How to Play a Ps4 Game Without the Disk

Sony Computer Entertainment produced the PS4 gaming console. The console supports both HDR10 and 4K media. Additionally, this console allows for the download and installation of games. Playing games on the PS4 is an enjoyable opportunity due to the superb video quality. Due to the console’s large storage capacity, it can play various games without the device becoming problematic.

So, it is possible to play games on the PS4 without a disc. Without a disc, you can play games on the PS4 as long as the game’s data install on the console’s hard drive. While the disc acts as the DRM, you may still play your favorite games on the PS4 by installing them. Therefore, here is a tutorial How to Play a Ps4 Game Without the Disk.

PS4 is a dependable gaming console that supports a wide variety of games. It is compatible with a wide range of gaming modules and video quality. However, many gamers wonder whether you can use this system without a disc.

Play Games on Ps4 Without Disc

How to Play a Ps4 Game Without the Disk

There are various methods for playing games on the PS4 without using a disc. One approach is to perform a manual installation. 

Manual Installation

This installation requires a high-speed internet connection and a fully functional PlayStation 4 system. Follow the steps below to play games without a disc.

Uninstall the game

To start, take the disc from your PS4 and delete the game. It recommends that you begin by uninstalling the game from your PlayStation 4. It should be fast and straightforward, as it only requires removing the disc from your console. Keep in mind that the best results come from completely removing all game files from the console.

This step is critical because if you visit the PlayStation Store without first uninstalling the game, it will indicate that you have already purchased it and hence will not download. It advises that you continue to run the console throughout the process. It will assist in ensuring that all game files delete.

Go to Library

Now you have to move to the PS4’s Library. After that, click on your PS4’s games library. Utilize the game controller to accomplish this. The game library is crucial during this procedure because it contains all of your games, including ones you’ve uninstalled.

Accessing the library part of your PS4 should be simple due to its labeling.

 If you’re having trouble accessing your console’s game library, try using the file manager instead. It stores all the data you’ve downloaded to your console, including any games you’ve already removed.

Holds all of Your Games

Maintains access to all of your games, even if they are uninstalled. It stores all of your games, including those that are uninstalled; this step is critical because if you visit the PlayStation Store, It will inform you that you have already purchased and cannot download.

Find and Click on FFXIV

When you reach Library, locate FFXIV and click to install the digital version.

Install the Digital Version and Games

Following that, install the digital version of the game as well as the game itself. It is possible because you removed the game’s original installation. It will, however, recognize that you have already purchased the game and will allow you to download the digital version. Proceed to download and install the digital version. You will now be able to play games on your PS4 without using a disc.

However, this version of the game may suffer from several drawbacks. For example, if you downloaded it via a slow internet connection, you may have lost some data. As a result, you may experience hiccups and breakages while playing. 

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Additionally, the picture quality may be affected, mainly if you are using a low-quality screen. Nonetheless, playing games on the PS4 without a disc has several advantages and the lack of a need to insert and remove discs constantly.

Download and Store Ps4 Games and Apps to an External HDD

As part of the PS4 system software version 4.50 release this week, the Sonny team introduced the long-requested feature to download and store games and apps on an external hard drive. It’s quite simple to install and operate an external hard drive with your PS4 or PS4 Pro. With update 4.50, the PlayStation 4 may now use external drives up to 8TB for external Storage of games and programs, with user save files remaining on the internal drive.

When a storage device prepares for usage as extended Storage, you can use it to install applications. Additionally, you can migrate apps from the PS4 system storage to expanded Storage.

● PS4 machine running version 4.50 or later.

● External Hard disc drive (HDD).

● USB SuperSpeed 5Gbps or higher.

● The minimum capacity of 250 GB, a maximum capacity of 8 TB. 

All external hard disc drive models are not guaranteed to operate correctly.

Data on Extended Storage

You are only allowed to save the data and applications listed below.

● On expanded Storage, you can only install applications and add-ons.

● Even if the associated application installs in system storage, you can download add-ons to extended Storage. 

● Updates downloads to the location of their related programs. 

● Ample Storage cannot use to save software data, customizations, or screenshot/video clips.

Format Your External HDD

You’ll see a lot of cautions that formatting your device may delete any previously installed data, so before you click ‘OK,’ be sure there is nothing on the device that you want to preserve, such as images or videos. To ensure compatibility with your PS4, PS4 Slim, or PS4 Pro, you’ll need to format it to a particular type:

● From the PS4 home screen, click on the Settings menu.

● Go to the Devices menu by scrolling down.

● ‘USB Storage Devices’ should be selected.

● Choose your External Hard Drive and then “Format as expanded storage.”

It’s also worth noting that once you’ve formatted your external hard drive to the PS4 template, you can only use it to store PS4 games and applications – you won’t be able to keep screenshots and video clips, saved data, Themes, or any other form of media, document, or image on it without re-formatting it to its previous condition.

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Once formatting is complete, a notice confirming that it was successful will show alongside the device’s name, indicating that it activates as the primary storage location.

Installation of Games and Apps on External Hdd/internal Storage 

It’s also simple to go back to your PS4’s internal Storage for downloads (and then back to the external HDD):

● From the PS4 home screen, click on the Settings menu.

● Continue scrolling down to ‘Storage.’

● Select the location for the download – System Storage or an external hard drive.

● Select ‘Application install location’ from the ‘Options’ menu to specify the download destination – either ‘System Storage’ or ‘Extended Storage.’

Installing Games and Programmes on an External HDD

If you wish to categorize the apps and games currently installed on your PS4’s storage capacity, you can quickly transfer them from internal Storage to the external storage device.

How to Play a Ps4 Game Without the Disk

● From the PS4 home screen, click on the Settings menu.

● Go to the ‘Storage’ section.

● Choose ‘System Storage,’ followed by ‘Applications.’

● Select ‘Move to Extended Storage’ from the ‘Options’ menu.

● Select which games and apps to move by checking the slots next to their titles. There is a chance to select as many as you desire, as long as your external hard drive has sufficient free space to store them.

● Choose ‘Move’ and then ‘OK’ to start the transfer.

Unplugging an External Hard Disc

It is essential to note that you should not remove your USB storage device while your PS4 is power on. To remove the external Hard Disk Drive, press the PS4 button on your controller to open the Quick Menu, select ‘Sound/Devices’, and then ‘Stop utilizing extended storage.’ After that, you’ll notice a message indicating that it’s safe to remove the device from the USB port.

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When an external hard drive plugin, your PS4 Home Screen will display games and apps normally, with the most recently played games shown first. If your external HDD is not connected, the games you’ve played from it will remain in your Home Screen list and Library – but they will mark them with a ‘!’ sign to indicate that they cannot play until the device is connected again. 

It would be best if you joined the HDD directly to the PS4 through USB. Between them, you cannot utilize a USB hub.

FAQs – How to Play a Ps4 Game Without the Disk

Can You Install PS4 Games From Disc to Hard Drive?

Shuhei Yoshida, President of SCE Worldwide Studios, stated that games could install entirely on the PS4 hard drive. It means that you can purchase a PS4 game on disc and install the entire game’s data on the hard disk drive. The disc, however, must remain inside the PS4 for verification purposes.

How do You Manually Install a Game From a Disc?

Clear your Origin data cache to delete any previously downloaded files. Insert the game disc into the disc drive of your computer. On the pop-up box for the game installation, click Install. Install your game by following any prompts.

Can I store my PS4 games on an external hard drive?

Utilizing an external hard drive to store games and applications on a PlayStation 4. Simple setup, connect your external USB 3.0 drive to one of the PS4’s USB ports, navigate to Settings, Devices, USB Storage Devices, pick your new drive, and select “Format as Extended Storage.


PS4 gaming is enjoyable and entertaining. The console supports both HDR10 and 4K media. This system is capable of playing games without the use of a disc. However, you must first install the game’s data on the hard drive. I hope you gained some knowledge in the process of How to Play a Ps4 Game Without the Disk. While it is possible to play games on the PS4 without a disc, the quality and flow of the game suffer.

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