How to Check Ping on PS4 Easy Guide

If you love to play multiplayer games on the PlayStation 4, you could occasionally suffer from excessive or unpredictable ping (also known as latency). Ping is a measurement of latency or the time it takes to transmit and return a signal to your computer. 

In a gaming environment, it refers to the time required for a game to recognize your activity. It is a tool that evaluates small data sets, and their transmission latency expresses in milliseconds (ms). Since there are various explanations for this, in this post, we will discuss some remedies that can help you determine How to Check Ping on PS4?

The ping value is critical when evaluating the quality of an Internet connection supplied by an Internet service provider (ISP) and is better when lower. Low ping is preferable to high ping, as low ping results in less lag. Additionally, fewer lag results in smoother gaming. On the other hand, a high ping results in a longer lag. Further, this indicates that you most likely have a slow internet connection.

Things to consider 

The very first noticeable thing is the hostname of the server. It verifies that you are connected to the server.

No of bytes 

Following that is the number of bytes transferred to the server, which is usually 32. The following four lines indicate the server’s response time. You’ll notice how many bytes of data were returned, as well as the number of milliseconds it took to produce the response.


TTL is an abbreviation for “time to live.” These statistics indicate the total number of routers that the signal will traverse before coming to rest. If you observe “request timed out,” this implies that the protocols could not locate the host, indicating a connection problem.

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Packets Line 

The Ping statistics section displays the process’s overall statistics. The packets line shows the total number of packets transmitted and received and the number of packages that were lost. If there were, there would be some connectivity issues.

Finally, approximate round-trip timings indicate the speed of the connection. The longer the period, the more insecure the connection.

Ping Test Tools 

As a result, we require some additional tools to determine the ping value on our PlayStation 4 or another console.

Here are some resources for checking your PS4 or other gaming device’s ping. Both of these resources are compatible with browsers that run on the console. Ping Test

It is a very straightforward test for connecting to a local server. It provides data on bandwidth and ping. Tool

You are using the tool. A far more comprehensive tool that will check your ping to several servers worldwide. You can use these or any other free online ping test tool to determine the degree of lag experienced by your console’s current connection.

Latency measures how quickly data can transmit via a link. Bandwidth isn’t that significant for gaming; it’s latency or ping that matters because it controls how fast consoles can transfer data packets to each other or centralized game servers.

Check Ping On PS4 

Ping times are critical because they can create a visible lag between the user’s input and the computer’s response. To learn How to Check Ping on PS4, follow the procedures outlined below.

  • To access the PlayStation dashboard, press the PS button.
  • On the far right end is the Library tile. Press X to select Library.
  • Press X to select Internet Browser. This tile features the letters WWW enclosed within two dot-filled semicircles. The Internet Browser tile’s exact location will change depending on your Library’s other games and apps.
  • Select Start by pressing X once more. When you launch the Internet Browser tile, the Start option is highlighted automatically.
  • R2 pressed. It will redirect you to a page where you can create a new URL.
  • Press X to select the Enter URL text field. It activates the on-screen keyboard.
  • In the Enter URL field, type “” and press X.
  • Place your cursor over GO and press X. It does a speed test on your connection, revealing the ping of your PlayStation.
  • The precise value for your ping appears directly above the speedometer in the center of the screen. This value is in milliseconds.

Different Ping Levels 

Let’s take a closer look at what you may expect at various ping levels.

Under 20 milliseconds 

It is an excellent ping number. With a ping this low, you will experience no latency at all.

20-50 milliseconds 

Still quite acceptable. I will nearly definitely have no lag concerns in this setting.

50-100 milliseconds 

It will suffice for the majority of games. While there will likely be no noticeable lag on screen, you may still be at a disadvantage while playing some faster-paced games (e.g., FPS) versus opponents with a quicker connection and lower ping.

100-150 milliseconds

How to Check Ping on PS4

You will begin to experience issues with certain games at this ping level, large screen latency, and may find yourself getting killed frequently in First Person Shooters.

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150 milliseconds+ –

It will be challenging to game online smoothly for anything other than prolonged turn-based games. On-screen latency and hopping are noticeable and consistent. Additionally, this level of latency will frustrate other players who are playing against you online in faster-paced games.

Reasons Behind High Ping 

There are a variety of reasons why ping may be high, and many of them are self-correcting. Several explanations for a high ping include the following:

  • Routers and their state of updating, their location, as well as whether their programming is updated.
  • Computers and if they are out of date, under-optimized for gaming, or in need of maintenance.
  • Whether or not your router’s or modem’s caches fill.
  • The maximum number of devices that your network can support.
  • The settings of a game and whether they are over-optimized.
  • On your device, applications, and programs that operate in the background.
  • Automatic updates that take effect during gameplay.

How to Reduce Your PS4’s Ping

These are simple strategies to boost your ping and internet speed. To significantly reduce the ping on your SONY PlayStation 4, perform the following steps:

  • Navigate to Settings from the home menu.
  • Choose a network.
  • Choose Configure Internet Connection.
  • Select Wi-Fi or LAN based on your current connection type. To minimize confusion, LAN stands for local area network.
  • From the list, select your router and press the Options button on the controller. You can now verify whether it operates at a 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz frequency. Choose 5 GHz if your PS4 is in the same room as your router. If not, choose 2.4 GHz.

Now, configure the following settings as follows:

  • IP Configuration: Automatic
  • DNCP Name of the Host: avoid specifying
  • DNS Configuration: Manual

The following step is to configure the DNS settings. These will vary according to your area; therefore, adopt the following settings to your region:

  • United States of America.
  • is the primary DNS server.
  • Alternate DNS server: Europe.
  •  Secondary Domain Name System (DNS):
  • Now that the adjustments have been saved exit the menu.
  • If you adopt these adjustments, you should see a significant improvement in your ping. 

Conduct a Thorough Examination of Your Router’s Configuration

Our routers serve as the backbone of our internet connectivity, and they, too, deserve some tender loving care. Consider the following recommendations for router maintenance:

  • An entire internet cache slows down our equipment. Do a strong reset on your router to completely erase cookies and give your device a fresh start.
  • Objects and even walls might obstruct our wireless internet connections. Check whether your router is in a well-lit area and consider relocating it higher, as transmissions angle downward. Additionally, reposition the antennae.
  • Consider when our gadgets slow it down after software or security updates. The same is true for routers; therefore, ensure that your router’s software is current.

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FAQs – How to Check Ping on PS4?

Do DNS Servers Affect Ping?

A quicker DNS server delivers the following complimentary benefits to gamers:… Servers located closer to your physical location speed up Internet browsing. Additionally, and perhaps most crucially for gaming, the proper DNS configuration can help reduce Ping, Packet drop, and Vibration.

What Is a Good Ping on PS4?

Ping times of less than 20 milliseconds are rated excellent, while those between 20 and 50 milliseconds are considered good. Anything between 50 and 100 milliseconds is generally regarded as acceptable. However, anything over 100 milliseconds can cause noticeable latency when playing online games.

How Do I Know if My Ping Is Successful?

Additionally, you can use the ping command to verify name resolution services. If you successfully ping a location by IP address, you have established essential communication. If you attempt to ping the same destination using the hostname and it fails, name negotiation is not functioning.

Does Faster Internet Improve Ping?

Along with the different aspects that contribute to the quality of your ISP, the speed of your internet connection might affect your ping (or latency). A quicker connection allows you to transmit information more quickly, minimizing your ping.


While people play video games for various reasons, from relaxation to beating their opponent, no player wants to face lag, and every enthusiast wants to minimize lag. As a result, this post will assist you in establishing How to Check Ping on PS4? Fortunately, simply maintaining your gadgets can significantly improve your gaming experience. Therefore, go forth and reduce your ping to raise the scoreboard ranks!

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