How to Fix Loud PS4 Easy Guide

When your PlayStation 4 console becomes too hot, the fan turns out. If your PS4 becomes too warm, the fan rotates and most likely becomes significantly louder than usual. Remove anything that is on or near your PS4 console. After that, wait a few moments to check if your system cools off and becomes quiet.

Leave an adequate amount of room all around the bottom and sides of your PS4 to allow for airflow. In addition, please do not gather your belongings such as books together around your PS4 console. The PS4 is the sole representative in this generation’s home console race. After reading this, I assure you’ll learn How to Fix Loud PS4?

The PS4 generation has changed gaming standards with a powerful GPU, a redesigned DualShock controller, and a diverse assortment of unique, high-quality games. While the Sony platform is well-known for its titles, it is also famous for its loud fan base. This issue has troubled many PS4 owners over the years, interfering with their participation. The voice may be somewhat bothersome, particularly at night. We all enjoy gaming at night.

Why Is Your PlayStation 4 So Noisy?

Remember that a fan becomes noisier as it rotates faster—the PS4’s cooling fan design keeps its internal parts cool. Sadly, modern games featuring their stunning visuals are more processor-intensive, resulting in hotter consoles. Following are the main reasons :

Cooling Fan  

When the console heats up, the cooling fan mechanically spins faster and makes a louder noise. After many years of use, dust can accumulate in the PS4’s vents. However, dust accumulation reduces the cooling fan’s efficiency. It means that the fan must spin faster to maintain the same level of cooling as possible at a reduced speed in the absence of dust buildup.

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The primary reason for this is dust. It is widespread. While you may keep the surface of your PS4 clean, you never know what’s going on within. Your treasured PS4 begins to make more loud noises over time. You have to admit that it completely spoils the gaming experience.

Graphically Prominent Games

Another reason your PS4 may be extremely loud is due to in-game settings. While games with stunning visuals are visually appealing, they are highly resource-intensive.


Your game selection could be causing your PS4 to overheat. When you install games incorrectly, they may begin to malfunction. Graphically intensive games also place a significant strain on the CPU. As a result, it becomes scalding. When a system overheats, the stress transfer to the fan. As the fan attempts to cool the system, it creates a more significant amount of noise than usual.

The PlayStation 4’s Hard Drive

Another significant source of noise on a PS4 is the hard disc. It occurs primarily when the discs are turning in search of data. Noisy commotions emerging from the hard disc are a terrible sign. It is a sign that the hard drive is running out of space. This situation requires immediate attention.

Out of Date/broken PS4 

If any broken components or loose bolts inside the controller, a noise may arise from it. It is likely that over time, elements of the PS have become loose or worn out. It may result in creating a buzz from the gadget.

How to Eliminate the PS4 Fan Noise?

It’s not uncommon for your PS4 to emit funny and strange fan-like noises. It could be a sign of a problem with your PlayStation. Typically, it is dust. Frequently, dust accumulates within the system and must clean. However, that’s not the only possibility. Follow the methods outlined below to determine  How to Fix Loud PS4?

  • To resolve the noise issue with your PlayStation, you must first determine the noise source.
  • If the issue is overheating, the noise is almost always coming from the fan. 
  • To resolve this issue, gather the necessary instruments and determine the best method for cleaning the accumulated dust. You can perform this with or without opening your PlayStation. 
  • If nothing else works, you can always replace the thermal paste or inspect the heatsink.

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Fixes to Reduce Fan Noise by Opening a PlayStation 4

That is true; if your PS4 fan covers in dust, it may become quite loud. However, before you clean your fan, there are a few other easy but beneficial things you can do.

Place Your PlayStation 4’s Fan in a Well-Ventilated Area

How to Fix Loud PS4

The simplest method is to ensure that your PlayStation 4 receives adequate ventilation. Don’t forget that the PS4’s cooling vents position on both the back and side of the console. 

  • The side vents intake air, while the rear vents exhaust. Ensure that these locations are clear of obstructions to allow the cooling fan to flow as much cool air as possible into the PS4.
  • When you use your PlayStation, the console becomes warm; this is when the fan kicks in. When your controller becomes too hot, the fans speed up, making a buzzing sound. 
  • Allow the console to cool it down and then check to see if it becomes quieter. Leave an adequate amount of room all around the bottom and sides of the PS4 to allow for airflow.
  • If possible, clear the area around your PS4 to ensure proper circulation both inside and outside the console.
  • Additionally, because the PS4’s cooling fan locates at the bottom, it may be prudent to leave a bit extra room beneath your console. This way, the fan will circulate considerably more air through it, which will assist in cooling down your PS4. It also reduces noise and allows the cooling fan to relax. 
  • Almost anything can use as an elevation tool. Of course, this works as long as it does not entirely obscure the fan from the primary surface.

Verticalize Your Playstation 4 Console

  • Typically, we position our PlayStation 4 console horizontally.
  • If you rotate it vertically, you can probably eliminate part of the heat and noise generated by your console. 
  • Therefore, please give it a try to see whether your PS4 can be made more relaxed and quieter.
  • The dust most likely causes your PS4’s noisy fan. 
  • As a result, you’ll need to clear out your PS4 fan to make it more peaceful.

Utilize a Compressed Air Can

  • It is the simplest and most working way of wiping your PS4.
  • Alternatively, you can use canned air or an air compressor. Whatever method you employ, avoid blowing air into the disc drive, as excessive airflow can damage this delicate component.
  • If you’re using canned air, it’s best to hold the can upright when cleaning. If this posture is not maintained, it may eject some liquid from the PS4, resulting in more damage.
  • After cleaning the equipment with canned air, use a microfiber cloth to dry them. Then, replace the plastic cap in its original location and screw it to secure the console.
  • You should complete it at least once every 2-3 months. It will assist you in running your PS4 optimally and without experiencing any difficulties or overheating.

Clean Out Your PS4 Console by Opening It

Once you disassemble your PS4 console, you void the warranty. Therefore, if your PS4 is new or used within the last year, you should return it to Sony for warranty claims.

  • We know that a dusty PS4 fan will be loud, and if a bottle of compressed air does not work, it’s time to enter your PS4 console and give it a thorough cleaning.
  • Remove the screws with a T8 or T9 screwdriver safety bit. The screw driving operation may resemble the image above.
  • Disconnect the four screws located on the back of the PlayStation 4 console.
  • You should then be able to see the fan and eliminate the dust cover from the fan. Vacuum up as much dust as possible.
  • When you finish cleaning the fan, carefully reassemble everything.
  • After that, switch on your PS4 and attempt to play a game. Your PS4 will have to become significantly quieter, almost identical to how it was when it was new.

How Do You Clean a PS4 Without Disassembling It?

If you’re not comfortable opening your PS4, here are several non-invasive fixes for a noisy PS4.

Placing the PlayStation 4 on the Vibration Pads

  • It is another excellent technique for muting your console. 
  • Each machine produces a unique sound. However, you can reduce the noise level significantly by placing the unit on a vibrational pad.
  • Specific rubber pads can significantly alter your gaming experience. 
  • These cushions allow for increased airflow within the PS4, which helps the fan run cooler. 
  • It will not only eliminate noise but also improve the console’s performance.
  • If, however, your PS4 continues to sound the same after attempting all of these fast fixes, it may require a more involved method.

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Consider Purchasing a Cooling Stand

  • Any raised object can serve as a cooling stand.   
  • A cooling perspective directs the air from the fan away from the carpet or table. 
  • It significantly reduces the risk of overheating.

FAQs – How to Fix Loud PS4?

Is a Loud PS4 Fan Bad?

It’s worth mentioning that a noisy PS4 Pro does not always indicate a severe issue with the device. It may very well work perfectly nicely. However, if you desire peace of mind or cannot bear the noise, contact Sony.

Is It Normal for PS4 to Get Hot?

The PS4 Pro heats up significantly in two regions. The exhaust vents are all located towards the rear, which makes sense because the heat generates. However, on the top of the console, a patch in one area receives the most extreme heat. Therefore, avoid putting anything on top of it.

How Long Will a PS4 Last?

While the transition period may span three years, three years will likely spend gradually shutting down PS4 development favoring those PS5 exclusives. 2021 expects the final full year in which Sony and third-party developers will support the PS4 and PS4 Pro.


Repairing a PlayStation 4’s loud fan does not have to be a complex operation. The tricks listed above are only a some of the best you can adopt right now for a more peaceful and efficient gaming experience. In most cases, straightforward procedures, such as the usage of compressed air, would resolve the issue.

However, if the problem persists, you may be obligated to repair it from the inside of the console. I hope this article assists you to understand  How to Fix Loud PS4? Fan noise is a minor issue that you can readily address with good maintenance and the proper environment.

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