How to Make Your Own Ps4 Theme With Music?

Are you bored with your old PlayStation music? And you want to listen to your favorite music on the PlayStation main screen. So now the trouble is over, I will tell you How to Make Your Own Ps4 Theme With Music & Many other things related to this topic.

The new beta PS4 System Software Update brought Sony live to the platform bringing plenty of new features. The ability for players to play their Background Music while getting their game on is one of the features included in the latest update of PS4. 

Other enhancements include hundreds of personalization possibilities and new rapid menu adjustments that give fans more fingertips.

Check out all of the new features that will be included in the next PlayStation 4 System Software Update, as provided by Sony:

How to Make Your Own Ps4 Theme With Music

You can listen to your favorite music using Background Music at PlayStation Now while streaming a game on the PS Now. Remember that background music may not always be present, similar to playing a game locally on PS4.

How to Make Your Own Ps4 Theme With Music

Your PlayStation system can play USB storage music files. Without disturbing games, Internet Browsers, or other activities, you can listen to music in the background.

  1. Create a folder called “Music” on your computer’s hard drive on the USB storage device.
  2. Copy your music files to the folder “Music.”
  3. Connect your PS4 system to the USB storage device.
  4. Choose (Library) in the region of content.
  5. In the content field, select (USB Music Player).
  6. Choose the song to play.

Highlight the folder to play all songs, click on the OPTIONS button, and select [Play].

Other Major Updates are explained below…

#1: Play Time Management

We introduce Play Time Management which enables family managers (and adult family members placed as guardians) to manage PS4 playtime for family members on PSN. 

Playtime management is simple, click to Settings > Family management on your PS4, or connect to your PlayStation account on your PC or smartphone to check and manage playtime every day for your children. 

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If necessary, the family manager/guardians can ensure that the youngster only plays for a certain length of time or within a specified playable period. 

PS4 notifications will be issued throughout the Play so that the child knows when to save and quit. Family managers/guardians can also add additional time via their smartphone or PC. 

The family manager/guardian can also decide whether to automatically log the child off of the PS4 once the playtime is done.

#2: Updates to the UI Library

‘This PS4’ and Name/Avatar tab

Two additional tabs are introduced to the library to see which programs you have installed and bought. 

The “This PS4” tab reveals all apps installed on the PS4 system, and the PS4 tab lists any applications you have bought with your PSN ID. 

This feature also makes searching and finding games easy, although you have not installed them yet.

#3: PlayStation Plus tab

This update also adds a new PS Plus page to the library, which specifies which PS Plus’ monthly free games are available for you. 

When your PS Plus membership is terminated, a PS Plus icon with a lock appears next to your game, so you know that you cannot play the game until you subscribe again.

#4: Hide applications

We include a feature to conceal particular programs in the “Bought” tab in the library. In “Options,” you can hide items that you probably won’t revert to, such as betas, trials, or demos from games.

#5: Update Notifications

This update allows you to remove old notifications for improved administration and organization. Just go to Notices and click “triangle” or “Options” to reveal a menu that allows you to select one or more notices you want to delete.

#6: Custom wallpapers are imported through USB

Do you like to personalize your PS4 Home Screen? Well, this new upgrade gives you more possibilities. You can import your pictures to PS4 and set them as your wallpaper from a USB stick. 

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You may zoom in and crop your pictures so that they look nice on your dashboard. Just go to Settings > Topics > Choose Theme > Custom > Please select Image > USB Storage Device.

#7: Customize Team Pages of Tournaments

After your 5.50 upgrade, you can design your Tournament team page using your team logo or backdrop, which you can import from a USB stick. 

Represent your squad with something unique and creative by tailoring your team page. You can navigate Events > Teams > Select the team > Edit Team Profile to set your logo and backdrop.

FAQs – How to Make Your Own Ps4 Theme With Music

Can I make my PS4 theme on my phone?

How to change the wallpaper on your PlayStation 4 to ANYTHING you want in seconds.

#1) Navigate to the Settings menu.
#2) Then select Themes.
#3) Select the Custom option
#4) Select an image by using the Select Image button.
#5) Then select USB Storage Device & select your desired pic to set on your PS4 Main screen.

Is there a Naruto PS4 theme?

Thanks to our incredible NARUTO Ultimate Ninja player base, we release unique wallpapers and a PS4 Free theme. The design incorporates special Naruto and Sasuke artwork…. 15 million games have been delivered to fans of the Naruto video games throughout the world!

How do you get the ghost of Tsushima theme on PS4?

Just go to your console settings, browse to the “Themes” tab, and you should find the Tsushima Ghost wallpaper for download. When writing, it is unknown how long the subject is open, so if you are interested, please take it before it’s gone.

How do I customize my PS4?

To install the often-used functions, press and hold the PS button at any moment, and the helpful Quick Menu pops up on your screen. You can also customize the slots using the parameters you use most by clicking [Customize]. And this is a women and males wrap!

Where do you get Themes for PS4?

To navigate through different topics, go to the PS Store and the ‘Games’ section. Click on the down menu from there and select ‘Add-Ons.’ This brings you to a new page where you may scroll down to the ‘Themes’.

What is the PS4 second screen app?

PS4 Second Screen is an application to link your Android smartphone to the console of your Playstation 4. Of course, to use the app, log in to your Playstation account is the first thing you need to do. In the first place, PS4 Second Screen is a terrific technique to navigate the PlayStation menus more conveniently.

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