How to Clean Xbox 360 Games Disc? Step by Step

We all know that your Xbox 360 disc will be scratched no matter how hard you try. Crashes arise shortly after intensive use and when passed from one person to another shortly after you share it with your friends. 

The disc can get scratched even when rotating within the machine during a video game. It results in a disc that cannot be read or played in most cases.

If you pick it up and look closely, you may cover your disc in smudges, grime, and scratches. A cracked and grimy Xbox 360 disc begs the question of How to Clean Xbox 360 Games

Clean your discs at home with these simple steps, and you’ll save money in the long run. Here are some pointers and tips for cleaning an Xbox 360 at home that you might find helpful.

How to Clean Xbox 360 Games Step by Step

Knowing how to clean Xbox games properly is essential if you own one. Maintaining your games properly can increase their lifespan and even make previously unplayable ones viable again.

Step 1: Planning

An Xbox game can have a variety of issues. Some can be fixed, while you can’t fix others. Before choosing a cleaning procedure, it’s critical to identify the issues with your Xbox game. Improper cleaning chemicals can do more harm than good.

Hold your Xbox game in front of a vital light source as a starting point & Pay attention to the side that has the information. Damage to the DVD’s internal components means that your game is likely unsalvageable.

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However, if your game doesn’t allow light to get through, you’re in the clear.

Step 2: Removing Dirt, Dust and Oil

Xbox games and other electronic devices are best cleaned with isopropyl alcohol. Quickly evaporating, it does not harm sensitive components, can remove dirt and leaves no residue.

Make a mixture of water and isopropyl alcohol, and use a clean cloth to apply the solution to your Xbox game. The best way to wipe your game is in a straight line beginning in the middle and working outwards. You’ll have the least amount of damage done to your game if you scratch it this way.

Don’t worry about removing the alcohol and water from your game; just let it out for a while to dry.

You can, if necessary, substitute any commercial window cleaner for the alcohol and water solution. Wipe your Xbox game down with window cleaner and a clean cloth, following the exact cleaning procedure. Then, let it air dry.

Step 3: Removing Scratches

If you clean an Xbox game and it still doesn’t work, it’s likely scratched. A scratch can be superficial, affecting only the transparent plastic covering of your game. You can repair this kind of damage, but it is preferable to avoid it first.

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Apply the mixture to a clean cloth and wring out the excess. Rub the scuffs away with a soft cloth. Toothpaste is abrasive enough to remove scratches off DVDs, but it can also damage the DVD’s clear plastic covering if used excessively. You should only use this method as a last resort, as it will permanently harm your Xbox game if you use it too many times.

Step 4: Preventing Further Damage

Your Xbox game should now be playable. Follow these basic guidelines to keep things that way.

Make sure to store the game in its case while you’re not using it. Keep your game out of direct sunshine, as this can wreak havoc with the disc and render it unusable. Maintaining them in an environment with low humidity is also recommended.

Hold your game by the corners when removing it from its case. Everything that touches your game should be avoided at all costs. Keep your Xbox clean by not allowing it to get dirty. Cleaning your Xbox could scratch it.

How do you clean unreadable discs?

  • To clean the disc, use warm water and a light soap.
  • When drying a disc, use a clean, lint-free cloth.
  • Spray it with toothpaste.
  • Using a straight stroke rather than a circular motion, apply the toothpaste to the disc starting at the centre and working outwards.
  • Clean & dry the disc by rinsing off the toothpaste.

Send the Disc in for Repair

Visit the Microsoft Game Disc Replacement Program’s official website for further details. Make sure that the programme covers the game.

The Microsoft Xbox, you can obtain the 360 Game Disc Replacement Order Form by clicking here. To see the form, you’ll need a PDF viewer.

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Fill out the necessary fields on the printed form. Complete and mail the form according to the directions provided. Within two weeks, you’ll receive a replacement disc in the mail.

Tips: How to Clean Xbox 360 Games

how to clean xbox 360 games

In addition, you can take the disc to a local DVD rental company or a used video game store to check if they have a disc repair service available. To fix scratched CDs, these establishments usually have professional disc repair equipment. Some shops will charge a nominal price, but most will repair your disc for free. Prepare yourself.


Use a straight line instead of a circular motion to avoid causing even more scratching when wiping the disc.

FAQs – How to Clean Xbox 360 Games

Can you clean Xbox games?

Clean your games with a clean, lint-free, soft, dry or slightly moist cloth and wipe in straight lines from the disc’s centre to its outer edge, according to most instruction manuals and console manufacturers. Do not wipe the discs in a circular motion to avoid further damage.

Does Toothpaste Clean game discs?

Toothpaste has precisely the right amount of abrasiveness to smooth down rough patches on your teeth. Compared to significant gouges, you can quickly repair scratches and scuff marks. Some CD repair businesses can utilise a specific buffing machine to restore the disc; however, these are difficult to use without inflicting damage.

Why is my Xbox scratching discs?

Significant circular scratches appear on a game disc when the console is bumped or moved while in use. If you haven’t already, consider placing the console horizontally to prevent this from happening by accident in the future.


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