5. If this approach works for you, remove the batteries from your controller.

A SUPPORT METHOD Prevents the Xbox One controller from sleeping.

Players should also use an additional rubber strap to tie the control button to boost the method’s reliability. When the Xbox One controller senses that a button is being pressed, it will not sleep.

If your Xbox is completely shut off, what happens?

During a Full Shutdown, its LED screen will be completely dark. It is also possible for consoles to enter hibernation, which allows them to restart activities at a future date or even reactivate immediately without requiring much time to pass since they were suspended.

FAQs – How to Turn Off Xbox One Controller Auto Sleep?

Can you turn off the auto turn-off Xbox controller?

Nope. For $1.46 on Amazon (plus $2.99 shipping), you can get a charging cord. I’ve lately purchased two of them, and they’ve been fantastic so far. The auto-off feature is intended to conserve battery power.

How long until the Xbox controller turns off?

After 15 minutes of idleness, the controller shuts down. If you want to turn it back on, click the Xbox button ’til it lights up.


Wired Controllers can be unplugged from their consoles to turn them off. We hope that by following the instructions in this guide, “How to Turn Off Xbox One Controller Auto Sleep?” you will be able to turn off your controller swiftly. 

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