How to Fix Overwatch Game Chat Xbox? Easy Guide

Overwatch, like any other online game, relies heavily on team communication. When given the appropriate instructions, chatting with your teammates can significantly impact the outcome of a game. 

If nothing else, it’s a great opportunity to meet new people and mingle. It doesn’t matter your motive for using voice chat; it’s a pain when you can’t. So let’s look at How to Fix Overwatch Game Chat Xbox in this article.

An Overview of the Issue

Right now, we have a huge selection of video games ranging from shooting to action to adventure to detective. Thanks to the game’s compatibility option, we can play the game on any of our devices or consoles.

There are several such cooperative first-person shooter video games available today, one of which is called Overwatch. Developed and distributed by Blizzard Entertainment in 2015

This first-person shooter is playable on various platforms, including Windows, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PS4. Multiple people can play this first-person shooter at the same time.

This game’s creators used cutting-edge effects, visuals, and functionality to create it. We can communicate with our teammate’s in-game using voice chat while playing Overwatch.

While playing, the voice chat may not function properly. It annoys us greatly in some circumstances. Restarting the computer and the game may fix the issue in certain cases.

Listed below are the causes of the Overwatch Voice Chat Not Working issue.

  • Your Xbox other programs may interfere with your gaming experience.
  • Incorrect firewall or router settings can potentially create this problem.
  • Out-of-date Audio Software
  • Voice chat is disabled if Parental Controls are enabled, so you cannot use it at all.
  • To tell if it is working or not, you must silence the voice.
  • Additional Device Controls or Components
  • You can activate Overwatch’s Exclusive Mode due to a damaged microphone and faulty audio settings.

Because of all of the factors mentioned above, many consumers have encountered this issue. Scroll down and look at the parts below to see how you can repair them.

How to Fix Overwatch Game Chat Xbox & PC

how to fix overwatch game chat xbox

Check to see whether you’ve been penalized in-game before attempting these repairs. The voice chat will be unavailable to you if you have a penalty. This list of remedies can help you get voice chat operating if that’s not the case. It’s up to you how many or how few of these methods you choose to use.

#1) Please ask your parents if the voice chat has been disabled, and if so, ask them to turn it back on.

#2) Verify the sound quality of your headset or microphone by doing the following test: It’s possible that your hardware is to blame for the issue rather than the game itself. Try it with the same hardware to see if it works on another device. You could use the same hardware to play another game to see if the problem is specific to Overwatch.

#3) Plug out your headset and put it back in again: To fix a connection that isn’t quite right, plug it in and remove it.

#4) Play around with the options in-game: If your hardware and the game are running perfectly, it’s possible that you didn’t enable voice chat. Follow these procedures to see if your settings are correct:

  • Tap Sound in the options menu.
  • Ensure that both the Group Voice Chat and the Team Voice Chat are set to Auto-Join mode.

#5) In some cases, Overwatch won’t work properly with a Bluetooth device, so be sure to change the default device. As a result, be sure that Windows has selected your default device.

#6) You can reset in-game settings to their default values: Changing your settings back to default might sometimes cure the problem.

#7) In many cases, outdated OS and device drivers might cause problems. Keeping them up-to-date will ensure that your game runs well on the most recent version.

#8) When everything else fails, simply restarting a game can be a lifesaver.

#9) Reboot your system: Even though this tactic has been around for ages, it still works like a charm.

Other Method: The Audio Driver Must Be Updated

Audio drivers may be the source of the problem. Is the audio driver you’re using up to date? If so, that could be the problem.

As a result, a new audio driver must be installed. It is how you do it:

  • To begin, you’ll need to set up a computer with a driver update utility. You should install bit Driver Updater.
  • Scan for driver updates after you have installed the software.
  • Upon completion of the scan, choose the audio driver and click on the “update now” option.”

You can use any software you like to upgrade your audio driver; I only suggested one.

FAQs – How to Fix Overwatch Game Chat Xbox

Why is my Overwatch game chat not working on Xbox?

Check to see if you’ve been muted. Disconnect or turn off any additional console controls you might have plugged in. Restore any button mapping to its original state. If you’re under 18, make sure your PSN or Xbox Live account isn’t limited.

Why is my Overwatch team chat not working?

Click Sound in the Options menu after opening Overwatch. To hear clearly, turn up the volume on your headphones or speakers. Set “TEAM VOICE CHAT” and “GROUP VOICE CHAT” to AUTO JOIN so that you can participate in the conversation. Please select the appropriate devices for VOICE CHAT DEVICES and set them as defaults, or select the device you want to use instead.

How do I unmute my mic in Overwatch Xbox one?

You can mute or unmute a player by clicking the speaker icon next to them. Selecting the microphone symbol next to your name will mute your voice.

What is squelch chat now?

During the game, any text entered by the player will be ignored by Squelch Chat. For the game’s duration, you will mute the sound of the player’s voice. If you choose Block, you will add the player to your Block List.

How do you use Push-to-Talk on Xbox Overwatch?

Console owners, take heart! You can now chat with your friends using Voice Chat by pressing a button. To improve your team’s communication ability, this is an excellent modification to make to your quality of life. To use it, go to the settings page and look for it near the bottom.


To summarise, this guide can help Overwatch gamers experiencing problems with their voice chat not working. Using voice chat, the players in the team can discuss the game’s mechanics and strategy.

They can use any of the ways outlined in this article if they cannot communicate because of this problem. Readers who have more solutions for How to Fix Overwatch Game Chat Xbox are encouraged to share their knowledge.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask them in the space provided below. Thanks for reading and maybe fixing the error.

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