How to Use USB Headset on Xbox 360? Step by Step

Connectivity on the Xbox 360 is provided by wireless technology. One of the many features of the Xbox 360 is the controller, which contains several buttons for various functions. Two AA batteries and an AC power adaptor are needed to run this device. With this purchase, you won’t have to buy a separate headset.

Now that you’re familiar with Xboxes, let’s talk about How to Use USB Headset on Xbox 360. Let me explain what a USB microphone is first if you’ve never heard of it.

Is it possible to use a USB headset with Xbox 360?

Yes, that is the simple solution to your query. Even while it is possible to utilize a USB headset with the Xbox 360, it is limited in its compatibility.

Even while we’d love to get our hands on one of those Xbox 360 headsets, the price tag is prohibitive. If that happens, you can use high-quality gaming headsets from third-party manufacturers. 

Yes, several USB headsets are compatible with the Xbox 360 that you may purchase from third-party vendors. Look around for a brand that fits your demands and budget.

Xbox 360 headsets are getting better and better as more companies enter the market. Focus on making a decision is all you need to do. Keep in mind that you must consider their physical attributes and technical specifications. Consider the cost while making a decision.

Third-party headsets may require you to learn How to Use USB Headset on Xbox 360 if you decide to purchase one. On the Xbox 360, how do you use a USB headset? Is it possible to play Xbox 360 with a USB headset? Let’s have a look at it all.

How to Use USB Headset on Xbox 360

How to Use USB Headset on Xbox 360

If you’ve already spent a lot of money on a high-quality headset, we can’t see the point in replacing it. The Xbox’s soundtrack can be appreciated and enjoyed as well. 

While the Xbox 360-specific headsets offer more functionality, it’s better to stick with what you’ve already got. This article will show you how to use USB headset on Xbox 360.

For those of you who have the most recent version of the Xbox controller, you’ll notice that the bottom side has a 3.5mm jack. You can connect your headphones in here. 

The Xbox controller from the first generation does not have an adaptor; therefore, you’re out of luck. You’ll need a Stereo Adapter if you’re using an Xbox 360 controller from the first generation. The controller’s adapter port is located at the bottom. 

The volume control, mute button, and audio mix adjustment are all included. Those who lack an adaptor may not have access to external audio controls.

Check out the sound on the console. It will be accessible from the Xbox 360’s dashboard. Following these steps will help you locate and use the audio controls.

  • On the controller, press the Xbox button.
  • Use your mouse to locate the speaker icon on the screen.
  • Button A can be found here. Listen to the audio by clicking the play button at the bottom of this page. You can adjust your headphones’ volume here.

How to Connect Wired Headphones to Xbox 360

You must take steps if you want to use a USB headset with your Xbox 360. You can answer this question in one word: No. Xbox 360 does not support USB headsets. Users of Xbox 360 cannot use USB headsets connected through a cable. 

A headset with a 3.5mm jack is required. Choose an Xbox 360-compatible headphone when purchasing a headset. The Xbox logo will appear on the package for your peace of mind.

How to Connect Wireless Headphones to Xbox 360

Bluetooth-enabled headsets for Xbox 360 are tough to come by because the console lacks actual Bluetooth capabilities (you cannot connect an Xbox 360 Bluetooth headset, for example). 

While adapters and workarounds have improved recently, there is optimism that Scorpio, the next console, may reverse this trend. For the time being, this is all you need to know.

Attached to the controller with a rope or other cord

Step 1:

A tether is required primarily for audio transmission with most current Xbox 360-compatible wireless headsets, so you’ll have one wireless connection for audio-in and another tethered connection for audio out. 

A complete controller adapter can also be used, allowing audio to be routed entirely through the controller. So make sure you have both a 3.5mm jack tether cable and a USB attachment or stick for your wireless connection. Xbox 360 with controller plugged in turned on.

Step 2:

Connect your USB port to your headset and pair it. The USB connection or the wireless headset should have a pairing command button so that the two can be successfully connected. We’ll repeat it: be sure you know where the volume and mute buttons are. 

To get your headset operating, start listening to some audio content and play about with the controls on the headset. You can proceed to step 3 after skipping this one for those who already have an adaptor.

Step 3:

Use a complete adapter or the 3.5mm port on your Xbox 360 controller to connect your tethering cable. To begin, check to see if your microphone is correctly set up. 

To see how well it works, try chatting with your pals or recording an audio message for yourself and listening back afterward. The purpose is to ensure that your Xbox 360 headset connection takes up your audio through the controller.


The batteries on your controller may be going low. Careful! It’s not uncommon for tethered wireless headsets to dislike being linked to controllers while they’re charging. 

Disconnect the headset and use a controller with a fully charged battery to recharge. Audio problems or even disconnections may result if you don’t.

How do you use a headset on Xbox 360?

What If Your USB Headset Are Not Supported?

It is a problem that many gamers have to deal with. There is a problem with their Xbox 360 USB headsets. In this instance, you have a choice between two options. One of the requirements is to purchase a gaming USB headset compatible with the Xbox 360.

You may also get a 3.5mm-compatible headset for gaming. Once you have that, you’ll need a stereo adapter for your Xbox 360. You will connect your headphones to the Xbox 360 controller in no time. 

Additionally, you’ll be able to adjust the chat volume without having to use your hand’s thanks to this adaptor. You can use it to make your game experience more enjoyable.

It would help compare the pricing of a gaming USB headset for the console with a standard gaming headset and the adapter. After that, pick the one you think will give you the most long-term value while also within your current budget.

You can use the Xbox 360 with your USB headphones. To ensure that your headset is compatible with the Xbox 360, it’s essential to remember that it must be a gaming headset and be specifically designed for the system. That’s all there is to it. 

The drawback of Using a USB headset with an Xbox 360

Consider several advantages and downsides when using a USB headset with Xbox 360. The major drawback is the delay. You will ruin the gaming experience if the lag between what you hear and your game replies are too great on your USB headset.

USB headset compatibility is also a significant concern. USB headsets work for the Xbox 360, and USB headsets don’t work. If your USB headset does not work with an HDMI-to-headphone jack converter, there may be no other choice.

If you’re shopping for an Xbox 360 USB headphone adapter, be sure it offers a pass-through for the controller. You can use a USB headset simultaneously on an Xbox 360 and a PC.

FAQs – How to Use USB Headset on Xbox 360

Can you use a regular headset for Xbox 360?

To communicate with pals on Xbox Live, you can utilize a wireless or a wired headset connected to your Xbox 360 system. Note: You may speak and interact with others using the Kinect sensor’s microphone. If you have a Kinect sensor, you may be able to use it instead of a headset to chat with pals on Xbox Live.

Can you use USB for audio on Xbox?

Because Xbox doesn’t support regular USB audio, getting a chat to operate requires a particular setup. Connect the Xbox’s S/PDIF optical audio cable to the GameDAC. It provides the audio for your game (including surround sound).

Does the USB headset work on Xbox Series S?

The Xbox Series X and Series S aren’t compatible with Bluetooth headsets or headphones, which is a bummer. Plugging in wireless headphones using a USB dongle will continue to work on the console.

Why does the USB headset not work on Xbox?

It’s because the console is equipped with custom-designed communication chips from Microsoft. These chips only allow USB devices compatible with the console to be plugged in and only those consistent with the console. Your USB headset won’t operate if it doesn’t meet these requirements.


To save money, you might use your Xbox 360 headphones, but if that were the case, you would have bought a better pair of headphones in the first place. 

However, there are a few things to be aware of about the Xbox 360 headphones compatible with them. You can use any wired headphones; however, the 3.5mm connector is required. Using headphones that are compatible with your device is a no-brainer. It’s because Microsoft’s headsets require a unique USB chip. 

Furthermore, these chips aren’t found in our standard USB headsets. Regarding Xbox 360 microphone recommendations, we recommend AT&T and Blue Snowball headsets because of the superior services. Now I hope that the above article on How to Use USB Headset on Xbox 360 will be possibly helpful for you.