Hogwarts Legacy Release Date Confirmed With Big Disappointment

Warner Bros. Interactive has confirmed the Hogwarts Legacy Release Date, but it is later than fans had hoped.

In 2020, Hogwarts Legacy was initially announced to the delight of Harry Potter fans everywhere, but they have had to wait a long time to get their hands on it.

The initial release date for Hogwarts Legacy was set for 2021, although it has since been delayed until 2022.

The Harry Potter video game has been delayed yet more, so it won’t be graduating in 2022. Instead, you may expect the Hogwarts Legacy to hit theaters on February 10, 2023

That’s assuming you want to play on an Xbox One S, a PlayStation 5, or a computer. Players of Nintendo Switch, I have some bad news.

Warner Bros is dedicated to delivering Hogwarts Legacy on Nintendo Switch; however, at this time, the company cannot provide an estimated release date. 

Not surprisingly, given the developer’s statements during the Sony’s State of Play, the open-world RPG is having trouble running smoothly on Nintendo’s machine.

What Happened to Push Back the Release of Hogwarts: Legacy to 2023?

Avalanche Software stated that they would be delaying the release of Hogwarts Legacy until 2023 to give the game more time in development.

Doing so will let them fully realize the game’s open environment, Hogwarts Legacy. It will guarantee the players the best possible introduction to the Wizarding World.

Avalanche Software has delayed Hogwarts Legacy twice for the same reason, but this is the first time they’ve given a new delivery window.

Why Hogwarts Legacy? A Few Reasons.

  • First, the scope of the game appears extremely ambitious based on what we know so far, and although it has legally slipped from 2021 to 2022, it would not be unprecedented for a big game to shift much further back. It is especially crucial because of how much WB and the struggling Harry Potter brand have at stake.
  • Still, it is one of the few significant games planned for the holidays without a release date. We don’t know why it hasn’t settled on December 2022, given that games with set release dates are frequently pushed back.
  • We haven’t seen much of the game thus yet. The game was most prominently featured in a March episode of State of Play; however, it is now almost six months later, and we have seen virtually little progress in the game. It is a bit out of the ordinary for a game with a holiday release date that should ramp up its marketing efforts.
  • A source close to the film industry claimed in early 2022 that Hogwarts Legacy was “in difficulty” and that its release date would be delayed until 2023. Perhaps this wasn’t the case since the development window wasn’t announced until December 2022, but the rumor was out there.