How to Connect Ps4 to Hotel Wifi?

More and more PS Players are traveling with their play consoles, which can bring many issues for the front desk supervisors. To install a PS4, Nintendo Switch, or Xbox on a new wifi network – especially password-protected – is never as easy as it might appear. 

However, considering the popularity of gaming consoles with Gen Z and Millennial travelers, your crew will have to perfect this technique to fulfill guest expectations.

This guide will include How to Connect Ps4 to Hotel Wifi (or, if that fails, an alternative internet connection). PS4 is the market’s most popular game system, with more than 91 million sales by the end of 2019.  

We will also give ideas for titles to add to the gaming library of your hotel for guests to borrow during their stay. See our guides on Nintendo Switch and Xbox for more consoles.

Step by Step: How to Connect Ps4 to Hotel Wifi 

You may not have had the opportunity to ask the front desk if your gadget is connected to the entertainment system in the room and wifi if there is a contactless check-in process at the hotel. This video is an excellent way of helping you How to Connect Ps4 to Hotel Wifi.

  1. Start by turning on your PlayStation 4.
  2. Click the Toolbox symbol in the options menu after scrolling over to it.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and pick Network from the drop-down menu.
  4. In this menu, select the option for Setting Up Internet Connection.
  5. Select the Use wifi option from the drop-down menu on the screen.
  6. Choose the most straightforward option. You can do custom work if you know what you’re doing, but the simple option is, well, more straightforward.
  7. Choose the name of your hotel’s wifi network. In most cases, you can find this information on the package that contains your keys.
  8. After the PlayStation has completed its tasks, a message will appear stating that the internet configuration has been stored. Select the button that says “Test Internet Connection” from this menu.
  9. Don’t be alarmed if the internet connection check indicates a failure. To correct the problem, select the Details option.
  10. Click on the Suggested Actions button to proceed with the process.
  11. You should now pick the View Status of the PlayStation Network Services button to open a web browser window, which will display the current status of the PlayStation Network Services.
  12. In some cases, it may inform you that you could not validate the security of the page. If this is the case, select Yes to proceed to the next page.
  13. It will now present you with a browser window with the sign-in information for your hotel. Enter the information requested and click the “Connect” button. 
  14. Press the Back button twice more times to return to the network screen when successfully connected.
  15. To double-check that what you performed was successful, scroll down to and click Test Internet Connection.
  16. If everything went according to plan, you should see this screen with the word successful written across the top.

Even though this is a little complicated, it is not challenging. Even from the comfort of your hotel room, you may be prepared for a gaming session in a short amount of time.

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Of course, hotel wifi is usually wrong, so you may not always have a strong connection, but anything is always preferable to having nothing throughout your trip.

Troubleshooting the PlayStation 4 over wifi

If your guest is still having trouble connecting, there are a couple of methods that users on Reddit have suggested as possible alternatives to try. But, first, consider one of the following alternatives.

Connect Your Playstation 4 to the Hotel Wifi via Custom Settings

Using a custom DNS server, one person on Reddit suggested a means for connecting to the service. Here’s how to go about it:

Follow the procedures outlined above to browse “Set Up Internet Connection” and select the option to use wifi as your internet connection.

  1. Instead of selecting “Easy,” choose “Custom.”
  2. Choose a hotel network from the drop-down menu.
  3. Input the wifi network password if you have one (which may be automatically saved if you have previously tried to connect)
  4. IP address configuration is automatic.
  5. DCHP’s hostname is not to be used.
  6. DNS Configuration: Manual
  7. LAN: Local Area Network
  8. Custom IP Address Configuration: Autonomous
  9. Do not use the DHCP hostname.
  10. DNS Configuration: Manual
  11. Then, from there, type in the primary DNS address, which is “”.
  12. Enter “” as the secondary DNS address.
  13. Click on the Next button.
  14. MTU Configuration: Automatic
  15. Use of a proxy server is not recommended.
  16. After that, check your internet connection to determine if your configurations were successful.

If the preceding DNS servers cannot address the issue, the Redditor suggests that the following DNS servers be used: primary DNS: and secondary DNS:

Connecting the Ps4 to a Network via Wired Ethernet

Some hotels connect each room’s television to the internet via an ethernet connection. Instruct your guest to locate the ethernet cable located at the back of the tv and connect their PlayStation 4 console to it. The following is a typical image of what an ethernet cable looks like:

Connecting a Playstation 4 to a Hotel’s Wifi Network Using a Third-party Hotspot

How to Connect Ps4 to Hotel Wifi

If they are traveling with their smartphone or laptop, it is possible that your guest can connect using a third-party internet hotspot as an absolute last resort. 

However, this option has a minor increase in complexity because guests will be required to utilize a program called Connectify – it is a free virtual router that allows you to share your laptop’s wifi connection with other devices.

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Once the guest’s laptop has been successfully linked to your property’s internet, instruct the guest to try the following procedure for connecting their PlayStation 4:

  1. Connect the PlayStation 4 console to the television.
  2. Turn on the PlayStation 4 console.
  3. Follow this tutorial to learn how to connect your PlayStation 4 to your Connectify. You’ll need to be prepared with your SSID and password when you do this.
  4. Share your hotel internet connection with your PS4 so that you may both connect.

FAQs – How to Connect Ps4 to Hotel Wifi

How do I connect my PS4 to the hotel WIFI SSL?

#1) Restart the modem/router if necessary.
#2) You should enable consistent NAT (Network address translation)
#3) SSL Control should be disabled.
#4) HTTP is being used instead of HTTPS.
#5) In Safe Mode, you can update the firmware version.
#6) Change the default domain name server (DNS).
#7) PS4 Hard Reset Instructions 

What is proxy server for ps4?

A proxy server is a middleman who sits between a user and the information they want to access from a source. Offering this service to Ps4 consumers to ensure that their gaming experience is uninterrupted by connection lags is what a proxy server Ps4 is all about.

How do you unblock wifi on PS4?

#1) On your PlayStation 4, start by going into the settings menu…
#2) Then, pick Network from the drop-down menu.
#3) You want to choose the option to set up an internet connection.
#4) You wish to make a custom selection.
#5) You will now need to choose how your PS4 will connect to the internet going forward.
#6) Make sure that your IP address is set to “automatic” mode.

Why are Bluetooth devices not supported by PS4?

What caused Sony to discontinue support for Bluetooth devices on the PS4? It is because A2DP will be lagged by 100-200ms, which will cause things to seem strange while you are using such devices. As a result, you will be unable to link most Bluetooth devices with the PS4.

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