How to Pause a PS4 Download Easy Guide

Sony’s PlayStation 4 is in trend in the market for many years and throughout that time has built out an image as the generation’s best gaming system. However, the PS4 is hampered, like some other gaming consoles, by the automated download of various goods and upgrades at the same time. Therefore, if you’ve recently purchased a game, there’s a good chance it’ll download slowly due to the PS4 downloading the 72 GB patch for Assassin’s Creed: Barnsley. 

Therefore, if you have purchased a new game but a previously installed game requires a 40 GB patch to play, it will be some time until you can enjoy a game. Fortunately, there is a technique for you to manage which items your PS4 downloads. Here’s How to Pause a PS4 Download?

Certain games, particularly PS4 games, may consume a significant amount of storage on a hard drive – space that you may like to save for other purposes. If you download a video game, tv program, or movie from the PlayStation Store, you can pause it for a short amount of time. 

Purpose of Pausing a Download

When you initiate an upload, your browser will do the standard file download, but it will also record the bytes downloaded and save them in a temporary file. If you select “pause,” the connection will be terminated immediately. However, because the browser is aware of the number of bytes downloaded when you click “resume,” it can request that the file download be resumed.

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Can PS4 Downloads Be Prioritized?

Follow these simple instructions to stop downloading on your PS4. By pausing a PS4 download, you can prioritize which games need to be updated or downloaded first. Additional stories are available on the Business Insider homepage.

Why Are PlayStation 4 Downloads So Extremely Slow?

Sony’s PlayStation 4, specifically the original 2014 edition, is infamous for its poor download speeds. It is not necessarily due to hardware failures; background software, Wi-Fi troubles, and other network problems all play a role.

How to Pause a PS4 Download?

  • Start PS4 by pressing the PlayStation button in the center of your controller, or navigate to the PlayStation menu if your system is already on.
  • By pressing up on the left analog stick or pushing up on the d-pad, select “Notifications” and press the X button.
  • Several notifications will appear – tap on the one that reads “Downloads.”
  • By pressing X on your controller to set up a new page and then X again to stop the download, you can select the download(s) you wish to pause.
How to Pause a PS4 Download
  • Your downloading can stop for the time being. If you’re ready to restart downloading that item, repeat the step above and resume the paused download.

It will take a few seconds for your download to restart, but this time it should start faster and indicate a reduced estimated download time. You may repeat this procedure several times, mainly if the speed fall occurs again. I hope now you have a clear view about How to Pause a PS4 Download?

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What Happens if You Pause Your Download on PS4 and Then Disconnect From Wifi?

The file will typically remain paused until you unpause it and establish a sufficient connection for the download.

Suppose you resume the download without a sufficient connection. In that case, it will either time out, or you will notice an exceptionally long download time, indicating that the reference is extremely slow or unstable.

If you have a good connection but keep the downloading paused, it will continue until the link is updated.

Alternatively, now and then, you’ll find yourself downloading from a server that does not enable users to pause the download for more than a moment and then resumes it, as well as that, is more appropriately known as a resumable download. When you unpause in this case, your download may unexpectedly time out or restart from the beginning. Fortunately, you can resume PlayStation networks downloads.

Does Pausing Downloads Cause Them to Get Corrupted?

Sleep/hibernation modes, halting the download, or performing excessive disc operations all have a negligible risk of inflicting such harm, but nothing that a Steam memory integrity check cannot fix. Run background checks after the game run once, and you will be OK.

Efficient Downloading of Data at Rest Mode 

Put your console into rest mode to expedite the download of games.” That is not a feature. It’s observational, although most people will agree that there is a considerable difference in download speeds when the console turns off versus when it is on. Rest mode seems to download games more quickly in the majority of cases.

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What Happens When a Download Is Pauses?

Pause it using the built-in Chrome feature, and hibernate the device. If the SERVER supplying the download permits resumed downloads, you should have no difficulty continuing the download after recovering from hibernation. Once the download pauses, there is no need to modify Chrome.

FAQs – How to Pause a PS4 Download?

Does PS4 Download Faster in Rest Mode?

You will use the PlayStation’s Rest mode to accelerate the download of games. It will conserve energy and increase speed at the same time. Because all other processing is disabled and just regular downloading is enabled, its downloading speed will increase.

Can a PS4 Overheat?

If the vents get obstructed or a short distance between the ducts and other items, your PS4 can overheat. Furthermore, the PS4 will overheat if there is a lot of dust within. If the temperature in your room exceeds 80 degrees, your PS4 may overheat.

How Can I Speed Up My Download on PS4?

The only way to increase copy speed on your PS4 is to add a quicker internal hard drive. Your best option is an SSD, typically speedier than conventional hard drives. However, regardless of how fast the drive in your PS4 is, you’re going to be dealing with copying.

How Long Should a PS4 Download Take?

According to the internet, Think Broadband, downloading next-gen PlayStation 4 games could take 50 hours. The site suggested a range of download times for a typical 50 GB PS4 title, with customers on a 2Mbps connection facing a 55-hour wait.


Sony’s PS4 is the most well-known gaming consoles. By pausing a PlayStation 4 download, you can specify which games should be updated or downloaded first. On the PS4, pausing downloading is a quick and straightforward process. I’m hoping that after reading this post, you’ll learn  How to Pause a PS4 Download?

If your PS4 appears to be running slowly during a significant update or new game download, you can use the pause/resume technique. Furthermore, Pausing and restarting downloads on the PS4 accelerates game downloads.

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