How to Download Pre Ordered Game on Ps4

A “preorder” enables you to reserve a product in advance of its scheduled release date. The thought for preorders arose because customers found it hard to purchase popular things in stores due to their popularity. Companies then had the notion of allowing customers to reserve their copy before its release, which has been a big hit.

Preorders allow buyers to guarantee rapid shipment on release. Manufacturers can measure how much demand there will be, hence the size of early production runs, and dealers may assure minimum sales. Additionally, significant preorder rates can exploit to increase sales further. Here we will discuss   How to Download Pre Ordered Game on Ps4

A “preorder” ribbon characterizes preordered products. Downloading games can take several hours, especially if your internet connection is slow. It is not ideal in an increasingly digital world where we want to get into our games as quickly as possible. Fortunately, we can pre-install games on PlayStation 4 that we have preordered, allowing us to begin playing as soon as the game becomes available following its release. 

Preordering Game Selection 

How to Download Pre Ordered Game on Ps4

● To begin, from the home screen, scroll to your Library.

● Click to the section labeled Purchased.

● Select the preordered game for pre-installation.

You’ll now see a page with a countdown timer. If the game allows pre-installation, it should occur automatically approximately 48 hours before the game’s scheduled release.

Preordering Method

● Add a product marked with the “preorder” ribbon to your shopping cart to reserve it.

● A credit card is necessary to make a preorder reservation. While we will pre-authorize your credit card for the cost of your preordered item(s) during checkout, your credit card will not charge until your item is ready to ship.

● Please ensure that your credit card does not expire before the day your thing is due to ship.

● Preorders for most items on accept up to four days before the official release date and time.

● Following the submission of your order, you will receive an email confirmation with your order reference number.

Auto-Downloading a Pre-order

If you’re anticipating a new title, you can preorder it on the PlayStation Store and set up automatic downloads to ensure that you receive the content as soon as it becomes available.

● Updates to games (patches) and system software are downloaded and installed automatically.

● Remote downloads are available for games purchased from the PlayStation Store.

To enable automatic downloads and updates, configure your console to remain connected to the internet while in rest mode and automatically install update files. Enable automatic downloads and ensure that your console switch to rest way when not in use.

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Even if your game is pre-installed, you will not be able to play it immediately after installation. You must still wait till the game’s release date to play. If you choose to complete this process manually rather than having the game download automatically when it becomes available, repeat the first set of steps around two days before the game’s launch if the title enables pre-installation.

View Details of Pre-order

If you have placed a preorder, you can check the status of your order. Please keep in mind that you will need to have your order reference number and accompanying email address on file to check your order’s status. All items that have preorder will list along with their anticipated release dates.

If you preordered an item on while logged into your PSN account, you might access your order history on by clicking “my orders” under your account profile. 

Required Shipping Address

Shipment address required for preordered games. If you want to modify your shipping address, you have to sign in again to amend it. You may change the mailing address connected with your preorder up to ten days before the product’s indicated release date.

You can amend your shipping address on your order details page via a self-service order modification feature.

Please think for while to ensure that your payment method and billing address are current when altering the shipping address.

Preordered Charges

When your preordered item is ready to ship, your credit card will charge. When you make a reservation for a preorder, we will pre-authorize your credit card for the projected total of all goods in your cart. A pre-authorization hold is only temporary and does not result in a charge to your credit card. However, depending on your banking institution, the pre-authorization amount can be deduct from your credit limit for roughly 1-8 days. Pre-authorization of your credit card is necessary to validate your payment information.

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We will notify you through email around 12 days before your preordered item sets to release that we will be authorizing your credit card for the thing. Suppose you decide you no longer wish to receive the preordered item. In that case, you may cancel your reservation up to the point at which the object enters the shipping process, which is generally ten days before the currently scheduled release date.

Preordered Cancellation

There is a chance to cancel your reservation up to the point when the item enters the shipping process, typically ten days before the item’s scheduled release date. Click on the details page for your preorder reservation and click the “cancel order” button to cancel an order. Please keep in mind that accessing your order details page will require your preorder reference number and related email address on file. If there is no “cancel order” button, your preordered item has entered the shipment process, and the reservation can’t cancel at this point.

Pre-ordered Timeline

Preorders typically take between two weeks and two months to complete. If it is scheduled too long in advance, clients are like to forget about their orders. Crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter and IndieGoGo frequently utilize for preorder campaigns, and businesses also actively promote new products on social media.

Pre-order Games as Refundable

Refunds are still available for preordered games that release, as long as the refund request creates within two weeks of the game’s release and plays for less than two hours.

Applying a Refund for a PS Store Purchase

How to Download Pre Ordered Game on Ps4

If you purchased something on the PlayStation Store but afterward changed your mind, you may be eligible for a refund.

To learn more, including how to seek a refund, please select the type of content you purchased from the list below. Along with the return processes summarised below, you may have additional rights under applicable local law; nothing in the summary below reduces or replaces any such rights under applicable local law.

The benefits of Pre-ordering Games

When a large number of buyers anticipate the arrival of an item, a merchant may offer it for preorder before it becomes available in stores. Preordering an item entails placing an order and providing payment details for the thing.

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It reserves it for you and guarantees that you will receive one following its release. Many stores will respect the lower price if the price drops between when you place your preorder and when the product is released. When placing a preorder, inquire about payment processing. Your credit or debit card can charge at the time of order processing or somewhat earlier. 

If the shipping date is sooner, this may speed the process. If you change your mind between placing your preorder and processing your transaction, you should be able to cancel without your payment process.

FAQs – How to Download Pre Ordered Game on Ps4

Why are preorders important?

Preorders can serve as a signal to retailers and consumers that your book is worth their time. Preorder quantity is a significant early sign of a book’s success from the bookseller’s perspective and can result in retailers boosting their initial orders.

Is preorder more expensive?

When many buyers anticipate the arrival of an item, a merchant may offer it for preorder before it becomes available in stores. Preordering an item entails placing an order and providing payment details for the thing. Many stores will respect the lower price if the price drops between when you place your preorder and when the product is released.

Is It Possible to preorder a game the day before it comes out?

If you order it around a week before it launches, it will ship the same day. If you order a month in advance, you’ll receive it on the day it’s released (if you have prime). To be safe, place your order early.


Preordering prefers waiting to purchase, as it ensures that you receive the item you desire before it runs out. The purpose of a successful preorder campaign is to build excitement and buzz. Preorders are essential to the achievement of any new product launch. I hope you have gained some knowledge How to Download Pre Ordered Game on Ps4 from this article.

As we’ve seen in recent years (particularly in the video gaming arena), preorders are an excellent method to generate excitement and attention before a product’s actual launch. Apart from that, they’re a perfect way to gauge customer interest and acquire early money. 

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