How to Fix Xbox Wireless Controller Driver Error?

Xbox wireless controllers are among the best gaming accessories for your computer. Forza Horizon 5 is an excellent example of a racing game that benefits significantly from a mechanical keyboard. Microsoft also builds them, so they’ll work perfectly on your Windows PC unless you have an Xbox Wireless Controller Driver Error.

The problem with this driver appears out of nowhere, and Microsoft doesn’t offer a simple cure immediately away. However, with a few simple adjustments, you may quickly and easily fix this issue and begin using your attachment. We’ll be looking at the Wireless Controller Driver Error today. Let’s get started now that we know what to do.

Causes of Xbox Wireless Controller Driver Error

Xbox Accessories App is Out of Date or Corrupt

  • If the Xbox accessories app on a Windows machine is outdated or faulty, the Xbox controller may not work correctly.

Outdated & Incompatible Driver’s

  • Xbox controller issues may arise if the Xbox controller driver is out of current or incompatible with the operating system.

Chipset Driver Errors

  • The OS and motherboard rely on the chipset drivers to communicate correctly. Corrupted drivers may be to blame for the reported Xbox controller issue.

Incompatible or Outdated Controller Firmware

  • It is possible that the Xbox controller issue with Windows 11 can be caused by outdated or incompatible Xbox controller firmware.

How to Fix Xbox Wireless Controller Driver Error (Different Ways)

Fix Xbox Wireless Controller Driver Error

Here are a few simple procedures to follow to resolve the Xbox wireless controller driver error:

Use Wire to Plug Controller With PC

It is the first and most crucial step you must do. The driver will automatically recognize the controller as an approved Microsoft accessory rather than just another Bluetooth controller when connected and will force install the required driver with the most recent update when it is disconnected. 

Otherwise, if you are experiencing difficulties controlling the Xbox wireless controller, try using another USB cable that you might have. Specific USB cords have a data transfer rate restriction and do not provide enough power to your controller. 

It is recommended that you utilize the fastest USB port to locate the cause of the problem and come up with a solution.

Update USB drivers

Users have reported that if your Xbox One controller is giving you the message USB device is not recognized, and the problem is most likely with your USB controller driver. To resolve this issue, it is recommended that you visit your motherboard manufacturer’s website and download the most recent USB drivers for your motherboard.

However, if you require a foolproof method of updating all of your drivers to the most recent versions, you might consider using a third-party driver updater.

For example, the best one on the market now that you can use is DriverFix, a lightweight utility that not only updates your drivers but also fixes those that are faulty and fills in the gaps left by missing ones.

Download and install DriverFix, and it will begin scanning your system for outdated drivers as soon as it is launched for the first time.

After that, all you have to do is select the ones that need to be fixed and restart your computer so that the updated drivers may take effect, which is a simple process.

Update the Xbox One Controller Driver

To fix the Xbox Wireless Controller Driver Error, you can connect it to your computer using any USB cable and follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the Microsoft Store application on your computer.
  2. Look for “Xbox Accessories” in the search bar.
  3. Install the official app, which has an Analog-stick symbol on the home screen. Now launch the app with your controller plugged into it.
  4. It will cause your controller to appear in the app automatically.
  5. To make changes, click on “Update.”
  6. To ensure that your controller remains flat while taking place, place it on a flat surface.
  7. After that, remove the controller from any Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  8. Now, press the “sync” button to reconnect with your computer.
  9. To accomplish this, run a search for Bluetooth devices on your computer.
  10. Additionally, hold down the controller’s sync button (located near the bumper) for three seconds.
  11. The controller’s light will blink rapidly as the game progresses.
  12. Confirm the pairing on your PC by pressing the button.
  13. When you do this, the controller light will no longer blink and become more stable.
  14. You are now ready to proceed.

Run the Hardware and Devices troubleshooter

  1. To enter the Settings app, press the Windows Key + I at the same time.
  2. Navigate to the Update & Security section of the Settings app once it has been launched.
  3. Select Troubleshoot from the drop-down menu on the left-hand side of the screen.
  4. Select Hardware and Devices from the right-hand pane, and then click Run the troubleshooter.

An Xbox Wireless Controller Driver Error could be caused by a few small defects in the software. The Hardware and Devices troubleshooter may be able to help you if you’re experiencing one of these issues.

There are numerous troubleshooters available in Windows, each of which is meant to fix various issues automatically. After completing the troubleshooting step, re-evaluate the situation to see if the issue persists.

Fix Xbox Controller Driver Error by updating Windows OS

If the problem persists, try the methods listed below:

  1. Select “Windows” from the keyboard shortcuts.
  2. Enter “Update” in the text field.
  3. To see whether there have been any updates, click “Check for Updates.”
  4. Ensure you have the most recent update downloaded and installed.
  5. New controller drivers may necessitate a system upgrade to function correctly.
  6. Unplug the controller wire after restarting your PC.
  7. Try connecting to the Bluetooth again.
  8. This should take care of all of your driver’s difficulties.

Disable anti-virus, then reinstall this driver

If you’re using an anti-virus program, you may encounter issues with specific drivers and devices. You may want to turn off your anti-virus and reload the driver if you get a USB device not recognized notice while using an Xbox One controller.

You may even have to delete your anti-virus to fix this issue in rare circumstances. A different anti-virus program might be better if deleting the current one fixes the problem.

If you’re having trouble with corrupted repositories or missing Windows files, you may want to consult an expert. It’s possible that your system isn’t working as well as it should. A tool called Restoro may scan your computer and figure out where the problem is.

There is a wide range of effective anti-virus software available today, so take your time and carefully select one of the top anti-virus programs for Windows 10.

Therefore, it is recommended that you first document carefully consider your system’s protection needs before installing the most appropriate safeguarding tool.

Connect the controller again

It’s possible that the controller isn’t correctly associated with your PC if you get a USB device not recognized warning. Hit the pairing button on your adapter and then press the pairing button on your controller to cure this problem.

Contact the Support

Contact customer service if you can’t fix your Xbox Wireless Controller Driver Error right away. After logging in with your profile on the Xbox page, you can contact customer assistance instead of through Microsoft. It will make everything a lot easier to deal with. 

A variety of customer service representatives are available to walk you through resolving these problems, but let them know that the above methods have previously been tried so that they can move things along more quickly.

How do I uninstall a driver manually?

To remove a driver by hand, you must first locate the driver’s name you wish to remove. This information can be seen in Device Manager. Open a command prompt and type “driverquery” once you know the driver’s name. 

You can find a complete list of your computer’s drivers by running this command. Locate and note the name of the driver you wish to uninstall. Next, open up the Control Panel and select Programs and Features from the drop-down menu.

How can I re-download a controller driver?

Depending on your controller and operating system, you can accomplish this in several ways.

  1. If you’re using a wired Xbox 360 controller, you can get the driver from Microsoft’s website.
  2. You may get the driver for your wireless Xbox 360 controller from Microsoft’s website or the device’s manufacturer’s website.
  3. You can download PlayStation 3 controller drivers from Sony’s website if you own one.

FAQs – Xbox Wireless Controller Driver Error

Why does my Xbox controller have a driver error?

A corrupted or missing Xbox One Controller driver prevents the controller from working correctly on your PC. In this case, updating the controller driver may be an option. You can update the driver in one of two ways. You can use the device manager to manually download and install a new driver.

Why does it say driver error when I connect my controller?

When the controller doesn’t work at all, it might be frustrating. The most likely cause is a problem with the Bluetooth driver for the PlayStation 4. Re-pair your device can resolve this problem with your PC or third-party software.

How do I fix the Bluetooth controller error?

Windows Start > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Device Manager Right-click the Unknown Device and pick Update Driver from the context menu. If you already have a driver installed and wish to upgrade it. Using a right-click, pick Update Driver from the Bluetooth drop-down menu.


Hopefully, this guide has been of assistance to you in resolving the Xbox Wireless Controller Driver Error. If you require any additional help with this subject, don’t hesitate to contact Sony Support for more information.