How to Buy Avatars on PS4 Easy Guide

The PlayStation 4 firmware version 8.00 includes a pleasant little surprise of new PlayStation Network avatars. The stunning 71 avatars are accessible for free, allowing you to customize your profile completely. If you see someone that appeals to you, visit and modify your avatar from there.

Whenever it relates to your PlayStation 4 public profile, your avatar is one of the first aspects other gamers will notice when you log in to PlayStation Network. Fortunately, PlayStation enables you to flip out avatars as desired, making it quite simple to do so if you purchase or receive new avatars. So, here we will discuss How to Buy Avatars on PS4?

Sony has updated the PlayStation Network with a slew of new character-centric avatars, all of which are available for free. Navigate to account management on your console and look under the avatar section for all updated images—Miles Morales from Marvel’s Spider-Man, Horizon Forbidden West, Sackboy. A Big Adventure, Returnal, and even Demon’s Souls have all includes as avatars.

Visit Avatar Selection Page

To update your PS4 avatar, navigate to the avatar selection page. There are two methods for accomplishing this:

  • Select Settings > Account Management > Account Information > Profile > Avatar from the menu bar.
  • Alternatively, you can navigate to Profile >… > Edit Profile > Avatar.

As you will see, choice 2 is the more sensible alternative, but both function. Once there, you can choose from a variety of avatars in several categories. Then, confirm your decision on an avatar. So, here we will discuss 

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Purchase Avatars From the Playstation Store 

Now we will discuss How to Buy Avatars on PS4? PS4 owners, rejoice: the PlayStation Store now sells avatars. This announcement follows the PS4’s newest firmware update, 3.10, which can follow official accounts and new stickers for customizing messages.

Additionally, users can follow individual game designers, directors, developers, corporations, site administrators, and series accounts, with developments appearing in their Profile, What’s New, and Friends lists.

Can We Use Our Avatars on the PS4?

You cannot build a custom PS4 avatar. You can create a personalized profile picture, but it will be seen only to you and those who grant access to your real name. You cannot create custom profile images on the console; they must create using the PlayStation app. This app is used with both Android and iOS devices.

How to Change Custom Avatars on the Playstation 4?

To learn how to update custom avatars on PlayStation 4, follow the steps outlined below:

How to Buy Avatars on PS4
  • Open the app and sign in using your PSN account.
  • On the lower right, tap the account symbol, and there will be a silhouette of a person.
  • Select “Edit Profile.”
  • In the drop-down box, select “Change Profile Picture.”
  • Click “Change Picture.”
  • Select and modify an image.
  • Click “Save.”
  • Select “Yes.”

Once you know what to do, customizing your PS4 profile image is simple. Additionally, it’s satisfying to see yourself symbolized by a picture of your creation. The Xbox experience is more rewarding since the result is an image visible to everyone. PlayStation is not yet there, and Sony must quickly catch up.

Change PS4 Avatar on Phone

If you want to update your PS4 profile avatar and are not near your console, you may do it using the PS App on your phone, which is also convenient if you want to utilize PlayStation Messaging.

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To do so, navigate to the Game portion of the PlayStation App, press your profile, click Edit Profile (a sign-in page may appear), and then pick Edit in the Avatar section. Select the avatar you’d want to use and click Yes. It should update your PS4 profile avatar automatically.

Change PS4 Avatar on Computer

Additionally, you can alter your PS4 profile avatar using your computer. Log in to your PSN account on the PlayStation website, click on your account icon, select Account Settings, Profile, and Edit in the Avatar section. After selecting and validating your avatar, you’re ready to go.

Similar to your phone, your Playstation 4 profile avatar will change automatically.

How to Get Free Avatars?

Sony has updated the PlayStation website, including new features such as a library for purchased PS4 games. This update also offers a new set of avatars.

If you’ve not changed your avatar, let’s get these free avatars. The new avatars’ design is circular, corresponding to an earlier revelation of the PS5’s cold boot, which also revealed the console’s UI.

If you’ve not signed into your authorized PlayStation account on PC yet, you may be required to follow Sony’s new adjustments. To access the latest free avatars, visit the My PlayStation website.

Once there, in the upper right corner, click on your profile and then on Account Settings. Suppose you’ve not entered into the website in quite some time. In that case, you may ask to enter your username and password, and the website will then present you with a new batch of recommendations and options for personalized offers of avatars and more.

How to Get Premium PS4 Profile Avatars?

Premium avatars are available for purchase via the PS Store on your PS4.

  • Select Add-ons, then Avatars, from the PlayStation Store.
  • Here, you can browse premium avatars and purchase those that grab your attention. 
  • Any paid avatars will have their section under Premium Avatars on the avatar choosing page.

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Which Avatar Is the Most Expensive?

The Golden Prince avatar is now the most costly on the PlayStation Store; the Luxurious Life avatar, which costs $19.99, is the next most expensive. It costs more than the whole State of Anarchy: Master of Mayhem game, which is presently available on the PlayStation Store for just $7.99.

FAQs – How to Buy Avatars on PS4?

Why Won’t My PS4 Let Me Activate as Primary?

“PS4 activation error” could be the result of a licensing bug. Additionally, the issue may show if you change the account to primary or activate or deactivate the account. To resolve the problem, attempt to update the user account settings. Then return to the game and reinstall licenses.

How Many Times Can You Gameshare PS4?

you can download a game, you can play only two games simultaneously: one is on your primary process and one on a secondary console that you must log into. Additionally, Sony stated that you’d be able to choose which PS4 is your primary system if necessary.

What Does Activating as a Primary PS4 Do?

Utilize your account to activate your PS4TM system as your primary system. Your PS4TM system can immediately download material that you’ve pre-ordered or purchased via the (PlayStation App). You can use Controller Play on another device to connect to your PS4TM system via the Internet.

How Do I Change My PSN Avatar?

Log in to your PSN account on the PlayStation website, click on your account icon, pick Account Settings, profile, and edit in the Avatar section. After selecting and validating your avatar, you’re ready to go. Similar to the smartphone, your PS4 profile avatar will automatically update.


It’s a quick and straightforward process to update your PS4 profile avatar and add new ones to your collection. You can customize Avatars via the PlayStation app. You may also update your PS4 avatar via your phone or computer.

Additionally, you can obtain free avatars, which give your character a unique and individualized appearance. I hope this information assisted you in determining How to Buy Avatars on PS4? You may purchase PlayStation 4 avatars through the PlayStation Store.

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