How to Import Music to PS4 SHAREfactory

SHAREfactory is a tool for editing Sony-licensed video. It was first incorporated directly in the PlayStation 4’s memory but was eventually made available free of charge via the PlayStation Store.

That’s the only software that enables you to edit game content directly from your PlayStation 4 console, using the authentic DualShock 4 controller. In today’s article, I’ll show you How to Import Music to PS4 SHAREfactory and how to use the application’s other capabilities to enhance the aesthetics of your video game.

There are numerous methods for customizing multimedia content, ranging from themes to stickers, webcams, and music. Additionally, you can share social media videos. In short, anyone who intends to record PS4 films utilizing the console’s native capabilities can reap substantial advantages from using SHAREfactory.

SHAREfactory And Its Functioning

SHAREfactory was created and developed by Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC Online Technology Group and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. The SHAREfactory app includes simple video editing tools and effects that enable you to share your best experiences in your unique style. Combine, personalize, and share your favorite gaming footage with ease using the PS4 Camera.

Add your narration, a soundtrack including tracks or your music, themes, stickers, text, and even a picture-in-picture movie. Once you’ve generated your perfect cut, you can upload it immediately to your Fb account or save it to a USB disc and share it with the world. SHAREfactory empowers you to share your most incredible moments with the world – and to enhance those moments even further.

2014 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. “PlayStation” and the “PS” Family logo are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., and so “PS4” and “SHARE FACTORY” are also trademarks.

SHAREfactory Folder Creation 

  • Create a folder called SHAREfactory within it, followed by a subdirectory called MUSIC, into which you drag the music tracks.
  • At this point, right-click a space in the folder and pick from the context menu the item new, followed by the binder.
  • As a result, rename the newly created folder SHAREfactory and confirm by clicking Enter / Intro.
  • Now, open the folder SHAREfactory by pressing the right mouse button and selecting the New> Folder option from the resulting menu.
  • To confirm, rename the folder MUSIC and hit Enter.
  • Once that is complete, copy the music songs you wish to import to SHAREfactory to the MUSIC folder on your external device.

The download of SHAREfactory to PS4

  • Obviously, the first step is to install the program on your PlayStation 4. If you’ve had your system for a while, you’re probably already familiar with the SHAREfactory symbol on the PS4’s main screen. In this instance, click it to launch the application.
  • If the symbol is not visible, all you need to do is launch the PlayStation Store shopping bag icon on the home screen, select the item Search, and type SHAREfactory into the search bar.

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  •  After that, choose the SHAREfactory icon from the list on the right and click the X button on the controller just upon the Download button.
  • The program will begin downloading, and PlayStation 4 will install it on its own. You’ll need a console linked to the Internet and a PlayStation Network accounts to download the application.
  • Now you must transfer the music that you will use in your SHAREfactory compilations to an external drive.

Import Options in SHAREfactory

The Import options in SHAREfactory require a different file format and shared folder to function correctly. Because the PS4 supports only FAT32 or exFAT file systems, discs cannot configure in NTFS. Additionally, dedicated folders for the imported music, films and photographs must construct on the USB device.

FAT32/exFAT are system file configurations that you can configure on desktop computers. Only USB drives formatted in specific file systems can be read by PS4 systems, which affects both the USB Media Player program and USB Import of SHAREfactory.

How to Import Music to PS4 SHAREfactory
  • Right-click the USB Drive in My Computer on any Windows PC.
  • Format Type
  • In the File System drop-down menu, select FAT32/exFAT.
  • Choose Start and wait for the procedure to run its course.
  • Create a new folder called “SHAREfactory” on the USB Drive’s root directory, followed by folders named “Music,” “Videos,” and “Images.” 
  • You should place any desired content in the appropriate folder.
  • Your USB Drive is now operational.

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Import Music From SHAREfactory to PS4

  • At this point, plug the external device into one of the USB ports on the PlayStation 4 and launch SHAREfactory by hitting the X button on the controller in the SHAREfactory icon on the central console screen.
  • Then pick IMPORT CONTENT or MUSICAL IMPORT; click on the text IMPORT FROM USB; click on the song you wish to import, and press the X button on the pad.
  • The system will display a special message after the import.

Import Video From SHAREfactory to PS4

  • To continue, navigate back to the SHAREfactory home screen and pick first Video > New Project.
  • Now, select a theme from the available options or download one from the PlayStation Store, using the voice new topics and press the pad’s X button on the video icon to assemble it.

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  • Then, to access the editor, click the Square the controller button and give your project a name.
  • After that, press the X pad button and pick the item ADD MUSIC. Then select the passage you wish to utilize and click the controller’s button X to insert it into the specified minute.

How Can You Edit Music Level?

  • You can navigate through the video using the touchpad controller. To adjust the music level, though, touch the pad’s Square button and pick the item EDIT MUSIC.
  • Once the project is complete, all that remains is to click the Options controller and select one item on the screen.
  • I recommend using the EXPORT TO GALLERY command to view the final product immediately in the console.

Can You Share Movies on Social Media From SHAREfactory on PS4?

  • While inside the application, you can also share your movie on social media by tapping the triangle button on the pad and following the on-screen instructions.
  • To save the final film to a USB storage device, navigate Settings> Storage memory> System storage memory, click the X in the article Capture gallery, and choose the l binder containing the video.
  • Finally, click the Options icon just above the video and choose the desired things. Copy to a USB storage device, then accept with a copy of y.

FAQs – How to Import Music to PS4 Sharefactory 

Is PS4 Sharefactory Music Copyrighted?

According to SHAREfactory’s license agreements, this should never result in a copyright strike. However, a small number of Music Tracks will preclude earnings and instead insert advertisements that benefit the content owner.

How Much Gb Is Sharefactory?

Budgets that are shared globally (5GB) To conserve HDD space and because the internal saved data is not distinctive to SHAREfactory, the program gives a fixed amount of data for user-created material (limited to 5GB total). As a result, this budget shares between numerous Users on the same console.

What Is Share Play PS4?

It enables a visitor to watch your screen for up to 60 minutes per session. If someone is stuck in a game or need to introduce a visitor to a game, Share Play enables you to give over your controller to a visitor who may play instead.

Can You Gameshare on PS4 Without Activating as Primary?

You may download as many games as you like from the library. Ensure that your companion does not enable his primary account on his PS4 during the download process. When the download is over, you can switch back to your primary account and resume playing the games.


Indeed, SHAREfactory enables users to perform all of the tasks necessary to generate high-quality content, from clip trimming to overlay customization. These capabilities are pretty simple to use and can master in a matter of minutes by obeying the on-screen instructions. 

SHAREfactory designs to be intuitive and self-explanatory. So in this situation, you have to know  How to Import Music to PS4 Sharefactory? To view a complete user while inside the operator, click the Options button on the pad. In short, you should have no issues with this application.

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