How to Create and Join Parties on Your PS4

Starting or joining a party with your companion on PS4 was once a relatively simple process. However, in October 2020, Sony published PlayStation 4 system firmware version 8.00, which fundamentally altered parties’ function.

The PlayStation 4 has always been a simple console to use, which is undoubtedly one of the reasons for its success. A convenient tool in this navigation is the super quick menu, which can access by pressing and holding the PS button and provides quick access to a large number of the PS4’s capabilities.

You can enjoy Messages, friend lists, parties, and party settings on PlayStation 4. We’ll guide you through the updated setup and How to Create and Join Parties on Your PS4? in this article.

Parties on Playstation 4

How to Create and Join Parties on Your PS4

Party on ps4 means you can Join a party and use voice chat to communicate with your friends and other players while playing games or using another program. Parties are limited to a maximum of 16 participants.

Groups on PS4

Groups on PlayStation 4, referred to as groups, collect participants who can be contacted or invited to a Party. A Group is private, and you can join the group only by invitation.

How to Create and Join Parties on Your PS4?

To create and join a party on PlayStation 4, follow the steps listed below.

Start a party 

Press up from the PS4’s home screen to access the function screen > Party > Start Party.

Join a party 

To join a group, either click Create Group or select an existing group from the drop-down menu.

Invite friends 

Choose a group name, configure your privacy preferences, and click Add Players to invite friends to your Party.

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Once you’ve made a new group, it will save even after your game session has ended. By selecting your already created group, you can start a new party with the same members.

Join an Existing Party on PS4

Select Party 

Click on the PS4 home screen to get the function screen and select Party.

Select party shortcut  

You will see a list of available parties. Additionally, you may customize the quick menu to include a shortcut to the Party.

Click to the function screen

  • If you accept an invitation from a friend, you can join their Party by pressing the PS button on your DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller.
  • To check current invitations, navigate to the function screen and click Notifications.

How to Create a Party on PS4 Update Version?

  • Playstation 4 software system upgrade to version 8.00; the Party icon is still at the above of the main menu. However, you can no longer make a party and invite your companions as they want.
  • Rather than that, you’ll likely notice that there are no parties available to join on the Parties screen. So you have to establish a new Party. To create a new party, choose Start Party.
  • Once you do, the Messaging tab will display the same record of your messages. 
  • The most recent system upgrade allows you to create parties with someone you have an instant message chat with. As a result, you have to select a conversation to initiate a party with everyone there.
  • If you wish to start a party with a different group of people or someone you have never communicated with previously, you will have to create a new discussion.
  • Choose Create Group at the top, so you will be able to introduce people using a range of methodologies on the left side, including scrolling through your list of All Friends, conducting a search, or creating a Custom List.
  • Additionally, you can initiate a party conversation with an existing group on upgraded PlayStation 4 without using the Party screen.
  • To start a party voice chat with somebody, open a current discussion with all of them and pick the Party option on the left side.
  • Once inside the group, it operates exactly as it did previously, enabling you to talk with everyone independent of the game they are playing.
  • On the top right, choose Party Settings to alter a few variables, including the balance of party chat and game sounds.

Meanwhile, suppose someone invites you to a PS4 party using the methods mentioned above. In that case, you’ll receive a notification asking you to join, just as you did before firmware update 8.00 altered the manner Playstation 4 parties work.

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Voice Chat Feature in Parties on Playstation 4

A notification occurs in the top-right corner of the screen when someone in your Party initiates a voice chat. To join, select Connect by pressing the PS button. Additionally, you can start sharing your games with members of the Party by Share Screen and Share Play.

Parties Setting on Ps4

  • You can expand your group by adding players. Players can be added to parties and will continue as group members after the Party concludes.
  • You can begin Share Play as a host or as a visitor. While Share Play is in use, the remaining time for it indicates the players that are now utilizing it.
  • You can view available parties. If you join another party or create a new one, you will remove from the present one.
  • You can modify the level of the audio system.
  • You can control the volume of audio chat from a party and audio from games or the system. This setting is excellent for making party audio more accessible.
  • You can choose to turn off audio from a party or an in-game chat. Only the chat audio that you provide is audible.
  • This option is only available if you’ve joined a party and are also conversing in-game.
  • You can control your Party’s option because chat audio of all players not included when they broadcast their gameplay or record video clips.
  • You can configure methods for connecting to voice chat.
  • When you join Share Play as a host, you can specify the quality and pixel rate.
  • This option is also available on an of PlayStation 4 systems.
  • You can also check precautionary measures for parties.

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Add Parties to Favorites on Ps4

How to Create and Join Parties on Your PS4

 You can add your parties to favorites for quick use. It is quite a straightforward method. Follow the steps mentioned below to add parties to favorite on Playstation 4

  • Adding groups to your favorite is a critical element of the organization of PlayStation 4. 
  • Navigate to the Messages tab and locate (or create) any conversation you frequently use for party talk.
  • While holding down the Option key, select Add to Favorites.
  • After doing so, the chat will display under the Favorites tab, which is also visible when starting a new party via the Party menu.
  • Having only your most essential groups under the Favorites tab minimizes distractions when you’re attempting to arrange a party with your buddies rapidly.
  • This is an excellent feature of the PlayStation 4.

FAQs – How to Create and Join Parties on Your PS4?

Why Does Your Party Chat Work But Not Game Chat?

Ascertain that your controller’s batteries are in good condition. When the batteries become depleted, certain controller functionalities, including audio and vibration, are disabled to conserve power. If possible, try your Headset with another controller; if the Headset functions correctly with the second controller, re-update the first controller.

Why Can’t You Make a Party on PS4 2020?

To resolve the PS4 Party Chat not working issue, players should attempt to ensure that the PS4 is running the most recent software version. To upgrade your system software, navigate to Settings > System Software Update > Upgrade Now. If the system is already running with the most recent update installed, no “Upgrade Now” notification will appear.

Do PS4 Parties Get Monitored?

We take our obligations to protect our users extremely seriously, and we encourage our customers and partners to report any activity that appears to be harmful, suspect, or illegal. When we become aware of or become aware of such behavior, we are committed to taking appropriate action in collaboration with competent authorities.”

How Does Party Work on Ps4?

To start a party voice chat with somebody, open a current discussion with them and pick the Party option on the left side. Once inside the group, it operates exactly as it did previously, allowing you to talk with everyone regardless of the games they are playing.


Nowadays, establishing and joining parties has become a pleasant experience for PS4 gamers, and this feature has been an enormous hit, contributing to the PS4’s adaptability and success. I hope this article assisted you in learning How to Create and Join Parties on Your PS4? Additionally, it can also help in establishing the parties for the upgrade ps4 system firmware 8.00.

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