How to Fix PS4 Controller Drift Perfect Guide

Isn’t it infuriating when you perfectly align your PS4 Controller’s aim for a headshot, and it shifts randomly? Alternatively, the player may wander in circles as if possessed by something. In that situation, you may be experiencing PS4 controller drift.

The issue can occur with any PS 4 controller, whether the DualShock 4 or another kind. We are reasonably irresponsible with our gaming consoles and controllers, and regular wear and tear are expected, considering how aggressively most people use the devices.

This article will demonstrate How to Fix PS4 Controller Drift? (a.k.a. analogue stick drift) using a few simple techniques and methods.

What Is Analogue Stick Drift Exactly?

How to Fix PS4 Controller Drift

To begin, let me state the obvious. What is analogue stick drift exactly? That is, one (or both) of your two analogue sticks will start moving objects onscreen when they should not.

Consider the following scenario: you’re playing Fortnite, and your character begins going in circles for no apparent reason. Or you’re lining up a perfect shot in Call of Duty, and your sight abruptly shifts afoot to the left. Or if you find yourself drifting off course in the final lap of a Need for a Speed session. These are all indicators that your PS4 Controller is suffering from analogue stick drift.

Reasons for PS4 Drift

A completely functional PS4 controller will have a 1:1 link between the indicated current and the analogue stick position. An obstruction causes the current value to change in controller drift even though the stick position is not altered voluntarily.

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Whether your Controller recently suffered a ‘great fall’ or has been a long-time friend, drifting is a problem that can occur for various reasons. The following are the most typical causes of PS4 Controller drift:

Excellent Vintage Wear And Tear

One of the most prevalent reasons for your Controller to wander is its condition.

The joystick component of the PS4 Controller is responsible for the Controller’s longevity; it has a lifecycle of 2 million inputs, which implies it will continue to function normally until that point. On the other hand, the two million inputs may arrive sooner or later for some gamers, depending on their games and habits, making wear and tear subjective to individuals and their activity.

Thumb Pads That Are Too Loose

Drifting can also be caused by worn-out thumb pads as a result of prolonged use or wear. To determine if the thumb pads on your PS4 Controller are loose, gently shake it and check to see if the thumb pads move into their proper position on their own and are wobbling. If they do, they are unsecured and should be replaced with new thumb pads or reinforced in their place through disassembly.

External Agents

External factors such as dust, filth, and oil are significant contributors to PS4 Controller drift.

Suppose you keep your Controller out in the open for an extended period or eat while using it without cleaning it occasionally. In that case, the analogue stick is very prone to acquire dirt and cause drifting on the console.

How to Fix PS4 Controller Drift?

Depending on the source of your PS4 Controller drifting, you can attempt various remedies to resolve the issue. The strategies listed below will assist you in determining PS4 Controller drift.

Reload Your Controller

Resetting your DualShock 4 controller might resolve a wide variety of difficulties. How to execute a complete reset:

  • Restart your PS4 and navigate to the ‘Settings’ menu with a second functional controller.
  • Choose ‘Devices’.
  • Now navigate to the ‘Bluetooth Devices’ section.
  • Locate and pick the inactive Controller. A green dot will show the active Controller.
  • On your Controller, press the ‘Options’ button.
  • Select ‘Forget Device’ from the new menu.
  • Now, turn off your PlayStation 4.
  • Utilize a USB cable to connect the faulty gadget to your PS4.
  • Switch on your PlayStation 4 and press the PlayStation button on the Controller. Log in and check to see whether it is functioning correctly.

Additionally, a hard reset is possible. It is how:

  • Switch off your PlayStation 4.
  • Reverse the direction of your troublesome Controller.
  • A small hole will appear near the left shoulder button; take a paper clip, unroll it, and insert the button into the hole.
  • Hold the button for approximately ten seconds.
  • Utilize a USB cord to connect the issue gadget to your PS4.
  • Switch on your PlayStation 4 and press the PlayStation button on the Controller. Log in and check to see whether it is functioning correctly.
  • The light indication should turn blue to indicate that the pairing was successful.

Update Controller’s Game Software

Additionally, it is possible that the drifting occurs in a single game, in which case the perpetrator is the game programme, not the PS4 Controller. Check if the drifting happens in other games; if not, update the game software associated with the issue, which should resolve the issue.

Additionally, you can adjust the deadzone settings on your PS4 Controller to eliminate drifting if the default settings have been altered.

Clean PS4 Controller

Follow these methods to clean your PS4 Controller with isopropyl alcohol:

  • Soak the tips of a cotton swab in alcohol and push them against the thumbsticks’ corners.
  • Continue twisting the analogue stick in various directions, ensuring that the swabs reach every bend and corner of the thumbsticks.
  • Rep the procedure three to four times more to properly clean the surface.

Ensure Deep Cleaning

You can also undertake complete cleaning of your PS4 Controller; however, I would advise against it unless you have extensive experience working with delicate electrical components.

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All you need to do is open your PS4 Controller and properly wipe it out with a cotton swab to remove any accumulated dust.

Detach everything except the battery and avoid using compressed air on the Controller’s internals.

Take Your Controller To Sony For Repairing

If you acquired your PS4 system lately, there is a potential that it is still under warranty, in which case you can claim a free replacement PS4 Controller. Determine the warranty status of your PS4 Controller by determining the purchase date and the warranty length.

Then, navigate to Sony Playstation’s official support page and follow the instructions for claiming your Controller repair or replacement.

Utilize Compressed Air Below Technique

This technique effectively removes junk from within the Controller without disassembling it. You’ll need a compressed air can for this, which translates to concentrated blasts of compressed air into the Controller to remove dirt and particles causing the drift.

How does Compressed Air Below Technique Work?

How to Fix PS4 Controller Drift

It is arguably the most straightforward approach, as it begins with a can of compressed air directed toward the bottom of the analogue sticks. Ascertain that the Controller is turned off.

Spray spurts lasting five to eight seconds and then repeat after a few minutes. You should be able to remove all debris in around three to four bursts. Simultaneously move the analogue stick in various directions while blowing pressurized air into the stick’s slot on the Controller. It assures that the airstrikes all interior components containing debris, thereby interfering with the Controller’s internal operation.

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Once finished, clear away any debris that surfaces before proceeding to the next set of bursts. Avoid inverting the can of compressed air when spraying since this may cause the pressurized air to liquefy. Furthermore, we are all aware that electric and wet are a terrible combination for any gadget (unless it is waterproof, which your Controller most definitely is not).

Now, power up your console and Controller to verify that the issue has been resolved.

Find Substitute for Analog Sticks

Anyone with sufficient expertise and the necessary tools may also change the analogue sticks independently. However, this would necessitate the use of a soldering iron and additional tools.

Unless you are an expert and have all of the necessary tools, I recommend getting a new controller. It would be far less expensive and less stressful. Additionally, tampering with the controllers voids their warranty.

FAQs – How to Fix PS4 Controller Drift?

Can You Fix Controller Drift?

The term “controller drift” or “analogue stick drift” refers to the phenomenon of one or both thumbsticks drifting or moving in an undesirable direction even when they are not touched. To repair Xbox One controller drift, you must disassemble the Controller and repair or replace one or more analogue stick-related components.

Will PS5 Controller Have Stick Drift?

DualSense controllers appear to exhibit the same drifting behaviour as DualShock 4 controllers. Since the PS5’s release, owners have identified an unfortunate flaw in the DualSense Controller. As with the DualShock 4 controller that came with the PS4, the PS5 Controller appears to be prone to drifting.

How Do I Stop My Controller From Drifting?

The most effective technique to avoid stick drift is to ensure that your Controller is not passively exposed to anything floating in the air. Please put it in a clean cupboard to ensure that your Controller effectively lives in a quarantine zone à la The Last Of Us.


Does that conclude our discussion of  How to Fix PS4 Controller Drift? You can attempt to reset your PlayStation 4 controllers. Make sure to clean them often as well, and you will no longer experience PS4 controller troubles.

Additionally, you can attempt to fix them yourself, but exercise caution when working with the components. I hope this post assists you in resolving your controller issue.

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