How Long Does GTA V Take to Install on PS4

Grand Theft Auto V is a 2013 action-adventure video game created and distributed by Rockstar North and Rockstar Games. It is the series’ seventh main entry, following 2008’s Grand Theft Auto IV, and the sixteenth overall. Set in the fictitious state of San Andreas, which simulates around Southern California,

GTA 5 is a single-player, offline game. There is no need of any internet connection to play. GTA V continues to be a tremendous success on PS4 and PC, with many fans demanding a follow-up. However, one of the most irritating aspects of the game for gamers is the lengthy downloading screen at the start.

How Long Does GTA V Take to Install on PS4

So, here we will discuss How Long Does GTA V Take to Install on PS4? Anyone who has downloaded Grand Theft Auto V knows that it is a vast game that can take a very long time to install.

Grand Theft Auto V storyline 

Explore the lifestyles of 3 different criminals, Michael, Franklin, and Trevor, as they take significant risks in a series of ambitious and risky robberies that could lose them their lives.

Grand Theft Auto V has the most significant, most dynamic, and diversified open world ever created, combining storytelling and gameplay in exciting ways. As players regularly travel between the lives of the game’s three central protagonists, experiencing all sides of the game’s interconnected storyline.

Downloading and installation of GTA 5 on ps4 

Players can determine How Long Does GTA V Take to Install on PS4 by utilizing the following steps:

  • After accessing the PlayStation website, players must first sign in. They may do so by clicking here.
  • You can then look for and purchase GTA 5 online.
  • After making the purchase, players must navigate to My PlayStation.
  • It will next prompt them to choose the Game Library.
  • GTA 5 will locate in the Purchased section.
  • After that, they must click the Download button.
  • Even so, GTA took almost an hour and a half to install. 
  • The PS4’s hard disc is a 5200 rpm drive, which is exceedingly slow and outdated.

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How can You speed up the installation of GTA V?

Follow the steps below:

  • Launch the task manager. 
  • Navigate to the GTA 5 installation procedure. 
  • Increase its priority to extremely high.
  • Make sure that no programs are running in the background.
  • Disconnect Connected device from the internet  

What can you do when GTA 5 is not installed on PS4?

Uninstall all that you have downloaded so far, then:

  • Switch off internet service.
  • Insert the disc in; just let installation entirely.
  • Switch internet service back on.
  • Begin the game, and it will then install updates.

Why Is It That the GTA 5 Game Takes So Long to Install on the Ps4?

GTA V is a vast game with a file size of approximately 60GB. With a decent internet connection, downloading can take nearly a day if you keep your PlayStation 4 in rest mode and allow it to download in the background.

The majority of PS4 games are at least 20 GB in size, which is a lot of data, and if you cannot download a significant quantity of data at once (bandwidth), the game will run slowly.

In short, if you attempt to install a full-size or non-repacked game, the computer only needs to process the installation portion with minimum extraction; it means to install, you do not need to decompress. Thus, it is the decompression phase that takes the most time.

How can I install Grand Theft Auto 5 without a disc?

If you’re using a PlayStation 4, you can purchase it online and install it on your hard drive. It will restore the game on your hard drive, and you will not require a disc.

Why Does GTA V Take So Long to Load?

The simple explanation is that GTA V is an open-world game; although highly detailed, the software system is loading the entire stage.

Once gameplay begins, there are extremely few loading screens, which means most information you see during gaming loads at the game’s start.

A game with a battle mode or multiple chapters can download much quicker, as each time, only a tiny amount of the game loads. Rockstar Games may have also made adjustments and upgrades to the game, which means that when GTA V starts, it checks for and installs updates.

The Most Effective Methods for Increasing PS4 game Download Speed

There are various methods for increasing the PS4’s internet download speed when connected to the PSN. The following are the most effective methods for improving your PS4’s download speed:

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Fast Internet Service

  • Invest in faster internet service to boost PS4 download speeds.
  • To maximize your PS4’s download speed, use a wired connection rather than wifi.
  • Bring your PS4 adjacent to your wifi connection to maximize your wifi router’s load time.
  • If your PS4 is not nearby, invest in a better wifi router with increased range.
  • Connect your PS4 to the Power – line converters located throughout your home.
  • Stop and restart the download to boost the speed of your PS4 download.
  • Switch to the PS4’s rest mode.
  • You should download just one game at a time. To delay further downloads, navigate to your download list and click the pause button.

Put Your PlayStation 4 in Rest Mode to Boost Download GTA 5 Speed

  • It is one of the observational PS4 poor download speed fixes, so give it a shot but don’t expect perfection.
  •  If you put your Playstation 4 in Rest Mode, you may occasionally see higher download rates.
  • To begin, you must configure the Rest Mode functions by navigating to:
  • Settings > Power Saving Options > Configure Rest Mode Functions.
  • Select the “Stay Connected to the Internet” checkbox to enable your PS4 to maintain downloading files while in Rest Mode.
  • Now, you may bring up the Quick Menu by holding down the PlayStation Button. 
  • Select Power and then ‘Enter Rest Mode’ from this menu. 
  • Your PS4 will automatically switch to a low-power mode and continue downloading files.

Connect Your PS4 Through a Cable Network

How Long Does GTA V Take to Install on PS4
  • Perhaps the most effective thing to increase your PS4’s download speed is to attach the system through a wire to your wifi or network.
  • Until you have a great network connection in your home, you’re unlikely to be able to do even more than connect your PS4 to a wired network to increase its download speed.
  • If your network is close to the PS4, you may attach a cable to a router jack from the console’s back. 
  • If you cannot access the router without following a cable around the house, you may intend to invest in Power – line Network Interfaces.
  •  These innovative devices enable you to connect to the router using your existing power cords.
  •  While certain houses with poor wiring are not suited for this setup, for most people, these adapters can provide rapid internet access from any area in the building.

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Stop and Restart Your PS4 Game Download 

  • If you notice your PS4 download is progressing at an unacceptably slow rate, we’ve discovered that pausing and restarting it can result in a faster download speed.
  • Navigate to your downloads from your alerts located at the top of the PS4 home screen, and then press X on the controller when you’ve marked the download you would like to pause.
  • Then hit X once again to restart the download.

FAQs – How Long Does GTA V Take to Install on Ps4?

How Long Should It Take to Download a Game on PS4?

The portal suggested a range of downloading speeds for a typical 50 GB PS4 title, with customers on a 2Mbps connection facing a 55-hour wait. Even with a 10Mbps link, it will take 11 hours to download the full game to your PS4’s hard drive.

Why Is Gta 5 Not on the Playstation Store?

Definitive Edition of the GTA V Trilogy PS4 Taken Off The PlayStation Store Because Preorders Unlocking The Game Early. As a result, the studio has eliminated the game from the PlayStation Store to prevent additional early access.

Does Rest Mode Install Games Faster?

It would help if you used the PlayStation’s Rest option to accelerate the downloading of games. It will conserve energy and increase speed at the same time. Because all other activity is disabled and just conventional downloading is enabled, its downloading rate will be high.

How do you speed up a download on PS4?

The only way to increase copy speed on your PS4 is to add a faster internal hard drive. Your best option is an SSD, which is typically speedier than conventional hard drives. However, regardless of how fast the movement in your PS4 is, you’re going to have to deal with copying.


The downloading and installation of Grand Theft Auto 5 are entirely dependent on your internet connection speed. Download speed is entirely dependent on the amount of network bandwidth on your internet connection. The PS4 and Sony have no control over how quickly it downloads; it depends entirely on the level of internet service you pay for.

I hope this article will help you figure out How Long Does GTA V Take to Install on PS4 and instruct you about specific elements that can speed up game downloading processes on ps4.

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