Sims 4: Growing a Garden full of Oversized Crops

One of the benefits of Sims 4 Cottage Living is the ability to grow enormous crops that may be used in various ways. This article will teach you everything you need to know about planting and caring for Oversized crops.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Growing a Garden full of Oversized Crops

You cannot plant extra-large plants in standard soil or containers. It would help if you established a garden plot in Build Mode before gardening can begin. If at all possible, start with between 5 and 15 garden plots. 

You can get away with fewer plants if you like; keep in mind that it will take roughly a week to mature each crop. Even if you have The Sims 4 Seasons Installed, there’s no need to put your oversized crops in a greenhouse; they’ll thrive outside in any weather.

You’ve set up the garden plots; now comes the time to put your seed order. Select a computer or a garden plot to add it to your shopping cart. 

Five different plant options are available: aubergine, lettuce, mushroom, pumpkin, and watermelon. Your Sims will be able to find the seeds in their bag and use them immediately.

Step 1 – Choose a Suitable Piece of Land

Choose the land on which you wish to plant the seeds in the Build/Buy Mode. Simply put, the new garden plots in Cottage Living are the only places to cultivate massive harvests.

Step 2 – Invest in Extra-Large Seeds

Planting regular seeds and expecting gigantic crops is futile. Typical seed packets are ineffective. To acquire the seeds, use the game’s in-game store. 

Agnes and Agatha Crumplebottom sell a wide variety of Oversized Crop Seeds. Go check out their wares at their garden market in Finchwick.

Step 3 – Buy Oversized Crop Fertilizer

Extra-large harvests are exceptional in every way. To encourage plants to produce enormous harvests, you’ll need special fertilizer. Compost and manure are topics for further discussion.

Step 4 – Plant Oversized Seeds

We must now sow the seeds. Plant the seeds by selecting that action from the menu. The challenging portion is upon us at last. If you want the most prominent potential harvest, you must take proper care of your plants. Your plants will shrivel and die if you don’t do it.

Step 5 – Don’t forget to water the plants!

#1) Water Your Plants

Plants need frequent watering to thrive and yield the best harvests. If you don’t water your plants daily, you’ll have much smaller yields.

#2) Use Oversized Fertilizers

Every day, you should fertilize your plants. Huge harvests require massive amounts of fertilizer for the plants. Various fertilizers can be used to promote increased plant growth.

Grow-Fast Fertilizer

Suppose you need to cultivate crops quickly. Applying this fertilizer once a day can hasten the growth of your crop so that it may be harvested in time for the big game.

Hyper Growth Fertilizer

The gold standard for crop fertilizer formula. In order for your plant to develop to its fullest potential, give it a daily dose of this, and watch its weight go into hyperdrive!

Hassle-Free Fertilizer

Those who want to grow their food but don’t have the time to do so can benefit from this fertilizer. The lab has proven this mixture to kill weeds and insects effectively. You must apply this fertilizer to your plants once every seven days and keep in mind to water them.

Vitality Fertilizer

Is your crop plant appearing ill, or do some of the fruits it produces need more TLC to attain their full potential? You need not look any further. Once a day, sprinkle this fertilizer over your field to improve the plant’s health and the quality of your harvest.

Super Vitality Fertilizer

Do you want to give your crop a significant boost? Apply this fertilizer daily to ensure optimal plant health and maximum harvest quality.

Levels of Oversized Crops (Small, Medium & Large)

If you want a bumper harvest from your massive seedlings, you’ll need to give them lots of care from the moment they’re planted. Growing an enormous harvest from an oversized planting is not guaranteed. The large crops fall into one of three categories.


The lack of proper care for the smaller types of these crops means that you will only harvest nine of them from a single garden plot, but the good news is that you will have plenty of food for canning and cooking. Don’t consider putting these tiny plants into the Finchwick Fair’s Oversized Crop Competition.


If you’ve done an excellent job of tending to your overgrown crop, it should eventually split into two medium-sized harvests. Neither of them would be winners at the Finchwick Fair, but they fetch a higher price per unit than the more minor crops and can be used in a broader range of culinary endeavors.


If you have meticulously tended to your huge crop, you will harvest a single, enormous harvest. These plants aren’t suitable for canning or cooking, but they fetch high prices at the simoleon market and may even earn you some recognition at the Finchwick Fair.

How to Get Large Crop instead of Medium or Small?

Sims 4 Growing a Garden full of Oversized Crops


If you want your crops to get bigger, you must fertilize them daily. Extra ample crop fertilizer can be expensive; however, if your Sims keep other animals, such as llamas, cows, or chickens. They may find a Vitality or Super Vitality Fertilizer in their barn or coop that they can use for free. 

Having animals to give free fertilizer might significantly impact if you’re trying to cut costs and maximize revenues from selling surplus crops.


Take advantage of any free time you have to water your plants. Easy to understand and no different than growing any other type of crop.


If weeds begin to appear around your overgrown plants, remove them immediately. That’s old news, too. You can get some aid with this if you make friends with some wild rabbits. You may rely on the cute tiny creatures to devour all the weeds in your garden.

Bug Spray

If you notice little brown gnats buzzing about above your crops, it’s time to spray. Acquainting yourself with local avian life may prove helpful. Birds are great for getting rid of garden pests.

Boost Crop Development

You can stimulate crop development in your large plants by intervening early in the growth cycle. Repeat this process as often as possible, as it will significantly improve the yield and quality of your harvest. 

Acquainting yourself with local avian life may prove helpful. The birds’ songs will stimulate the growth of your overgrown plants.

It’s time to harvest 🙃

Growing massive harvests takes time, but the payoff might be substantial. A fully formed plant will develop in the crops in about a week, though this time frame can vary greatly depending on factors like (growth-promoting) fertilizers. 

The crop is ready to be harvested, at which point it will appear in your Sims’ storage. Check out the harvest’s end product by hovering over the fields. It will display your crop’s yield, value, and quality. 

Quality ranges from “average” (the lowest) to “perfect” (the highest), with “pleasant” in the middle.  Although the crops may have originated from the same plant, there may be significant variation in weight and value.

You can make a lot of money 🤑 from your big crops

Oversized crop prices vary primarily according to the quantity, quality, and size of your harvest. You can increase your crop price with the help of a golden chicken’s benediction.

Participate in the Finchwick Fair’s competition for the largest crops by submitting your entries!

Gather your largest produce and enter it in the Finchwick Fair’s Oversized Crop Contest. The mayor will choose the major prize winner, but there are several opportunities to win. The odds of victory are highest for massive, oversized crops.

Get the most flavor out of your huge crops by picking them the day of the event. That is valuable advice that can help you improve your standing in the competition.

The crop must be harvested before the event and refrigerated to prevent spoilage. It’s important to remember that even if you refrigerate Oversized Crops, they will eventually go bad.

FAQs Related to Growing a Garden full of Oversized Crops

How do you care for oversized crops in Sims 4?

You can choose Water, Weed, Encourage Crop Growth, or Spray for Bugs when you click on a Garden Patch harboring an Oversized Crop. Large crops require regular watering from your Sim and any additional care that may be necessary.

How long does it take for oversized crops to grow?

The typical growth time for oversized crops in The Sims is four days. When they’re ready, click the Harvest button. Use Grow-Fast Fertilizer if you want to hasten development.