How To Fix “Xbox DHCP Error”? Easy Method

The most often recurring issue is Xbox DHCP Error. It’s impossible to install any software or games on your console if you encounter this issue.

There’s a simple solution if you’re having trouble connecting to your Xbox One’s DHCP server. You’ll want to check out this troubleshooting instruction. Here, you’ll find all of the possible solutions to this issue.

Microsoft designed the Xbox One to be the greatest console for various purposes, including gaming, watching TV, listening to music, etc. If we have a WiFi connection, we may download and play as many games as possible on our consoles.

We can’t utilize any internet-related applications till we fix the Xbox DHCP Error. As a result, skim the following sections to learn how to handle the situation.

When Xbox says it can’t connect to a DHCP server, what does it mean?

Is your Xbox unable to connect to a DHCP server? If so, you’re at the correct place for a solution to this common problem. Here, you’ll learn to fix the problem in a few simple steps/methods. Let’s get this conversation started.

Routers and other network equipment are known collectively as a “DHCP server.” An IP address is assigned to each device on a home network using a DHCP server. It’s impossible to use the Internet if your router network has another device with the same IP address as your Xbox.

The Xbox DHCP Error has been reported by several Xbox users while trying to connect their consoles to the network/internet. The DHCP server cannot provide an IP address to your Xbox because of this problem (Internet Protocol). The Xbox console network connection fails due to this problem, preventing you from accessing the Network.

The settings of your Xbox console, which is designed to allow the server to issue it an IP, maybe the cause of the ‘Can’t connect to your DHCP Server’ error. If another device or console has been assigned the same IP address as your Xbox Console, this error may also occur.

Causes of Xbox DHCP Error

A DHCP server error happens when another device on the same Network has been assigned the same IP address as your Xbox console.

We need to do two things to solve this issue:

  • Xbox console configuration that allows the server to grant it an IP address.
  • Your DHCP server’s configuration.

How to Fix Xbox DHCP Error? Different Ways

Xbox DHCP Error

We have to demonstrate how an Xbox 360 may be connected to a DHCP server and fix the issue. First, we need to ensure that the problem isn’t caused by BSODs, DLLs, EXE files, apps/programs, malware infections, or other system-related difficulties before we can show you various other solutions.

A single click of the PC Repair Tool fixes these PC-related problems. Many researchers have evaluated it highly, so you don’t need to be concerned.

#1) Xbox DHCP Error Manual Troubleshooting

Try debugging the problem by performing some essential steps and seeing whether the error returns initially.

  1. Put your console in sleep mode for around five minutes before continuing.
  2. You should turn the router off for at least five minutes.
  3. Switch on the router and console after waiting for five minutes.
  4. On your remote, press the Menu button.
  5. Go to Settings > Network.
  6. To do a network connection test, locate the Network Setting Window and select the Test Network Connection option.

#2) Xbox One: Assign a Static Internet Protocol Address

Because the Xbox has a dynamic IP, you may see Xbox DHCP Error. As a result, all you need to do is assign the Xbox 360 a static IP address. Begin by following these instructions:

  1. Turn on your Xbox.
  2. You can find the Menu button on the XBOX Home screen, so press it to access it.
  3. Go to the Settings menu and select it.
  4. Activate the Network>Advanced option.
  5. You can now see the IP settings in the window that has just opened. Copy this IP address and store it somewhere safe.
  6. MAC addresses are found in the IP settings, where you must input the 12-digit MAC address of the connection you use at home.
  7. Open a new browser window and type “default gateway” into the search box to find the default gateway.
  8. As soon as you log into your router, you may begin configuring it.
  9. Enable manual assignment by selecting the option.
  10. There is a window that has been opened up. Enter the MAC and IP addresses you’ve previously recorded in the space provided.
  11. You can press the Add button.

Try starting your game again to see if the issue has been repaired.

#3) Restart your Xbox and your router

You can resolve this problem by performing a power cycle on your router and Xbox console.

  1. Disconnect your router as well as your Xbox from the Internet.
  2. Wait five minutes after removing both devices’ power cords from the wall outlet.
  3. Then switch on the Xbox console and router, wait for the connection to be established, and turn them back off.
  4. It’s time to press the Xbox button and navigate to “Settings > Network > Network Settings,” and pick “Test Network Connection” to see if the error is fixed.

#4) Try a Different Cable

Try using a different network cable if you have one available. Follow these procedures to make sure the network cable is functioning correctly:

  1. Unplug the Xbox One console’s Ethernet cord from the networking equipment (router, modem, or gateway).
  2. The Xbox console and the networking gear should be connected using a different network wire.
  3. To begin testing your Xbox Live connection, follow the first three steps outlined.

#5) Use Different Port

If the above solutions don’t work, replace your cable or switch to a different Ethernet port. You can achieve this by following these steps:

  1. Unplug both ends of the Ethernet connection from your gaming console and modem.
  2. Make a new connection to your router or modem, then.
  3. Go to the settings by pressing the Menu button on your remote.
  4. Select the “Test Network Connection” option in the Network>Network Settings Windows menu.

#6) Verify the Ethernet Port

Testing the Ethernet port is the last resort for resolving the Xbox DHCP Error. To do so, you’ll need to adhere to the following steps.

  1. The first step is disconnecting the Ethernet cable that connects the console to the router.
  2. Remove the Ethernet cable that connects your PC and router/modem.
  3. You must connect the Ethernet cable you removed from your computer to your Xbox One console at this time.
  4. Finally, check whether the console is connected to Xbox Live or not by running a network test.

#7) DHCP Configuration – On/Off

By disabling and then re-enabled, Xbox can connect to the DHCP server in most circumstances.

To disable the DHCP server, follow these instructions.

  1. Press Windows + X on your keyboard and select Network Connections from the displayed menu.
  2. The Ethernet Properties window will be displayed due to pressing this key combination. Once the active network connection has been double-clicked, choose Properties from the menu that appears.
  3. Select “Properties” from the IPV 4 or 6.
  4. Select “Use the following IP address” from the menu.
  5. A subnet mask and an IP address can be assigned.

Note: You should restore the static IP configuration.

As soon as you assign the incorrect settings, it could result in a loss of internet service.

The DHCP Server can be activated by following these steps.

  1. Using your keyboard, press the Windows + X key combination and select the Network Connections option from the menu.
  2. It will bring up the Ethernet Properties pane on your computer’s display. Double-click on the active network connection, then select Properties from the context menu that appears.
  3. You can access properties by clicking on the Internet Protocol Version 4 or 6.
  4. You can select both of them: Automatically discover your IP address and the name of your DNS server. Tap the OK button once you’re finished.

After enabling the DHCP server, restart your PC to check that your configuration changes are applied.

#8) Your XBOX Console May Got Banned

Microsoft will permanently prohibit the Xbox One’s ability to connect to the Xbox network if it is subjected to a software update that modifies it.

There is no other choice but to contact the Xbox Enforcement support team and apologize for your actions. It is the only way to get Xbox to connect to the DHCP server.

#9) Get in touch with the official help desk

It’s hard enough to fix Xbox DHCP Error with the procedures listed above. It’s OK if it’s been fixed. Those users who are still unable to discover a solution will need to go elsewhere.

The official forums and authorized websites are the best places for additional advice. Visit a Microsoft Authorized Repair Center if you confirm that the Xbox One console has a problem.

Even if the issue persists, the best action is to contact the Xbox One Support Team for assistance.

FAQs – Xbox DHCP Error

What is a DHCP error on Xbox?

DHCP is part of your router and may be accessed over the web. A unique IP address is provided to each device connected to your home network. If another device on your Network is utilizing the same IP address as one of your consoles, your console will not be able to connect to the Internet.

What causes DHCP failure?

There are two possible causes of DHCP errors. The first reason is that a DHCP server can assign an IP address to your computer or device. Secondly, the DHCP server configuration itself is at blame.

Why is my Xbox not connecting to WiFi?

Make sure you disconnect your console’s network cable from its rear panel. If you notice debris in the Xbox console’s socket or the cable’s connector, you should clean them. Ensure that it clicks back into place before plugging it in again. Unplug your router, gateway, or modem by following the network cable.


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