How to Delete Messages on Ps4 Simple Guide

Hey! you want to know “How to Delete Messages on Ps4“. Don’t worry; here in this article, I will explain anything related to this topic. The Ps4 is the most widely used gaming console, with sales expected to reach 114.9 million copies by November 2020. As good as the PS4 is as a gaming device, the social side of the experience makes it whole. 

Apart from being able to play games & enjoy your media, you can also communicate with your friends, share screenshots and other media with them, and even stream live gameplay to them.

It’s not as excellent as a social media site, but it’s decent enough for rapid sharing and a few words back and forth. In addition, they do let you do all of the functions of a standard chat program.

In this article, we’ll look at how to delete messages on PS4.

Are PS4 messages protected from prying eyes?

Transmission of PS4 chat messages is protected by Transport Layer Security (TLS), a suite of protocols (formerly known as SSL) that employs the AES256-CBC symmetric cipher and 2048-bit asymmetric RSA keys to encrypt communications.

Even though both of these are deemed unbreakable, there is a caveat. You can see, PS4 utilizes TLS v1.0, a less secure protocol version. As a result, even while your communications are quite adequately encrypted, you should not assume that they are safe from government agencies that wish to snoop around and have a look at your conversations.

How to Delete Messages on Ps4

So while you can’t erase individual messages, the PS4 interface allows you to remove discussions termed departing. Messaging on the PS4 occurs organically in groups of 2 to 99 players with messages of up to 512 characters.

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When you exit a discussion, the conversation is destroyed and does not appear in your messages. However, be aware that if you start a chat with the same person as deleted messages, these messages will show again on the network servers on Playstation.

Here are the actions that you must take.

  1. Initially, Startup your PlayStation 4 gaming system.
  2. Navigate to the Messaging area of the PlayStation 4.
  3. Select all of the messages that you want to delete from this screen using the PS4 controller.
  4. On your PlayStation 4 controller, select the Options tab.
  5. In the choices tab, press the Enter key on the Leave button.
  6. A confirmation pop-up will display to confirm your deletion.
  7. Select the option to Leave again.
  8. As soon as you click on it, you will delete all the messages.

Concerning the deletion of messages from the PS4

The practice of going through each message and deleting it was commonplace for individuals who arrived from older Sony devices such as the Playstation 3 or Playstation Vita. It was because you recorded the messages on each device. 

On the Playstation 4, the system operates in a slightly different manner. Even though messages appear on the device, they are saved on a Sony server, making it impossible to erase messages from the device permanently. Instead, we must select the option to “leave” a chat to prevent that information from being seen again.

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If you exchange messages with someone and then choose to “leave” that discussion, the system will remember everything that happened between you and that person the next time you communicate with them.

How to send a message on your PS4

When playing on the PlayStation 4, you can initiate a conversation by following the steps outlined below –

  • Make use of your PlayStation 4 controller.
  • Go back to the messages section here as well.
  • On the messages screen, select the option to “Create or compose message” from the dropdown menu.
  • Now, immediately after clicking on it, select all of the individuals with whom you wish to communicate.
  • Fill in the blanks with your message, and then click on the “send button.”
  • You will send the message as soon as you click on it.
  • And then you’re finished. 

How do you recover deleted texts on a PlayStation 4?

If you see that a message has been erased unintentionally, don’t be concerned.

  • Because you can quickly regain them.
  • Because all deleted texts are permanently stored in the trash.
  • As with emails, they can be re-arranged at any point in the future.
  • All you have to do is utilize the controller that came with your PS4.
  • Toss the item in the garbage.
  • You will find several folders in the trash folder.
  • Select the desired one and check all of the checkboxes next to the messages you want to receive in return.
  • Then select the Move to inbox option, & It will complete the process.
  • Isn’t it straightforward? It will complete the process.

PlayStation 4

PlayStation4 is a popular video game console that Sony computer entertainment produced and introduced. It was published in 2013 as an update to PlayStation 3. 

It was launched in North America and Europe in November 2013, in South America and Australia, and found in Japan throughout 2014 in February 2013. 

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Since its release, Nintendo’s Wii U and Switch have been competitive in popular gaming consoles such as Microsoft Xbox One.

FAQs – How to Delete Messages on Ps4

Can you hide messages on PS4?

Select “Personal Information/Messaging” in privacy settings. Choose “Messages.” Set “Messages” just or no one to Friends. Make sure your configuration is modified, and you’re done.

How do you delete history on PS4?

Select [Browsing History] from the dropdown menu after pressing the OPTIONS button. Next, choose the page from your browsing history that you want to open. The most recent 100 pages are the only ones that are preserved. After tapping the OPTIONS button, you can erase pages by selecting [Clear Browsing History] from the dropdown menu on the browsing history list screen.

How do you make your messages private on PSN?

Select Settings > Account Management > Privacy Settings from the drop-down menu. > Please enter your password. Change the Messages to Friends (if you trust them) or No One in your Personal Info | Messaging section of the menu bar.


It’s all about “How to Delete Messages on Ps4” The procedure above is the sole working method to date. As soon as we receive new information, we will post it on this website. So stay tuned to us until then and continue reading.

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