Escape from Tarkov Patch Notes (Update

After two hours of server maintenance, the latest Escape from Tarkov (EFT) Patch has been released. 

The patch addresses an issue with the Escape from Tarkov Lighthouse map and adds a new sound effect that plays whenever a player walks across plastic surfaces. 

Battlestate Games developed the patch. You’ll hear a particular sound effect when you move through wooden floors.

Scav player spawn sites have been optimized, and network latency has decreased, among the many other changes made this time. 

This new update might be helpful if you spend a lot of time playing Escape from Tarkov. Those who have experienced troubles with the Lighthouse map in the past can finally put them behind them.

In Escape from Tarkov, you can enjoy a first-person shooter with tactical depth. It’s a multiplayer simulation like Rainbow Six: Extraction or Hunt: Showdown, with a PvPvE mode and extraction-based gameplay. With few competitors in the first-person shooter genre, it is still drawing a large player base despite its unfinished state.

You want to know what’s new in Escape from Tarkov Update The most important details of the update are summarized here.

Escape from Tarkov Update Patch Notes

Graphics options now include a toggle for enabling modified Mip Streaming. Graphics now have two extra customization options:

  • Customization in MIP Streaming Disk Request Limit
    • Loading textures at a fixed quality takes longer the lower this value is set. Increasing the value will speed up the loading time of textures at the expense of more strain on the hard disk. It can reverse the effect on slow drives, causing a backlog of drive operations and reducing texture loading times.
  • Customization in Buffer Size
    • The quantity of memory set aside for loading textures at a specific quality. If you increase it, the peak disk load will be higher, and the required textures will load more quickly.
  • Improved performance by optimizing the network buffer to cut down on latency for all users;
  • Fixing an issue where players could spawn in the wrong place thanks to the Player Scav spawn system;
  • They modified the appearance of the task icon. The message will now only show up if using the tool is still necessary. The icon won’t show up if the subtask is done and all its components have been moved;
  • New plastic-related noises have been added;
  • Noise reduction for moving across thin wood floors, Including the noise of empty shells crashing onto plastic floors.

Once maintenance has been completed, there will be an update this morning at 9 AM UTC / 11 AM CEST. 

The latest EFT version implements various network improvements, so you may experience less Network Latency after updating today. 

PC users can now play Escape from Tarkov. Visit the Escape from Tarkov website for more details on this update.