How to Switch the Xbox Series X From Vertical to Horizontal?

It’s a pretty fantastic time in the gaming industry, as all three platform holders are essentially doing their own thing at this point.

However, compared to Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony are closer rivals. Still, their business models differ significantly, with Microsoft moving more explicitly into software and subscription-based models while Sony sticks to the more traditional hardware and software sales model. There are occasions when a little piece of that console war DNA comes out to play.

Xbox UK’s official Twitter account shared instructions on how to change the orientation of your Xbox Series X. When viewed without context, this appears to be a random remark. 

Still, most people see it as a dig at Sony’s recent PS5 teardown, which you can view here, in which it revealed that the system’s stand (which is screwed in) must be removed and clipped to the system’s back to being used horizontally.

Series X is much easier to use because you lay it on its side, as shown below. The joke may have fallen flat because many people didn’t get it, or maybe the event was swamped by fans who took it way too seriously. You will never erase internet shame from the internet’s memory.

The Xbox One X & S will be on sale on November 10th, while the PlayStation 5 will follow on November 12th.

Is the Xbox Series X capable of being used horizontally and vertically?

While the Xbox Series X is generally shown in an upright position, Microsoft has considered how you will use the console regularly. The system’s orientation does not affect the design’s operation, which allows it to work both vertically and horizontally.

Xbox Series X supports two positions instead of the original Xbox One system, which could only be placed horizontally. The towering vertical chassis and the Xbox-branded power button are prominently displayed throughout the campaign. It’s even got a built-in circular stand, so you can use it while standing erect.

The device can also be used horizontally, perfect for media centers with limited vertical headroom. There are four little rubbery feet on the right side of the console. Even if you remove the stand from the gadget, you’ll notice that it protrudes from the right side when the tablet is set flat.

The Xbox Series X has an entirely new form factor, which the manufacturer refers to as “Parallel Cooling Architecture.” It uses a single, big fan with a high airflow to manage the device’s temperature. 

In addition, the Xbox Series X is a lot quieter than previous Xbox One models, which improves overall sound quality. However, it works both ways as long as the main fan has enough room for airflow.

Disc playback on the Xbox Series X is safe regardless of how the console is held. However, with the release of the Xbox One S, you remedied the slot-loading drive’s core drawback.

How to Switch the Xbox Series X From Vertical to Horizontal

How to Switch the Xbox Series X From Vertical to Horizontal

The Xbox Series X was designed to be used on its side. There may, however, be a few minor drawbacks.

For better ventilation and cooling, a spherical stand attached to the console bottom is used when it is mounted vertically. Because you can’t remove this stand, the console could appear an eyesore if it’s placed horizontally.

Microsoft advises users to ensure their computers have adequate ventilation to avoid overheating. A minimum of 4-6 inches of space should be available on all sides of your console. 

In addition, avoid putting your console in an enclosed cabinet, and make sure that none of your console’s vents are obstructed.

Although it isn’t too distracting, it can throw off the symmetry of the console a little bit. On top of that, the Xbox logo on the console’s front has been angled to allow for vertical use.

However, it appears that the Xbox was created with vertical orientation in mind, even if these aren’t significant difficulties. The console may be laid on its side without causing any issues. You can be a deviant. Don’t take no for an answer!

In terms of size, how big is the Xbox X?

Concerns about whether a new console would fit on a television stand persist when a new model is released.

The new console is almost always more extensive than its predecessor.

Standing upright, the Xbox Series X is 301 millimeters tall by 151 millimeters wide by 151 millimeters deep.

This system is smaller than Microsoft’s Xbox One in a few areas. When the Xbox One was released, it weighed 332 pounds and had 332 x 78 x 275 millimeters.

According to Microsoft’s data, Xbox One is 3.76 percent larger in bulk than the Xbox Series X.

While you can only put the Xbox One horizontally, the Series X is best used while placed upright, so keep that in mind.

The Xbox Series X’s dimensions make it difficult to conceal under a television.

The good news is that you don’t have to start over with a new entertainment system because of this development.

Frequently Asked Question

Can you rotate the Series X button?

However, Microsoft has previously said that the Xbox Series X may be used horizontally, like any other console. Even if the Xbox logo on the power button doesn’t spin, it’s going to look a little weird.

Is it better to have Xbox Series X vertical or horizontal?

In most official Microsoft advertisements, the Series X is oriented vertically since it is the most efficient ventilation. Also safe is a horizontal position. Make sure the rubberized feet are facing down, and the enormous exhaust fan is facing up if you wish to install the giant black box vertically.

Should an Xbox be vertical or horizontal?

Both horizontal and vertical placement options are available for Microsoft’s latest generation of video game consoles, including the Xbox One X, Xbox One S, and Xbox 360. Make sure you utilize the Xbox stand built explicitly for your console. A cooling vent is blocked if a stand does not support the vertical position.