How to Reset Ark Single Player Xbox One? Easy Guide

You may play ARK solo and online with other players via the game’s multiplayer servers. You can use mods to speed up the taming and breeding process. Thanks to these new additions, the incubation and breeding timers will no longer be a factor in your gameplay.

In the single-player mode, there are a lot of things to do. The best solution for those who can’t join an online server is to start a single-player game.

After a few weeks of playing a game, most players want to resume it since they’ve learned so much that they can improve if they get another opportunity. Let’s have a look at How to Reset Ark Single Player Xbox One on your own.

Is Ark 2022 Good?

ARK: Survival Evolved will be an excellent investment of your time and money, both for the single-player and multiplayer experiences. People who prefer survival games will appreciate a game that is significantly less stressful than Rust, as well as a colossal number of dinosaurs. If you are not a fan of survival-type games, you will not appreciate ARK at all.

Is Ark a game that has reached its end?

Even though Ark has seen its fair share of ups and downs over the previous several years, the year 2022 hasn’t let the game down, as it has maintained its active player population while also beginning to develop on Twitch at the same time. Ark is still going strong, and the player base hasn’t dwindled to the point where the game is about to be abandoned. Last but not least, Ark is still alive!

How to Reset Ark Single Player Xbox One

How to Reset Ark Single Player Xbox One

However, even though there is no direct option to restart the single-player, you may still reset your map or character’s data from your saved files. The game won’t be able to access any stored files when you start it up again, so you’ll be able to start over.

Also, you could save the saved files somewhere else in case you change your mind or want to see the previous map again. Moving those saved files will accomplish this. Most users clear the global data to get new dinosaurs to spawn on their map.

It would help if you first exited Steam and then went to the Steam folder to resume ARK single player. Your system drive may or may not contain your games, depending on how and where you installed them. You must first visit the ARK game folder to access your saved files.

A list of saved files is shown here, based on the number of maps you have in the game. Reset the map by selecting it and then deleting or moving all of the files on the map. Additionally, you can choose whether to erase the player or map data.

Players often delete only the map data files. All the engrams you’ve collected and the experience you’ve gained will remain safe in this way. It would help if you resurrected after erasing the old map data.

Your game may malfunction and require a restart, which can be a pain in the neck. However, if you want to reset your character’s progress as well, you’ll need to erase the player files from your PC as well. Make sure you begin at the beginning of the new map.

Afterward, you can relaunch the game and select the map you want to play. If you’ve already erased the game files, you may select the map, and it will display a notice stating it is populating your ARK. For the time being, you’ll have to sit tight and wait for another survivor to show up.

Your single-player game will resume if you change the difficulty settings on the map. It is why you should permanently save your character files to avoid wasting time re-grinding the experience curve. There’s no harm in starting from scratch if you’re bored.

How do I reset my ark world on Xbox?

How to Reset Ark Single Player Mobile Server?

  1. Log in to your server’s management panel and click on the “Stop Server” button.
  2. Locate your backups and make a copy. You gave the file name.
  3. To restore a backup, rename. Ark to something else.
  4. Please choose one of the backups in this folder and rename it to whatever you like.
  5. Restart the server, and load the backup world into the server’s memory.

What is causing my Ark server to be unresponsive?

Antivirus Software: Virus protection software is frequently blamed for servers that don’t respond. When building a server, a large number of network modules are required. Steam Ports: The major ports through which the server is hosted are steam ports. If this is in an incorrect condition, the server will refuse to respond.

FAQs – How to Reset Ark Single Player Xbox One

What are procedural arks?

248.2 introduced procedurally generated maps. Playing a game with a random map generator is an option that allows players to let the game do the hard work for them.

Can you have more than one single-player game in Ark?

It is not possible to save several times in Single Player mode. It is possible to store one map at a time on each map & one distinction is that each DLC map has its directory and character profile.

Can you reset stats in Ark?

Mindwipe Tonic is a spec reset tool. This item completely restores the survivor’s stats, including health, speed of movement, weight, and so on, after intake.

How do you make a new character in Ark’s survival evolve?

You’ll be prompted to create a character when you join an ARK server. A map and the Spawn zone can be seen on the right side of the character creation screen. It is the general area of the map where your character will appear once you press the Start button.


The instructions above about How to Reset Ark Single Player Xbox One have been fulfilled. To begin a new game in ARK’s single-player mode, you must delete your island and character save files. After this, it is possible to start over with a new island and a new character. Many gamers prefer to reset the island rather than meddle with their character files.

In this manner, they can keep their engrams and experience without working for it again. Removing the island save files is the only way to update the design and add new dinosaurs to your island.

Alternatively, if you’re bored and feel like starting over, you can do so by deleting everything from your island save files. As a result, you’ll be starting with a blank slate when creating your next character. You have the option of preserving your old files as a backup so that if you change your mind about the reset, you can go back to the old saved files.

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