How to Record and Share PS4 Gameplay Videos

It’s a lot easier than you might expect to record and share gameplay on a PlayStation 4. While capture cards are the optimal option to record and stream your gaming, you may also capture your PS4 gameplay directly from the console without the need for additional hardware.

Whether you’re racing through the streets, taking on a boss, or simply admiring the vista, there are plenty of memorable moments to be had while playing PS4 games.

As such, we’ll demonstrate How to Record and Share PS4 Gameplay Videos? in this article, so you can relive these moments or share them with your friends for bragging rights.

Examine your PlayStation 4’s Video Settings

How to Record and Share PS4 Gameplay Videos

Recording a video clip on the PS4 is pretty straightforward, as the console includes a recording capability. However, you must first modify the video settings to your liking before beginning to record gaming on PS4. 

All you have to do is hit the Share button on the controller to enter the Sharing and Broadcast Settings and make the required adjustments to your video clip’s length and audio sharing settings.

How to Record and Share PS4 Gameplay Videos?

After configuring the parameters, it’s time to record your PS4 games.

There is one caveat to this. Certain games do not allow you to record segments or the entire game. It is entirely at the developer’s discretion. You cannot bypass the restriction by utilizing the specific recording tools on the PS4. 

Rather than that, you will need to invest in specialized capturing equipment. Yakuza 0, Persona five, and Tales of Zestiria are all examples of these games.

We’ll be utilizing the Capture Gallery for the steps below. It can access via the PS4’s home screen. If the application is not already installed, navigate to Library > Applications > Capture Gallery > Start.

The Capture Gallery is ideal for organizing videos that you’ve already saved. However, you can access many of the same options in-game by pressing the Share button; feel free to do so if you find it faster.

Let us now begin with How to Record and Share PS4 Gameplay Videos? You can either capture a video of something about to happen or something that has already occurred.

Start Recording

To begin recording, double-click the Share icon. A little message will appear on the left side of the screen to indicate that the recording has started.

Now play the game, and everything that appears on the screen will be recorded. Your recording will automatically stop when the period specified in the Length of Video Clip setting is achieved. Alternatively, you can manually send the recording by pressing the Share button twice more.

The capture will be kept in the Capture Gallery.

Save Recording of Last Fifteen Minutes

This option is available if you’ve come across something noteworthy while playing the game but haven’t yet pushed the Share button. By default, the console records the previous 15 minutes of gameplay, which enables players to avoid missing any game highlights while playing. 

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You can set the duration to as much as 60 minutes or as little as 30 seconds. Notice that the console’s last few minutes of gameplay are not immediately saved to the Capture Gallery. To keep the video clip, follow these steps:

  • To open the Share menu, press the Share button once.
  • Select the Save Video Clip option. The Capture Gallery will then store the final minutes of your gameplay.

Edit Recorded Gameplay Video

After taking your video, you can edit it to include only the best segments and share it on social media. Before users can submit videos to PS4, they are automatically prompted to clip them.

  • Now, let’s take a look at how to cut your gameplay video using the built-in editing feature on the PS4.
  • Select the Capture Gallery from the PS4’s Home screen. After that, locate and highlight the video you’d like to share.
  • On your controller, press the Options button to bring up a menu that includes the “Trim” option.
  • Now, you can modify the start and endpoints of the gaming video; by default, you can trim in 10-second intervals only. However, you can increase that to 60 seconds or decrease it to one second if you want to be more accurate.
  • Use the D-pad on the controller to navigate to the start and endpoints of your gameplay video, then choose “Start Here” or “End Here” from the menu.
  • When you’re finished trimming, click the “OK” button, and you will save your film alongside the rest of your videos in the Capture Gallery.

Share Recorded Gameplay Video

Once your video has been edited to the desired length, it’s time to share it with the world. To do so, you’ll need to connect your PlayStation 4 to your social media accounts, but picking a social network from the Share Video Clip menu will prompt you to sign in on-screen. 

Once your social networks are configured, it’s simply a matter of selecting your video and composing your tweet, status update, or description.

Specific social platforms include additional controls for customizing your video’s privacy settings. When uploading to Facebook or YouTube, you can specify who can view the video via the rules. 

On YouTube, you may also upload videos as “unlisted,” which means they are not private but do not appear in search results. Additionally, you can configure the privacy settings for the video’s social activity on your PlayStation Network account.

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Transfer Recorded Clip to a Computer

How to Record and Share PS4 Gameplay Videos

Additionally, you can transfer your PS4 footage to your computer. Connect a USB stick or external disc to the PS4 in this manner. Take note that you must format the device in FAT32 or exFAT.

  • Navigate to the Capture Gallery and select the video to transfer.
  • Select it by using the Options button. Choose Copy to USB Storage Device from the File menu.
  • Following that, use X to select the videos you desire. When you’re ready, choose Copy > OK.
  • Connect the device to your computer once the transfer is complete. Open the drive and navigate to the PS4/SHARE folder to locate your movies, organized by game and saved in the MP4 format.
  • If you like, you can edit the movies on your computer or submit them to social media; do whatever is more convenient for you.

Possible Complications

If everything goes according to plan, recording and viewing the clip should be simple. On the other hand, particular games are deceptive and may disable the capture option at specific points. Metal Gear Solid V, for example, is built in this manner to avoid tale spoilers.

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You can get around this restriction by using a capture card instead of the PlayStation share feature. A capture card is a component of hardware that you can purchase at most electronics retailers and use to record video snippets from games.

Not to worry, most PlayStation games are not like this, and even this one has these restrictions in a few locations. You may purchase a capture card if you choose, but it is not required.

FAQs – How to Record and Share PS4 Gameplay Videos?

Can You Record Past Gameplay on PS4?

The PS4 will begin recording immediately upon double-pressing the Share button, and you may stop it at any time by double-pressing the Share button again. When the recording is complete, the clip is stored in the Capture Gallery folder on the home screen of your PlayStation 4.

How Do You Record High-Quality Video on Ps4?

Firstly, tap the ‘Share’ button once to open the sharing menu and press ‘X’ on the ‘Sharing and Broadcast Settings’ option. Then, on the ‘Video Clip Settings’ option, press X. Ascertain that the ‘Length of Video clip’ choice is set to 60 minutes and the ‘Dimensions’ option is set to 19201080.

Can You Record Last 30 Seconds on Ps4?

From the menu, select the Length of Video Clip option. On PS4, the default recording duration is 15 minutes. However, you may adjust it to anywhere between 30 seconds and an hour. Consider the desired clip length, pick it, and validate the adjustment.


Do you now understand How to Record and Share PS4 Gameplay Videos? After reading the entire guideline, you can know how to record, cut, and share PS4 gameplay clips. 

You can create some entertaining frag movies, humorous snippets, game commentary, and video tutorials. The possibilities are unlimited as long as you are sufficiently inventive.

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