How to Fix Apex Game Chat Xbox? Complete Guide

Not able to use Apex Game Chat Xbox; how to fix it? Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment have teamed up to create and publish Apex Legends, a first-person shooter. 

The game’s multiplayer functionality and cross-platform compatibility have made it a popular choice for gamers. Read the following article to learn How to Fix Apex Game Chat Xbox?

What’s wrong with my Xbox gaming chat?

While utilizing the Xbox One chat headset, you can try these methods if you’re having difficulties hearing your friends or hearing yourself. 

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Make sure to disconnect the Xbox controller’s headset cord from the bottom and then reattach it to the monitor. Your privacy settings should be opened up so that anyone can reach you.

How to Fix Apex Game Chat Xbox?

There has been no official patch or fix provided by either EA or Respawn, despite both companies being aware of the issue. Fortunately, You can fix it to some extent. Several players have recently broken audio chat in Apex Legends. 

It is in the best interest of the authors to fix this problem as quickly as possible, given the huge response from the public. Apex Legends voice chat is still unanswered by the company. To fix the problem, follow these instructions.

  • Select the default microphone setting.
  • Check your game’s settings to make sure they’re set up correctly. 
  • Origin requires microphone access.
  • Update the audio driver.
  • Try reinstalling the latest recent patch for your game.
  • Apex Legends and Origin will have to be reinstalled.

For PC players

First, if you have a spare microphone sitting around, you should test it out to see whether it’s working. If your microphone is damaged and doesn’t work in general and another one does, you won’t be able to fix the fault using any other troubleshooting method. 

If the solution approach below doesn’t work even after a few tries, it’s usually a good idea for console players to switch to a different microphone.

For Apex Legends to use your microphone, numerous Windows settings need to be changed. For example, you’ll be able to communicate with other players, but they won’t be able to hear you.

Type “Microphone” into the search box or after clicking on the star logo at the bottom of your screen. “Microphone privacy settings” can be selected.”

Look at the apps that have access to your microphone once you get there. Using the privacy panel, you can permit Origin or Apex Legends to use your microphone.

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If permissions are good, your headset or audio card may need to be updated, but Apex still won’t let you talk to people. Gaming headphones have a variety of built-in functions that can interfere with your typical audio settings. Before getting back into Apex, make sure you’ve updated your microphone drivers and tested them in other apps.

Updates and New Features in Apex Legends.

As a celebration of their second year in business, Respawn has announced a special collection event. Several freebies, including an exclusive Collection Event that brings back fan-favorite outfits and a playlist Takeover for Locked and Loaded.

How to Fix Apex Game Chat Xbox

It’s been a big hit with the fellas. But the Apex Legends event date and timing have not yet come to light from the game’s developers. According to the company’s social media accounts, these new features are available and ready to use. Additional patch notes have also been published by the creators of Apex Legends Season 8.


  • Pathfinder’s Town takeover no longer causes the masses to boo.
  • Unable to find some items in your collection because of an issue with their inventory management.
  • Certain walls on Olympus were allowing Thermites to inflict damage through them.


  • When purchasing the Battle Pass in Belgium, a button that reads “Unavailable” would appear, yet selecting it would allow you to purchase the Battle Pass. “Unavailable” will be fixed by a client patch in the future.”
  • Even after his squad was decimated, the gas from Caustic ultimate would continue to build up.
  • A bug that allowed players to shield themselves from grenade damage by placing items on top of them has been fixed.
  • Fuse’s tactical ability could inflict damage through shields when fixing a bug.
  • Mirage Voyage, The Pit in Kings Canyon, and other late-game circles are less likely to fail.

What if nothing works?

Respawn is your final choice if you’ve exhausted all other options and your game chat is still broken. Contact customer service and describe all the procedures you’ve taken to try and fix the situation.

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There are different ways to deal with a specific problem, and the support team may ask for logs and provide instructions on how to send them in. 

However, Apex’s customer service response time can vary depending on the year or other seasonal occurrences.

FAQs – How to Fix Apex Game Chat Xbox?

How do you fix Xbox game chat?

A console reset is usually all that is needed to get Xbox Game Chat running again in a software error. To give it a chance to cool down, turn it back on for around 20 to 25 seconds. Join the party and test your microphone as soon as you return.

Why can’t I hear my team in Apex legends?

If your teammates can’t hear you & If your audio settings appear to be fine, check the audio settings in Control Panel to verify if your microphone has been detected or if it is active. If you need to increase the volume, do so.

Why can I hear my friends, but they can’t hear me Xbox?

It could happen for several different causes. The headset or controller may have a problem& it could be a problem with your network or a setting.

How do you chat on Apex Legends Xbox?

If your squad has headsets on, you can now send an in-game message, and you will play it to them in a robotic voice by pressing and holding the view button on the Xbox One or PS4 controller or by using the touchpad. Pop up a keyboard to type in your voice message if you do this.


Apex Legends has a Help Center where you may ask for help with your Xbox’s game chat issues. Other guidelines on their site may provide further information while waiting for an answer, so you can peruse them while you wait.

It concludes our instruction on How to Fix Apex Game Chat Xbox if it’s not working. Do not hesitate to ask us anything you need help with within the comments section below.

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