How to Connect Rock Band Guitar to Ps4

Rock Band is a video game series that focuses on music. It is available in both single-player and multiplayer modes. The gameplay consists of an individual or a group of individuals attempting to perform instruments. Rock Band 4 enables users to emulate the playing of music from various eras and genres through the use of device controllers that simulate lead and bass guitar, drums, and vocals.

To earn points, players must follow the on-screen signals and play the instrument appropriately. It Points award for accurately touching the right notes and correctly playing a succession of sounds without making mistakes. 

Players will charge for making errors throughout gameplay. The game includes a collection of music. Additionally, you can download tracks. Many players, particularly beginners, are unsure of  How to Connect Rock Band Guitar to Ps4? This article will assist. 

How to Connect Rock Band Guitar to Ps4

Rock Band features plenty of visual and gameplay enhancements designed to give players a sense of virtual reality. The Rock Star series of games allowed us to immerse ourselves in that fantasy fully. 

By pressing the corresponding buttons on the guitar controller’s neck and “strumming” at the appropriate times, it creates the illusion of actually playing along. There is a vast song library accessible for download, as well as extra recordings.

Rock Band Games

The Rock Band games are score-based music games that integrate components of two prior Harmonix efforts: Guitar Hero and Karaoke Revolution. They support up to four players on lead and bass guitar, drums, and vocals.

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Each band member can play at a different level of difficulty, including Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert. If a player does not play well enough and falls to the bottom of the Band Meter, they will eliminate from the song, and their instrument will suppress from the audio mix. 

However, any active player can use their Overdrive to reintroduce unsuccessful players to the song, effectively “saving” the band member. However, you can return a band member only twice; after the third failure, the member cannot resurrects for that song. The band will fail the music if the player does not save before the Band Meter reaches zero.

Versions of Rock Band Guitar

Harmonix released four Rock Band mainline titles:

● Rock Band (2007)

● Rock Band 2 (2008)

● Rock Band 3 (2010)

● and Rock Band 4 (2015)

Each game includes between 57 and 84 tracks on the disc, with the option to purchase additional songs as downloadable content. The games have single-player career modes, multiplayer offline and internet gameplay as part of a band, and competing methods.

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Rock Band 2 and 3 are exclusive to the PlayStation 3, whereas Rock Band 4 is relevant to the current PlayStation 4. However, you can import tracks from previous Rock Band titles into Rock Band 4 via song export packs.

The directions for How to Connect a Rock Band Guitar to Ps4?  are mention below.

Connecting Rock Band 3 Guitar Controllers to Ps4

Connect the PS3 dongle to one of your PS4’s USB ports to sync the controller. Follow these steps to connect a Rock Band guitar controller to your PS4.

● Ensure the guitar controller has new batteries.

● Attach the dongle to a USB port on your PS4.

● Start Rock Band 4 on your PS4.

● Then carefully press and hold the PlayStation button on your guitar controller. It’s generally near the D-pad.

● Click the sync button on the dongle and the wireless button on the guitar controller simultaneously. It’s generally near the amp.

● If the pairing process is successful, the red light should begin blinking rapidly. The process is complete when the light stays on.

● If the red light flashes slowly again, try holding the dongle sync and wireless buttons together again.

● After syncing the controller, hit the start button and start ROCKING!

Rock Band 4 Wireless Guitar Controller

The Rock Band 4 wireless guitar controller is identical to the Rock Band 3 wireless guitar controller. Additionally, it is a wholly licensed Fender Stratocaster replica with the same characteristics as the original and some additional convenient upgrades.

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Apart from utilizing Bluetooth and eliminating the need for a dongle, the adjustable sensor has an update to make enabling Overdrive even easier. Additionally, this is a Rock Band guitar controller compatible with Rock Band VR on the Oculus Rift, allowing for the most immersive experience possible.

Rock Band 4 Guitar Controllers on Ps4

The Rock Band 4 guitar controller doesn’t require a dongle and depends on Bluetooth wireless connectivity. To connect a Rock Band 4 controller to a PlayStation 4, you must complete the Bluetooth pairing process using the PS4 settings menu. It’s pretty simple, and I’ve given step-by-step instructions for connecting Rock Band Guitar to PS4.

● Verify that your Rock Band 4 guitar controller power on with a new pair of batteries.

● Switch on your PlayStation 4 and wait for the home screen to display.

● Navigate to Settings > Devices > Bluetooth Devices from the home screen.

● On the Rock Band 4 guitar controller, press and hold the PlayStation button. It is typically situated adjacent to the D-pad.

● The PlayStation symbol will begin blinking blue light to indicate that it is requesting pairing.

● Hold down the “Sync” button on the Rock Band 4 guitar controller until the blue and red lights begin to flash. The Sync button typically locates on the controller near the amp plug.

● Immediately afterward, your Rock Band 4 guitar controller should appear in the on-screen list of Bluetooth devices. Could you navigate to the controller and pick it?

● “Do you wish to connect the device?” an installation wizard will ask you. Choose “Yes.”

● If you want to play RockBand, the controller must be associated with a profile; otherwise, it will not function.

● If you do not already have a profile, you can create one by clicking Create New –> Guest Profile.

● After a few moments, the alternating blue and red lights will replace by a solid blue light. If the light remains constant in color, this indicates that your controller has synced.

● If your controller continues to blink blue and red, tap and hold the little wireless button on the back of your Rock Band 4 controller till the controller appears in the Bluetooth Devices list.

● After syncing your controller, click the PlayStation® button to return to the Main Menu and start Rock Band 4. Once in-game, click the Options button to join in on the fun and begin rocking!

Features & Benefits of Rock Band Guitar Ps4

How to Connect Rock Band Guitar to Ps4

● The Wireless Strat appears to be current and upgraded for the next generation of rock musicians. Quickly activate Overdrive and synchronize your Rock Band 4 guitar controller with any television. 

This Rock Band 4 bundle is the ideal bridge between musical games and the thrill of actual guitar performance.

● Rock Band 4 brings an exciting rush to live band activity that you have never experience before. Innovating features such as the rock band guitar ps4 enable players to create their legendary solo performances to add their distinctive touch to all versions.

● Rock Band IV intends to provide the basis for the musical game platform of the next decade by combining an exceptional current visual refinement with a soundtrack emphasizing several of rock’s most significant events.

● Rock Band 4 captures the thrill of unmatched live band success. Collaborate with your friends and live out your rock aspirations on stage, beneath the spotlights, and in front of the audience.

● The most accessible music – Over 60 new tracks from today’s biggest rock stars and upcoming events. Over 1,500 ways are available for free in the Rock Band Musical Store. Activate your previously purchased Rock Band music library in RB4.

●     Set your signature: Blow your blazing guitar solo in the rock band guitar ps4 mode.

● Maintain the party – the new “shows” feature enhances the rock band’s multiplayer experience.

● Create compilations of several songs, vote for the next album, alter complexity levels, and gain or lose an entry. Anything that moves is fair game in numerous of the best party games.

FAQs – How to Connect Rock Band Guitar to Ps4

Do you need a dongle for the rock band PS4?

Wireless On the PlayStation 3, Rock Band, and Guitar Hero controllers required USB dongles, but they interacted directly with the Xbox 360, requiring no additional equipment. Instruments from the PlayStation 3 operate flawlessly with Rock Band 4 on PlayStation 4.

Is Guitar Hero 3 backward compatible on PS4?

This year, Guitar Hero is returning to consoles, but it will not support older instruments or previously purchased tracks. The game aims to replicate a live environment through actors and finely cut film rather than cartoon music venues.

How do you connect Rock Band 3 guitar to PS4?

On your instrument, press and hold the PlayStation button. It is present in the center of your drum kit or adjacent to your guitar’s D-Pad. A red light surrounding the PlayStation symbol should begin steadily blinking. It indicates that the controller is awaiting synchronization.


By following the process mentioned above, gamers will now understand precisely How to Connect Rock Band Guitar to Ps4? As a result, players can concentrate on the gameplay part of the game and enjoy themselves. The game has features that assist players in expressing themselves more freely during their performance. In general, it’s an enjoyable rhythm game. It is sure to be addictive for all music enthusiasts.

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