How to Clear PS4 Notifications Simple Guide

You have many notifications on your mobile phone, including downloads and installs of games and transfers that occupy a lot of room under your notification tab. Presently with one of the new updates to the PS4. If you feel free to hit the choices button and go to clear, they have added a select all storage where you can go on and select everything on your notification tab. 

And afterward, You can go down to clear you to know that load of notifications across the board dip off my PlayStation 4. Aside from anything you have answered to PlayStation, you will need to choose all and clear them the same way you did on the home menu currently to dispose of downloads go to downloads.

In this informational segment, we will assist you with complete information regarding, How to Clear PS4 Notifications?

PS4 Notifications

How to Clear PS4 Notifications

Notifications are given with the goal that you don’t pass up any crucial data. PS4 provides out a lot of notifications. It gives out a notification when a download has finished if your subscription will be reestablished and regardless of whether one of your companions has gone online. 

Every one of the notifications stacking up can be problematic and poorly designed, also irritating. Fortunately, PS4 has a choice to clear notifications. 

How to Clear PS4 Notifications?

Follow these steps to clear old notices from your PS4

Viewing the notifications

All of the notifications on your mobile phone are recorded and various icons for various kinds of alarms. On the home screen of the PS4, go to Settings and choose the option of the notifications. 

You can easily check all of your notifications given in a list. You might need to keep the critical notifications and clear some old notifications to clear the messiness. 

Select the specific notification you want to clear and squeeze (triangle). It will remove that particular notification. 

Clear a Single Notification

  • If you need to clear notifications one by one, click on the case close to it. 
  • A tick imprint will show up on the matter, meaning the specific notice has been chosen. 
  • Select the [Delete] choice, and clear the particular notice.

Clear All of the Notifications on the List

  • If you want to clear all the notifications on the list, click on [Select All] given at the upper right of the screen. 
  • You have to choose all of the notifications on the list. Tick blemishes will demonstrate this on the cases noticeable close to all of the notifications on the list. 
  • Select the [Delete] choice, and remove every one of your notices. 
  • You will delete the notice until any new notifications come. 

Deal With All of Your Notifications 

  • You can choose which sort of notification you need to see by dealing with your notification. 
  • Go to Settings > notifications> Spring up Notifications. 
  • Tick the notifications you need to see and untick the notices you need to wind down. 
  • You can even see mood killer every one of the notifications through and through. 
  • This way, you will not get any notices; thus, you will not need to stress overseeing or clearing them. 

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If you can’t clear your notifications utilizing the given advances, do the accompanying: 

  • Sign onto the authority PlayStation site – 
  • Go to the Assistance segment. 
  • Snap-on PlayStation4 support. 
  • In this segment, you will see the title. Type your issue or question. Beneath this, there will be a text confine which you can type your question. 
  • It will divert you to the arrangement.
  • Permanently Delete PS4 messages. 

TIPS and Tricks for Clearing Notifications

  • Ensure you check the notification before you clear them. Once the notifications are cleared, you will not have the option to get the notifications back. 
  • If your notifications arrive at more than 100, the more established notification will naturally begin clearing. 
  • In any case, up to 30 PlayStation Store notifications can be put away regardless of an earlier 100 notifications. 
  • Look at the notification when you get them to clear the stuff and clear the spam.

Changing the Interface of Notification

After clearing all notifications, you can change the notification interface to get information excellently. On PS4, different options are available like Pop-Up Notifications, Disable Pop-Ups While Playing Video, Pop-Up Colour, Display Message in Notification, and Notifications When Friends Go Online.

For a complete overview of these notifications, interface check our article How to Check and Manage Notifications on PS4

How to Mute Notifications on Playstation App?

Open the app with the when Friends Go Online option, and you may choose to get a notification when specified friends connect to PlayStation Network. Use the slider to adjust each person individually, or uncheck Allow Notifications if you wish to turn off all online friend alerts.

What do clearing notifications do on PS4? 

Once the notifications are cleared, you will not have the option to get the information back. If your notifications arrive at more than 100, the more previous notification will consequently begin clearing.

Can Clearing Notification Free Some Space on PS4?

If you clear your notifications on PS4, it means not a lot, but a little bit of space will become free. You can use this free space for new notifications.

In this way, you don’t have to handle the bulk of notifications in a single folder. It will help you to save notifications of your essential desire rather than all.

How to Disable Notification on PS4?

If you are getting bored of deleting notifications again and again, then disable them. So that this notification will not disturb you while video games.

Disable Pop-up Notifications While Gaming

How to Clear PS4 Notifications
  • To modify this setting on your PlayStation 4, navigate to Settings > Notifications.
  • You may also access this menu by entering the Notifications screen and selecting “Notification Settings” from the “Options” button on your controller.
  • Select the “Disable Notifications While Video Is Playing” check box. That is all!

Disable Pop-up Notifications for All the Time

If you don’t want pop-up alerts to appear on your screen at any point in time—for example, while you’re playing a game—you can also completely block them from this screen.

To do so, select “Pop-Up Notifications” and clear the check box next to “Display Pop-Up Notifications.” Additionally, you can deselect specific types of pop-up notifications here. For instance, you may enable notifications for incoming communications while disabling notifications for achieving a trophy in a game.

If you’re simply concerned about sensitive messages being on the screen when others are viewing it, you can uncheck the “Display Message in Notification” option on the main screen. Your PlayStation 4 will not display the message’s actual text in the pop-up.

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Regardless of the settings you choose, you will continue to get notifications. They will not appear immediately on your screen. You may always check your notifications from the Notifications screen on your PlayStation 4 to see what occurred while you were away.

FAQs – How to clear PS4 notifications?

Does clearing a PS4 game clear the save? 

When you clear a game, it usually leaves your saved game documents and other game settings on the PS4 if you later reinstall the game. If you’re sure you don’t need your game documents, you can clear them too.

Can you buy extra storage for PS4?

The best and simple method to increase the storage of PS4, whether it be the actual model, 2016 refresh, or a PS4 Pro, is to add a USB 3.0 hard drive to your setup. We chose a dedicated PS4 edition of the Seagate Game Drive with 4TB of space.

Does clearing PS4 client deactivate the account? 

You can do this easily. If you want to clear it as a client from the PS4, the client is as yet enlisted to the server and you can sign in to another PS4. If you consider from the server, you should begin another record.


We have discussed that How to Clear PS4 Notifications? We have provided you with some steps to clear PS4 notifications and discussed all information in detail. By following the above guide, you can delete notifications one by one or all at a time.

By doing so, you can clear a little bit of space for new notifications. You can also get rid of unwanted messages by removing notifications.

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