How to Make Home Xbox Series X? Easy Guide

It’s a given that console releases don’t always go according to plan. A new Xbox Series S or X user may find themselves unable to play their downloaded games if they haven’t thought to set their new console up as their home Xbox. This article will explain to you How to Make Home Xbox Series X?

Xbox Live has seen some turbulence on the same day as the launching of the new consoles. It’s a problem for people who just bought a new computer. Even if you have the primary account on the Xbox, you won’t play downloaded games while offline.

Any downloadable games you have can be played at any time, even if you are off from the Internet if you designate an Xbox as your home Xbox. Your games will be playable by anyone who has access to the machine, as well as any Xbox Live or Xbox Game Pass memberships linked to your account. 

But all of that is merely incidental. In the end, it doesn’t matter how Verizon or Time Warner acts on a particular day; you can always play your games, no matter what.

How to Make Home Xbox Series X

A home computer and a home console can work together to give you the best of both worlds.

  • Use your controller’s Xbox button for cycling through the new menu until you reach your profile.
  • Then, select “Settings.”
  • “Personalization” is located on the General tab.
  • Then select “My Home Xbox.”
  • To fulfill your goal, select “Set this as my home Xbox” or “Remove this as my home Xbox.”

Using this method, you can either set up or uninstall your home Xbox, allowing you to play on your existing or future Xbox consoles.

Because you can only have one Xbox in your house at a time, make sure this is the one you use the most. The decision to change is solely yours to make.

How do I make my home Xbox Series S?

How to change the Xbox that is assigned to your house?

To get started, launch the guide by pressing the Xbox button on your game controller (see above). If you’re playing a game, make sure you’ve reached a halt and saved your progress, just in case.

Select “Profile & system” from the guide’s menu, then “Settings.” Go to ‘General’ and then ‘Personalization’ to access these options. The option to select ‘My Xbox One at home’ is available.

You may now designate your Xbox as your home console by selecting “Make this my home Xbox.” Now that this is over, you can return to your routine. If you want to remove a machine from your house, select ‘Make this my home Xbox’ and then ‘Remove this as my home Xbox.

Be aware that you have the option of switching out your Xbox at home up to five times each year. You’ll be given a date at which you’ll be eligible for a second opportunity if you hit that limit. You can’t have any additional switches added to your account by Microsoft. You may run into problems after making five home transfers in a year.

To see if you qualify for an exemption, select ‘Help’ if you see ‘Can’t make this Xbox your home Xbox.’

The next time you buy another gaming console for yourself or your loved ones, make sure your home Xbox is set up so that they may access your content when you’re not around.

How to Share Your Xbox One Games

How to Make Home Xbox Series X

To reconnect to your friend’s Xbox One, press the Xbox button on your controller a second time. Go to System,’ then settings,’ and then ‘personalization’ from the pop-up menu.

Make sure to select home Xbox’ in the customizing> menu. It will make your friend’s Xbox One the default console for your account, allowing them to sign in to their account and still have access to your Xbox One games catalog. The games and apps you have stored on your Xbox One should be visible in your friend’s Xbox One library, ready for installation.

Follow the same procedures as before on your Xbox One, but this time, sign in to your friend’s Xbox One account.

Xbox Live Gold memberships and Xbox One games can be shared using this manner.

Follow the preceding procedures on your own Xbox One console to register it as your home Xbox.

FAQs – How to Make Home Xbox Series X

Does Xbox Series X have a home Xbox?

Remember that you can only have one Xbox, Series X, or otherwise, as your primary home console at any given time. You can only change which console is your home console five times a year, so you can’t swap who you’re sharing with too often.

How do I change the extra home on Xbox 2022?

To get the help, press the Xbox button, then go to System> Xbox Assist, My Xbox Assist > Search, and finally My Home Xbox in the search box. Deangelo, hello there! :), and welcome to the Xbox forums! During a year, you are allowed to switch your Xbox home console up to five times.

Is Game Sharing Legal Xbox?

If you’re playing games with pals in a healthy environment, there’s no danger in doing so. The Home Xbox feature’s goal is to make it easy for you to share your games with your loved ones. Because of this, you won’t be banned from sharing games on your Xbox at home.

Can I have 2 home Xboxes?

The most often used console should be designated as your home Xbox if you have more than one Xbox One console or if you use several consoles to check in to your account. Note You can use only one home Xbox at a time. You can share purchased games and Gold with friends only on your home Xbox.