How to Cast Phone to PS4 Easy Guide

With the progress of technology, it is now feasible to view your favorite films, dramas, and action games on the small screen. While viewing entertainment on a smartphone is undoubtedly more enjoyable, casting it on a larger screen is still ideal. Fortunately, if you own a PlayStation 4, you can release media from your smartphone to your television.

To approach this, all you need is a screencasting application to cast your smartphone to your PS4 and watch videos and play games. Thus, in this article, I will cover How to Cast Phone to PS4? The PlayStation App allows you to link your PS4 to your Android or iPhone. It enables you to operate your PS4 with your phone and even use it as a second screen in some games.

Nowadays, phones come in a variety of screen sizes ranging from three to six inches. It made it ideal for watching movies, television shows, and series, and play-action or adventure games. While it can provide a high-quality screen for video streaming services from Netflix or YouTube, it cannot replace transmitting your media files to a larger screen, which unquestionably provides a superior experience.

Casting of Phone to a Playstation 4 by Using Screencasting Apps

You can easily screencast your Android phone using screencasting apps. Here are the top applications for casting your phone to your PlayStation 4. Therefore, to learn How to Cast Phone to PS4, follow the instructions outlined below.

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How to Link a Smartphone to the PS4 by a PlayStation App?

  • For your smartphone, download the PlayStation app. The app is available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. To use the app, you’ll need an iPhone or an Android device.
  • Connect both your PlayStation 4 and smartphone to the same wireless network.
  • You can connect your PS4 wirelessly or via Ethernet. You may check your PS4’s network configuration by selecting “Network” from the Settings menu. If Ethernet is linked to the router, ensure that your phone is attached to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • On your PS4, go through to the Settings menu. It is located on the upper menu’s far-right side. To access the higher menu, press Up on the main PS4 menu.
  • Select “Connection Settings for the PlayStation App. “Add Device” should be selected. On the screen, a code will display.
  • On your mobile device, launch the PlayStation app. And access your PS4, you do not need to login in with your PlayStation Network account.
  • Select “Connect to PS4”. This option is placed at the bottom of the screen. You should connect your PS4. It should appear beneath the words “Powered On” on the Connect to PS4 screen. 
  • If your PlayStation does not appear, verify that both systems are linked to the same network. Refresh the scan by tapping the Refresh button.
  • Enter the code that your PS4 displays. This code validates that your device is authorized to connect to the PS4. Eight digits will comprise the number.
  • After you’ve input the code, it’ll link you to the PS4 instantly. You may now use your phone to operate the PS4.
  • By tapping “Second Screen,” you can take control of the PS4. It transforms your device into a controller that you can use to browse the PlayStation 4 menu. This controller cannot be used as a game controller.
  • Swipe to navigate the choices, and tap the screen of your phone to make a pick.
  • Certain games offer you to use your phone as a second screen. If the game allows this, tap the “2” icon at the top of your phone’s virtual PlayStation 4 controller.
  • By pressing the keyboard symbol, you can utilize your phone’s keyboard instead of the one on your PS4. It makes typing far more convenient than using the controller.
  • If you’re satisfied with the PS4 for now, you can power it down via the PS4 app on your phone. Close the controller for the “Second Screen” and tap “Power.” You’ll be requested to shut down entirely if your PS4 is set to do so by default. If your PS4’s default setting is to enter Rest Mode, you’ll be asked to do so instead.

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iMediaShare is a free app for iOS and Android tablets and smartphones that enables viewers to stream multimedia to their devices. iMediaShare is a free Google Play Store application that allows you to connect your phone to another server. This application enables you to stream Android content to your PlayStation 4 quickly. 

It is generally available for Android smartphones running version 2.2 and higher. What makes this unique is just that it provides you with a range of available devices automatically. 

Casting of iPhone to PS4 via Media Share

iMediaShare is also another program that connects your iPhone to your PS4 successfully.

  • Connect your iPhone and PlayStation 4 to the same wireless network.
  • Install iMediaShare on your device by downloading it.
  • Launch the app and select an item to cast to the PS4’s screen.
  • It can now project photographs, videos, or audio onto the large screen.

Casting of Android to PS4 via iMediaShare

How to Cast Phone to PS4

Follow the points below to know how to cast Android to a PlayStation 4.

  • Install iMediaShare on your Android device by downloading it.
  • Start the application and navigate to the main screen to select what you wish to stream. For instance, you can choose “Gallery Videos” or “Gallery Photos” from the drop-down menu.
  • To access the video files saved on your phone, go to the bottom of your screen and hit “All Videos.”
  • Choose the one you desire to replicate and, in the new window, click “Choose a screen.” Select your console from the list of accessible devices and tap on it to initiate the streaming process. 
  • Keep in mind that if your PS4 is not connected to the same network as your Android, you will not be able to view it after it enters recognition mode.

Casting of iPhone by Using Plex 

Plex is a screen mirroring application that enables users to project their iPhones to their PlayStation 4. One fascinating feature of this application is that it automatically organizes your files, relieving you of the burden of searching for the file you want to play.

  • Create a free account by visiting the official Plex website.
  • Now navigate to the PlayStation Store, search for Plex, and install it on your PlayStation 4.
  • To sign in, open the app and click the sign-in button. On the screen, a link will appear. Navigate to the link using your browser.
  • Now, sign in to your Plex account and enter the code displayed on the television’s screen.
  • After clicking “Link,” a notification indicating successful setup will display.
  • Now, download and install Plex on your iPhone.
  • To grant permission, open the app and click “Stay in Trial Mode”, followed by “Grant permission”.
  • Select the menu icon and then “Settings.”
  • After that, click “System,” followed by “Advertiser server,” “Show camera roll media,” and “Network discovery.”
  • Connect your iPhone and PlayStation 4 to the same wireless network.
  • Finally, navigate to the PS4 home screen and choose your iPhone, followed by a folder to cast your preferred content.

PS4 Second Screen

PS4 second screen provides free access to a variety of PS4 controls and functionalities. With this software, you can view in-game information on your Android device while playing a PlayStation 4 game. Additionally, it enables you to type text on PS4 using your mobile device.

  • Install the PS4 second screen app from the Android app store.
  • Open the PS4 second screen and sign in using your PlayStation network username and password. Users will now see connected PlayStation devices on your device.
  • Switch on your console and navigate to settings > mobile app connection options > add a device. It will display a screen with a number.
  • Return to your Android device, tap your PS4’s name, and enter the code to link your phone to your console.
  • Your phone’s screen is now cast to your PS4.

Server de médias Pixel

The pixel media server is a UPNP/DLNA-compliant Digital Media Server application that runs wonderfully on Android devices, including the HTC 10. When the application is installed on your smartphone, it transforms it into a media server. The app is entirely free to use.

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How to Install and Configure the Pixel Media Server?

  • Install the pixel media server application on your Android device.
  • Download the application and hit DMS name to give your device any name you choose, followed by the directory you want to connect.
  • To open the application, tap the play icon.
  • Now, activate your PS4’s media player. You may view the name associated with your iPhone.
  • Choose your device and navigate through the folders to play any material on the PS4’s large screen.

FAQs – How to Cast Phone to PS4?

How Can I Display My iPhone Screen on My PS4?

Select “Connection Settings for PlayStation Apps” > “Connection Settings for Mobile Apps” > “Add Device”. A code will then show on the screen. On your iPhone, launch the PlayStation app and pick the PS4TM system to which you wish to connect. After entering the code displayed on your Playstation 4, you may connect your device to your PS4.

Can You Chromecast to a PS4?

If you already have a Chromecast, you can quickly stream content from your Android device to your television, but you can do the same thing with your PlayStation 4. In less than two minutes, by following the instructions below, you’ll be streaming media from your Android device to your PS4.

Does PS4 Have Screen Mirroring?

Yes, there seems to be a mobile app that enables screen mirroring between a PS4 and a smartphone. It is referred to as PS4 remote play. To utilize it, you must ensure that your PS4 and smartphone are connected to the same network. After that, you can begin playing PS4 games using the on-screen touch controls or a physical PS4 controller.


The casting program enables the transfer of media files to ps4 such as photos, videos, and audio. You can cast media content from an Android device or an iPhone to a PlayStation 4 via various screencasting applications, including I media share and pixel, as well as the PS4’s second screen. I hope this guide helped you in figuring out How to Cast Phone to PS4?

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