Half-Life 2 VR Public Beta Announced Date With Trailer

Half-Life 2 VR, a community-made version of Valve’s famous PC shooter from 2004, is set to launch its public beta in September.

The beta release date was announced in a post on the mod’s website, with the creators joking that “This September” refers to the current month. 

The mod has been displayed in its various unfinished forms for nearly a decade. The most recent report, from April of this year, was, nonetheless encouraging. 

New gameplay was shown, along with an explanation of how significant rework on the project has recently slowed progress. The mod will be available to a broader audience in a beta form very soon. 

According to the developers, “The game as it is presently can be finished from start to finish and is also entertaining. And we wish to allow you to experience it for yourselves after receiving overwhelming good feedback from our private beta testers; over the previous several weeks.

The team has only said it would “likely be a Friday” in September, but a precise date is unknown. Though the mod won’t cost anything, participants will require copies of Half-Life 2 on Steam.

The developers hope to have the mod available on Steam, but they can’t be sure it will happen in time. We have not heard back from Valve yet, and it is unclear how much longer we will have to wait. 

There is still hope for a September release on Steam, provided our Store page is greenlit in time. If that’s the case, we’ll get ready for a release that doesn’t include Steam.

After the test is complete, the team plans to add support for the game’s additional episodes, refine the VR weaponry upgrade, and add more customization choices for mobility and comfort.

Team Members are Still Awaiting a Response from Valve

There has been no word yet on whether or not Valve will approve the Project & The team can’t release Half-Life 2 VR on Steam until they secure a license. That would make the setup more complicated, but it wouldn’t delay the release any further.

The mod team’s blog reads, “The time it will take for us to receive approval from Valve is currently unknown.” If Steam doesn’t greenlight the mod, it will be available elsewhere.

Even though we’ve released our open beta to the public, development on this project is far from complete. The next steps are outlined in detail in a roadmap. 

The team intends to update maps, assets, and textures, implement episode support, rework weaponry, enhance mobility, and enhance player comfort.

It’s impossible to say when a project as massive and demanding as Half-Life 2: VR will be completed. There is a great deal more we would like to do and enhance to provide the most satisfactory virtual reality experience we can.

What are Movement Options Available?

You can set the mod’s fluid movement to follow either the player’s head or one of the two controllers. Both smooth and regular turning intervals are available as settings (snap turns).

Teleportation is not an option at the moment, and whether or not it will be in the future is uncertain.

When It Comes to the Vehicle Parts, What Strategy Will You Employ? Not Sure if I Could Handle These in Virtual Reality.

Strong VR legs are required for vehicle rides at this time. They’re unpleasant, but you can get through them with the help of specific convenient amenities.

A vignette featuring a classic movement can be played for rides in the vehicles. Screen borders will be blacked out while in transit to limit your field of view and mitigate motion sickness.

You can even choose a third-person camera view during automobile journeys. Since the camera is not inside the moving vehicle, it won’t be as affected by the sharp twists and other sudden maneuvers, which should significantly lessen the likelihood of motion sickness. However, this does make operating the vehicles a little less smooth.

To ensure that all players have an equal opportunity to complete the game’s vehicle parts, we are considering adding a new mode in which the rides are displayed on a virtual 2D screen in front of the user.

Since the 3D effect wouldn’t be present in this mode, the immersion level would be lower than in the others.