How to Fix Outriders Internet Connection Error Xbox?

For some reason, Outriders servers have been unavailable to users due to an Outriders Internet Connection Error. As a result, you are unable to begin the game. You may lose your connection to the game’s server if it experiences a server outage. Take a look at the Out Riders Twitter feed for updates on server performance.

Some Outriders gamers encounter an error message stating that they cannot connect to the server. Those afflicted by this error message are unable to play as their character and cannot enter the game. It is a dreadful topic to bring up. And the ones who have to deal with it are enraged by it.

As a result of the bug, no one can play Outriders because they can’t get connected to the game server. Players will encounter a problem when attempting to connect. The PS5 and Xbox Series X appear to be affected by the problem when starting up from sleep mode.

So far, there have been many solutions to the Outriders Internet Connection Error Xbox that you can try.

Outrider Overview

Each character class in this free-to-play shooter has its own unique ability set. You’ll be armed with a wide variety of weaponry against your enemies. Even the character classes can be customized to your liking. Gunplay and skill utility were both balanced in this violent co-op.

To further explain, RPG traits and loot play a crucial part in gameplay. You can play it to learn more about the game, which is the entire first chapter of the game itself.

Major Causes of Outriders Internet Connection Error Xbox

A list of possible causes for this particular issue has been provided:

Server Issue

You’re experiencing this message because of a widespread problem with the worldwide servers of the game if you were previously able to play the game without any troubles. In this situation, all you can do is confirm the problem and wait for the developers to solve it remotely.

Temporary File Issue

Cache data from both Xbox and Playstation consoles may cause this error because network needs fail to owe to temporary data preserved during startup. It is a known issue. You’ll need to restart your Xbox or PlayStation to fix this problem.

No Connection Between Square Enix and Steam

As a Steam player, you must sync the account you use to play the game (the developer doesn’t explain) with your Square Enix ID. Many PC users have reported success in resolving the problem by linking their two accounts.

Level 3 Node ISP Roadblock

Game servers may fail to connect to your PC due to a Level 3 node that significantly affects latency and data packet exchange when using a terrible ISP. In this instance, a gaming VPN service can help alleviate the difficulty.

How to Fix Outriders Internet Connection Error Xbox

Fix Outriders Internet Connection Error Xbox

Many Outriders players have experienced problems with their internet connections, which is a shame. It’s become standard practice for new games to put gamers through hardship before rewarding them with an enjoyable experience. 

You can fix Outriders Internet Connection Error Xbox if you’re one of the many players facing this problem.

Check Xbox Live outage

You will need to log in to Xbox Live to participate in a multiplayer game. If the game server is experiencing problems, this could be the source of your server connection error. Here’s how to find out if the server is down.

There is a 5-minute time commitment required.

Reboot the System

Multiple game failures might be caused by a faulty system resulting from virus infection or other hardware or software problems. System performance is hampered by many programs and processes operating in the background. 

Therefore, it is essential to shut down all applications running in the background and restart your device to clear the system’s cache.

It cleans up your system’s memory and stops all background processes, giving your device a fresh start. With this simple update, you can now play the game without encountering issues, glitches, or bugs.

Power Cycle Your Console

If you’re experiencing this problem on a last-generation platform (Xbox One, Playstation 4) or a next-generation system (Xbox Series, Playstation 5), the first thing you should do is power cycling.

It could cause the ‘Could not connect to Outriders servers’ error if any temporary files related to the game are deleted.

A power cycle operation should solve the problem when trying to play the game on a Playstation or Xbox system.

If you’re using a console other than the one you’re now using, you’ll have to adapt the procedure accordingly.

Restart the Router

Connecting your Xbox via Wi-Fi or a cable connection to a network is required for online access. In some instances, restarting the network or modem the console is linked to will solve the problem. Unplug the router & wait for a minute before plugging it back in, and verify whether the problem still occurs.

Check Your Internet Connection

Outriders may not work smoothly if your internet connection is unreliable. To overcome the network issue, power off your modem and restart after 10 sec. It fixes the problem by restoring the signal and re-establishing the connection.

Another option is to turn off Wi-Fi on devices that are not in use or use a cable connection instead. Use a wired network connection because it provides a quick and long-lasting connection. All you need to use this plugin is an Ethernet wire connected to the appropriate port on your device.

Check your Xbox Live Gold subscription

It would help if you had an active Xbox Live Gold subscription to play online multiplayer games on your console. Only paid games will be affected by this; no free ones will.

  1. Use the Xbox button on your game controller to begin.
  2. Select your profile and system.
  3. Select Settings & Click on the provided link to activate the account.
  4. Choose Subscriptions from the drop-down menu.

Check if your Xbox Live Gold or Game Pass subscription is currently active.

Reinstall Outriders

Possibly a problem with the game’s downloaded files is affecting performance on the server-side. Remove the game from your computer and delete the downloaded files. Once the game has been uninstalled from the desktop, reinstall it to avoid the risk of a system problem being caused by a bug in the files.

You can fix outriders’ internet connection errors in any of these methods. Waiting patiently for the developers to repair the problem is all you can do if you’re unlucky.

Install Google DNS

Game servers cannot detect your IP address if your DNS service is too slow. Because it’s fast, dependable, and safe, switching to Google DNS may be the best solution. To use Google DNS, follow the following instructions:

  • Go to the Control Panel.
  • Navigate to the Network and Internet settings.
  • Do a DNS lookup to see what’s available.
  • Choose “Primary Tab” and enter “”.
  • If there is a secondary tab, enter
  • Save the configuration.
  • Reboot the router.

If you switch to Google DNS, you’ll have less issues with server connectivity.

Other Ways to Solve Outriders Internet Connection Error Xbox

You can try different fixes to see if you can make it work independently. Use your PC, Xbox, or PlayStation console to participate in the experience! There will be more bugs and faults in the demo as the game is released.

Players have reacted to server breakdowns and issues on several occasions. Gaming fans will go into a frenzy if Outriders suffer the same fate and the game goes down because of a server connection failure.

Since the game’s April 1 launch, Outriders fans and players worldwide have been experiencing connection troubles due to a variety of concerns, including the fact that the server has failed.

The latest Square Enix update has brought back a server reset. Square Enix promised a fix before the game launched after users and devs expressed disappointment at the incident.

Players on Consoles and Xboxes Are Affected by This Issue

More work is likely to improve the gaming experience over the following 48 hours after PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC were split up. Many outriders have been unable to participate in this sport tonight, and the hour is drawing closer.

People Flys loot shooter is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One X, Xbox Game Pass, and Google Stadia. Overwhelming numbers of players have put a strain on outriders. 

Several issues have surfaced since the game’s introduction, including login issues. While Square Enix hasn’t released any fresh details, it looks into how delivery issues impact game content.

Looter shooter Outriders is a new Square Enix game accessible on all platforms. Outriders, a new kind of marauder shooter RPG, officially launches today & some gamers are reporting issues with their Internet connection. Here’s how to connect the game to the server and fix the connection issue.

The Outriders: A Few More Details

Square Enix’s new marauder shooter, Outriders, currently holds the top spot on Steam’s popularity chart, indicating that the game’s servers are under heavy load. Outriders are a trademark of Square Enix and are pretty popular. 

Set new records, Outriders are on their way to becoming a household name. Since its release, the game has exploded in popularity, cementing its place as one of its most notable gaming launches.

However, connection and server troubles have overshadowed it since the beginning of the games. It’s become standard practice for upcoming games to put gamers through hardships rather than provide a seamless experience.

Installing the newest network drivers on your PC can help you fix the problem and get back to playing Outriders right away.

You can display error messages in the game if a virus or hardware/software issue corrupts the machine.

This game is vying for popularity, but that doesn’t mean it’s invincible. See the game’s official Twitter help if you run into an authentication error with OutRiders. The official solution outlines steps that must be followed quickly so that the loot can be found and shot.

FAQs – Outriders Internet Connection Error Xbox

Can’t connect to Outriders servers Xbox?

Outriders may not be able to connect to its server if the network adapter driver is out of date. You can try updating it to the newest version to fix this problem. Open Device Manager, expand Network adapters, and then select Update driver from the context menu that appears.

Why are Outriders not connecting to Internet?

A defective or out-of-date network adapter driver can lead to the “could not connect to Outriders servers” issue. Install the most recent network driver on your PC to fix the problem and enjoy Outriders without lag.

Why do I keep losing connection to host in Outriders?

An issue has been discovered in the game’s most recent update that causes players in other people’s parties to lose connectivity when they embark on an adventure.


When you get the Outriders Internet Connection Error Xbox, it can be an unpleasant experience. Hopefully, this method will assist you in resolving the issue.