How to Fix “Serious Error Has Occurred in the System Software PS4”

Numerous players have encountered the following frustrating problem with their PlayStation 4 console: after updating the system firmware, the device became unresponsive and displayed an error message during bootup.

The complete notification is “Serious Error Has Occurred in the System Software PS4” when the PlayStation 4 restarts.

The same thing happened to those who unplugged their PS4 before you completely switched it off, whether accidentally or not.

It is a challenging topic because of how difficult the console itself is to use, but we will do our best to shed some light on the situation.

Why PS4 Has a Critical Error Occurred?

The most often occurring reason for this problem is corrupted system memory. Turning off the console, unplugging all cords, and leaving it for a few minutes before turning it back on may assist in restarting it.

If this does not work, your PlayStation 4 is connected to a signal-deficient television and another device, such as another PS4. You will need to use Safe Mode. Continue reading: Are Video Games Dangerous?

To accomplish this, you must shut down your PlayStation 4 by following these steps:

  1. Press and hold the power button until two beeps are heard.
  2. Once heard, let the button alone until a third beep is heard.
  3. Release the power button and push the eject button once the third one is heard.

How to Troubleshoot Serious System Errors on the PlayStation 4

Before attempting any of the instructions below, make a backup of your PS4 data. Remember that trophies are not included in the backup; therefore, You must synchronize them with PSN.

Make a Backup of Your PS4 Data

  1. Sync all of your trophies with your PSN account by selecting Options Sync Trophies with PSN.
  2. Connect an external storage device to your PS4 through the USB port.
  3. Navigate to System Settings Backup and Restore.
  4. To “Create Backup of your App,” You have to Select the “BackUp” Option & then click on “Save Data.”
  5. Select Back Up and press X to remove the external storage device when you’re finished.
  6. You may now restore PS4 data by accessing Settings System Backup and Restore and selecting Restore PS4 data.

How to Fix “Serious Error Has Occurred in the System Software PS4”

a serious error has occurred in the system software ps4

Restore factory default settings

  • Utilize a USB cable to connect your controller to the console.
  • Press and hold the PS4 power button for two seconds or until the console beeps twice.
  • Then, press the PS4 button to activate Safe Mode on the controller.
  • Scroll down to the Restore Database option and click it.
  • Allow the process to complete and then attempt to reboot the console as usual.

It will clean the system of any corrupt files and restore the database and any data you had previously stored.

Therefore, ensure that you have created a backup of your files.

Switch to Safe Mode

If your console does not automatically resume following a significant system fault, boot into Safe Mode:

  1. Shut down your console.
  2. Maintain pressure on the Power button until you hear two beeps.
  3. Your PlayStation 4 will now boot into Safe Mode.

Update System Software

When programming updates become accessible, you can download and install them to ensure that the PS4 does not enter experimental mode due to out-of-date programming.

Rebuild Database

When you recreate the database, which may take a few minutes, it will upgrade the hard drive and ensure that the PS4 is accessible quicker and easier than the previous adaption.

Reinstall Software Using a USB 

  1. Created a folder named PS4 on a FAT32 USB drive. Create a new folder titled UPDATE within that one.
  2. Download the installation file from the official PlayStation website and save it as PS4UPDATE in the UPDATE folder.PUP. (The PS4 must be located at the root of the USB storage device, not in a subfolder.)
  3. To enter Safe Mode, repeat the first three steps from the prior solution.
  4. Select Initialize PlayStation 4, followed by Update from USB Storage Device and OK.

It is valid only if you have a USB stick with the PS4 software, which the console should read.

Get the Latest System Software Version

Once in Safe Mode, you can continue debugging the system software error. Let’s begin by performing a system software update.

Navigate to Settings System Software Update Upgrade Now to update your console manually.

Accept the software upgrade service agreement and hit X to confirm your option after completing the download.

Additionally, you can visit PlayStation’s official website to determine the latest PS4 system software version.

Restore Default Configuration

Other users stated that they were able to resolve the issue by resetting their console’s default settings.

Therefore, choose the Restore Default Settings option. Bear aware that you may lose access to your wallpapers and saved networks and will need to sign in again.

FAQs – How to Fix “Serious Error Has Occurred in the System Software PS4”

Why does my PS4 keep saying an error has occurred?

Certain users received an error occurred PS4 sign-in error message due to failing to verify the email address used to register their PS4. This issue is most frequently encountered by users who have recently purchased the game machine. They quickly activate the game machine without validating the PSN account.

What happens if you rebuild the database on PS4?

Rebuilding the PS4 database may take minutes or hours, depending on the state of your system and how frequently you install and delete games. Rebuilding reorganizes your hard disc to make file access easier and faster for the system.

How do I know if my PS4 is corrupted?

1) A game is lagging or failing to load correctly. You’ve checked that your internet connection is functioning correctly and that the disc is not scratched, but you’re still experiencing difficulties.
2) Your PS4 is sluggish while navigating menus or changing settings.
3) Even if the disc is not scratched, your PS4 will not read it.


After reading the above post About “Serious Error Has Occurred in the System Software PS4“, we hope that you will find it quite beneficial. The most significant built-in protected mode feature on PS4 enables you to quickly resolve the issue by selecting from the available options on the screen. A single tap on the choices will ensure that the error is corrected and that you have an uninterrupted gaming experience.