How to Fix Nat Type Failed on PS4? Simple Guide

We all love to play video games. Playing games is entertaining and also strengthens and develops social skills. 

There are many consoles to play games and offer excellent features, PlayStation 4 is one of them. PlayStation 4 (Ps4) is a video gaming platform developed by Sony Computer Entertainment. Well, PlayStation 5 is already released, but people still use Ps4 to this day. 

How to Fix Nat Type Failed on PS4

Nothing is perfect in this world, as in the same case, PS4 sometimes causes some issues. And today, I am here to discuss the most prominent issue that is the NAT issue. 

I will discuss different solutions for you that will resolve your doubts about How to Fix Nat Type Failed on PS4?


Often gamers play online games with their friends using this console at home. It helps them to communicate with their friends or people all around the world. Sometimes there are some issues while playing on Ps4, like NAT type issues or NAT type failures. So you need to learn How to Fix Nat Type Failed on PS4?

NAT Type Issue

While playing games online, a bunch of errors can show up. The NAT type issue is one of them.

In this error, the PlayStation user cannot converse and chat with people at his party.

Network Address Translation (NAT)

Network Address Translation or NAT for short is used by this console to connect to the internet.

Cause of NAT Type Issue

This issue is caused because of an incorrect network setting saved in your console. Or maybe because your router is using an IPv6 address. 

How to resolve it?

There are plenty of methods for How to Fix Nat Type Failed on PS4:

Configure PlayStation 4 Settings

Sometimes NAT-type issue is caused because of inappropriate network settings. Follow these steps to change DNS Settings to Resolve the NAT type issue.

  • Go to the main screen of PlayStation 4 and open the Setting option there.
  • Select the Network option, which is displayed there.
  • Then, it will ask the type of connection you are using. Choose Wifi if you are using a wireless connection. Choose the LAN Cable option if you are using a wired connection.
  • It will show two options Easy and Custom. Choose the option “custom.”
  • Select automatic in IP address settings.
  • Select Do not Specify in DHCP Host Name.
  • Now, what you just have to do is choose the manual in DNS Settings.
  • It will show two options Primary DNS and Secondary DNS. After this, Alter Primary DNS to and Secondary DNS to
  • Change MTU Setting to 1473.

It not only will solve your NAT problem but also increase internet speed on your console. If it does not remove the issue, try solution 2.

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Enable Universal Plug and Play of Your Router

If Solution one does not function for you to resolve the Nat problem, then enable Universal Plug and Play of your router. Universal Plug and Play or UPnP is a network protocol that allows devices on a network to connect through that router.

To enable the UPnP. Follow the following steps written down:

  • See your IPv4 address (an IPv4 should look like this:, user name, and password. It is written on your router or modem.
  • Login to your router. To login into your router, write down your IP address in your browser and press Enter.
  • It will ask you your user name and password. Write down username and password respectively into their boxes.
  • Go to the Advanced option, then select Forwarding.
  • There, you will see the UPnP section in the tab. Every router has there own layout and UI. Enable UPnP by clicking on the checkbox or button depending on the UI.
  • Click the Save or Apply option.
  • Restart your router and your Ps4. Could you wait for it to connect?
  • Go to the Settings > Network > Test Internet Connection.
  • You will see it will be NAT type 1 or NAT type 2.

It will solve the problem. If it does not, we have another method for you.

Using Wired Connection and Ethernet Cables

Wireless connection can be the cause of Playstation 4 NAT type issues if you are using it. Wireless connection is slower than Wired connection. Wired connections provide much more speed than a wireless connection. 

We would recommend using Ethernet cables for online gaming as it is faster and provides a better experience for your online gaming not only in Ps4 but also on other consoles.

Try connecting Ps4 to the router through an ethernet cable. To connect Ps4 to the router, follow these steps:

  • Turn off your Ps4 and attach one end of the ethernet cable to your gaming console.
  • Attach another end of your ethernet cable to the router properly.
  • With the cable connected, turn on your Ps4.
  • Go to Settings > Network > Test Internet Connection. See if the Playstation 4 NAT type issue is solved or not.

Contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider)

If the prior solutions do not work, then it is likely that your ISP has made some changes that can affect your Internet settings. It is better to contact your ISP and notify them about the situation. Frequently, this problem is caused by a firewall setting. 

Your ISP will solve it for you if they have made any changes and inform you of the steps you have to follow. Following their steps will solve the NAT type issue.

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Disabling IPv6 Address

  • Open your browser. Write down your IPv4 address.
  • Login to your router by writing your username and password in their boxes.
  • Look for the IPv6 address tab. Make sure to disable it.

Check if Changing from IPv6 address to IPv4 address resolves the NAT type issue for you.

Best NAT Type for PS4

According to Sony’s version, NAT Type 1 is the optimal configuration, while NAT Type 3 is the least optimal. Here is some information about Sony’s NAT Types:

NAT Type 1 – Unrestricted

The system has a direct connection to the Internet.

Type 2 NAT – Moderate

A router connects the system to the Internet.

Can You Change NAT Type on PS4?

How to Resolve the Playstation 4 NAT Issues

On PS4, you cannot change the NAT Type directly. Changing the NAT Type needs you to make some changes to your router’s configuration. And these settings may vary according to the manufacturer and model of the router you are using.

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Should Your NAT Type Be Open?

It is the optimal NAT configuration. With an Open NAT, you should have no difficulty connecting to other gamers, as well as chatting and partying up with them. Additionally, you can host multiplayer games with users of any NAT type. Strict NAT: This is the most insecure type of NAT.

FAQs – How to Fix Nat Type Failed on PS4?

Why Is NAT Type Failing on PS4?

The “PS4 NAT Type Failed” error is frequently produced by incorrect network settings or a network firewall malfunction. Altering the NAT sort is one of the most effective ways to resolve this issue.

Why Is NAT Type Strict?

If your NAT is set to Strict, it may be blocking game-related ports or translating your private port to a non-deterministic public port while delivering packets to each different participant in your session. This issue can resolve by enabling UPnP or configuring a port-forwarding rule on your router.

Why Does My NAT Type Keep Changing?

This issue is handled by inspecting the router settings that contribute to NAT difficulties. Occasionally, due to the router’s built-in firewall, you will need to open ports. After successfully opening the docks, the NAT Type will change to Open or Moderate.


After reading this article, I hope you have entirely acknowledged How to Fix Nat Type Failed on PS4? Now you can quickly Solve your Playstation 4 NAT issue

You can solve the NAT type issue of your PlayStation 4 on your own. After solving a NAT-type failed problem, you can sit back, relax and enjoy your game. Hope you have solved your NAT issue.

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