Ultimate Guide To Win The Finchwick Fair In Sims 4

The Finchwick Fair is a requirement for every self-respecting Henford-On-Bagley resident who wants to make a name for themselves. 

It’s a lot of fun to show off your enormous crops, chickens, cows, and llamas in the town square, and this feature in The Sims 4: Cottage Living makes it possible.

Be ready for any fair that can happen; bring your best things to participate, and don’t try to bribe the mayor; she doesn’t like it when people treat her poorly.

The Finchwick Fair: Where to Find It?

Hanford-on-Finchwick Bagley’s district will serve as the fair’s central location. Every Saturday at the appointed time, a notification will appear informing your Sim that the event is about to begin, and they can then opt to travel there automatically. 

Prefer to arrive a little later to get settled in? It’s easy to go to The Gnome’s Arms Bar, located on the grassy field in the center of town.

How to Get to the Finchwick Fair?

While participation in the Finchwick fair is quite simple, transporting animals may be more challenging. 

It’s easy to enter the garden, pie, or significant crop competition by stocking up on the necessary items and submitting them at the Good booth.

But you have to put your animals in your inventory, which is a little strange, like how can a cow fit in my pocket? After 3:30, when the fair opens, you’ll be able to do this by clicking on your animal and going to the Actions menu, then putting it in inventory.

In the case of the chicken fair, you’ll find a tiny booth, whereas, in the case of the cow or llama fair, you’ll find a spacious shed to submit your submission through.

How To Win The Finchwick Fair In Sims 4

How To Win The Finchwick Fair In Sims 4

To participate in the competition, Simmers must either submit a product (such as an enlarged corp, a regular corp, a pie, etc.) or a piece of livestock (such as cows, llamas, or chicks). The more uncommon the item or livestock, the greater the odds of winning.

Two contests, each with its booth, are held at every fair. The Sim must visit each one and click Submit an Entry to complete the task.

Ensure everything, including the animals, is in stock before setting out for the fair. To get the latter, select the animal, right-click, and choose “Put in Inventory.”

The Finchwick fair will center on the following five themes:

  1. Chicken Fair
  2. Garden Fair
  3. Llama Fair
  4. Oversized Corp Fair
  5. Cow Fair

#1) Finchwick Chicken Fair

The world needs to see your best birds and eggs, so bring them. Compared to conventional chickens, Golden Chickens have a better probability of winning the competition.

Maintain a sanitary environment and feed your chickens regularly. Maintaining a good rapport with your hens is also crucial. 

That’s an essential element in coming out on top of the competition. Assure them of your complete satisfaction.

#2) Finchwick Garden Fair

It will hold garden and pie contests. The first one requires participants to demonstrate their gardening prowess. They’ll win hands down if they bring exotic fruits like dragon fruit and pomegranates. 

You can also send in the usual suspects, such as lemons and strawberries. Daily care, including watering, weeding, and fertilizing, is essential up to the day of the competition.

To further increase yield quality, have a Golden Chicken bless the plants.

Winners of the second competition will be those Simmers who successfully baked a pie using uncommon components. 

Baking the pie with a rare egg like a rainbow and high-quality fruit will yield a fantastic end product. Don’t forget that the fresher the ingredients, the better they taste.

#3) Finchwick Oversized Crop Fair

Your most incredible giant crops are required for our next contest at the oversized crop expo. Your sims will be judged on their pie-making skills, and those who turn in the best pies will be awarded prizes at the fair.

When dealing with big crops, many more moving parts ensure a successful harvest. You should make an excellent effort to bring the biggest harvest you can manage to the fair, as there is a wide range of sizes to choose from.

If you want the most extensive, fattest harvest possible, you need to pamper your crop like never before. At least once, you should engage in a dialogue with your crop to support its development. 

In addition to keeping it well watered and free of pests and weeds, a regular conversation with your crop is also recommended.

Fertilizers are a great tool to help your sims’ crops flourish. It’s not the quantity but the harvest quality that matters most at the county fair. 

If you bring any harvest, you might as well bring the best possible one. I know, Despite the hefty stakes, you will succeed in this contest.

#4) Finchwick Llama Fair

Buying a Livestock Stall in the game’s Build Mode will allow you to purchase llamas. Only one llama at a time can be housed in a stall. Simmers must form a tight relationship with their chosen animal to do well in the first competition. 

In addition, the llama needs to be spotless, well-fed, and happy. If you feed them Golden and Rainbow treats, they’ll have wool of different colors, setting the stage for a second competition.

A second battle for wool is inevitable since the first was for llamas. The attitude and coat color of the llama ultimately define the color and quality. If a Sim befriends an animal and treats it well, the Sim will be rewarded with rare, high-quality wool.

#5) Finchwick Cow Fair

It’s time to get mooooving! The competitions at this fair are all about showing who has the best livestock. Milk from your favorite cow needs to be put through its paces.

Spending time with your cow will improve your chances of taking first place in the cow contest. Before adding them to your stock, get to know them, and take care of their needs. The cow seems to be living a very comfortable and well-fed life. 

Your odds of success improve in proportion to the degree to which you get along with your cow. In this context, however, the cow’s welfare is paramount.

Cows produce milk in a wide range of flavors. Any fresh, high-quality milk will suffice for the competition, it seems. 

Improve the quality of your milk by making your cows happier just before milking them. More outstanding milk quality is the result of a happier cow.

The Ultimate Guide to Beating the Competition at the Finchwick Fair?

Let’s quickly recap the best strategies for dominating the contests at this year’s Finchwick Fair. If you put in some time and energy before the competition begins, you have a fair shot of winning.

Enter Happy Animals

The Finchwick Fair is only open to the happiest of animals. Before adding an animal to your Sim’s inventory, make sure the Sim and the animal have a strong bond (at the maximum level for best results).

They also need to be adequately fed and kept clean. A happy status is more important than delivering a rainbow cow or golden chicken. In summary, your chances of earning the grand reward increase if the animal appears content.

Announcing the Arrival of Extraordinary Crops of Extraordinary Size

The size of the crops continues to balloon. There is a floor under which the value of the crops can be calculated, even if they are of perfect quality, but you can push that floor higher by growing them to an even greater size. 

Maintain a golden chicken close to “bless” the plant, or enlist the help of the friendly flock of birds. The combined effect of these enhancements on your harvest will be substantial.

You might get away with bringing a high-quality fruit or vegetable if your competitors don’t bring anything special. 

Why take that chance, though? If you want the highest probability of winning, bring a perfect, rare harvestable. 

Make the best pie the Judge has ever eaten with your high-quality harvestable by joining a pie contest.

Enter Exemplary Products

Make pies using only the finest, freshest ingredients. Bring in the finest quality milk, wool, and eggs. 

Ensure their suppliers (plant or animal) are content by giving them the care they need. Refrigerating your food will ensure that it stays fresh until the fair.

Bribing the Judge

Do you still not believe that you will triumph? At the fair, anything goes, including paying off the Judge for more significant rewards. You can bribe the Judge for 250 to help you out in the competition. 

If the court rejects your offer, the opposite is true, so think carefully. It will be easier for Sims with a higher mischief skill to try this interaction on the Judge.

At the Finchwick Fair, what kind of prizes can you win?

Each player is given a white ribbon to show their participation. But there are several ribbons and awards for first, second, and third place:

First Prize: Gift basket with a crimson ribbon, $500, and gardening supplies

Second Place: A blue ribbon, $250, and a bunch of gardening supplies

Third Place: A yellow ribbon, fifty dollars, and some garden implements

Finally, players who are anxious to win can bribe the Judge, Mayor Lavina Chopra, for $250.

FAQs Related to Win The Finchwick Fair In Sims 4

How do you get the llama to Finchwick fair?

Your object or animal must be in your possession for you to submit it to Finchwick Fair. It’s as easy as selecting it and then clicking “Add to Inventory.”

How do you win a milk competition in Sims 4?

Put a cow in your inventory that gets along well with your Sim and is in excellent spirits if you want to win the Cow Competition. Since cows are the source of milk, there seems to be a Milk Competition. New, high-quality milk is required for this round.


These Finchwick Fairs are a fantastic addition to the cottage expansion pack for The Sims 4. They may significantly enhance the game by giving you a sense of belonging to the local community. Meet the locals and have a hearty conversation with the mayor. Have fun!

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