How to Slide in Madden 21 Ps4 Simple Guide?

If you want to run around in Madden 21 with your quarterback, you want to know How to Slide in Madden 21 Ps4

Sliding is crucial because quarterback positions are more susceptible to fumble. If you let your QB get hit, he’s likely to let go of the ball. 

If you just hit the diving button, your quarterback will probably also fumble; for some reason, EA Sports doesn’t believe quarterbacks can grip the ball while driving.

Sliding helps prevent injuries, even if your quarterback has a high carrying rating. However, there is a big chance of an injury to enable your QB to be struck, especially a mobile one with smaller frames such as Kyler Murray or Lamar Jackson. So it’s only a good idea to decline overall.

Step by Step: How to Slide in Madden 21 Ps4

Whatever plays you call Madden 22, you have to slide sometimes to stop your quarterback from getting a big hit. 

The sliding mechanic works with various positions, even if it is a different animation. No matter which player you control, how do you slip in Madden 22?

  1. Pass the scrimmage line to QB on Xbox One/Series X|S, tap X. This works whether or not you run. Pressing or holding X will dive your quarterback.
  2. QB sliding is also as simple as PS4/PS5: you have to pass the scrimmage line and tap Square. Again, don’t push Square, or you will dive in your quarterback.
  3. To be thorough, E is the default sliding input if you are on a PC and utilize a mouse and a keypad (shudder).

You will know that your quarterback has passed the script when the icons on the receiver button disappear. 

If you go sideways and have not crossed the line of tearing X, Square, or E, a lob pass will be performed, which can well become an ill-advised interception.

As noted above, this technique works with large recipients and running backs; however, it isn’t a slide. Instead, tap X or Square when another position player has the ball; they fall to the defender with their back. Nevertheless, it is an excellent way to avoid hitting when you need not and defend the ball.

Please make sure you do slide or go down before trying it in a real game because it might be a bit twinkling with X and Square. Diving can cause you to fumble by accident, and nobody wants that.

One tip to always get the action properly is to tap the slide button twice to ensure that the step is performed correctly, but you don’t have to tap two-fold (one tap works just fine); you will not fully press the input when taping twice, since that is different for your thumb movement.

And that’s how Madden 22 slides. So if you wonder how to toss the ball away—an excellent way to save your QB when nobody’s open—go here.

FAQs – How to Slide in Madden 21 Ps4

How do you slide in Madden 21?

To commence a slide, players must be running with the quarterback past the line of scrimmage and the center of the field.

Divers can dive forward by pressing and holding the square/X button; however, this will cause the quarterback to dive forward as well.

How do you slide with the QB in Madden 21 PS4?

Press the R2/RT and L2/LT buttons on your keyboard. When you’re ready to slide in Madden 21, hold down Square/X (the diving button).

However, even if the game displays the quarterback going a few yards forward, you will place the ball at the area where his backside contacts the turf, according to the rules.

How do you slide in Madden on PS4?

To slide, you’ll need first to scramble to get your bearings. To scramble as a quarterback on the PlayStation 2 or RT on the Xbox, you must hold down the R2 button. 

Having passed the line of scrimmage, you will be given the option to slide at any moment that makes sense to you.

How do you slide with Lamar Jackson in Madden 21?

When a quarterback slides in Madden NFL 21, players only need to ensure that they are across the line of scrimmage and tap the X button on Xbox or the Square button on PlayStation, which will cause the quarterback to enter the slide motion to avoid contact with the defense.

How do you tuck the ball in Madden 21?

It’s essential to know how to tuck the ball away and run with it when a passing play fails, and you’ve got a real dual-threat on the field, such as, say, Tom Brady (kidding), to avoid being sacked. 

To do this, use the left stick to indicate in the direction you want to go while pressing and holding the right shoulder button (RT/R2).

How do you celebrate dive in Madden 21?

The LT/L2 and Square/X buttons allow players to dive into the endzone and harass the opposing player much more so than before. 

After scoring a touchdown, remember to move the right stick up, down, left, or right to initiate more celebrations on the field.

How do you QB slide in Madden 20 on ps4?

When you cross the line, you’ll generally be beholding the boost button (R2 on the PlayStation 4 and RT on the Xbox), but if you simultaneously press the Dive button (Square on the PlayStation 4 and X on the Xbox), you’ll dive rather than slide. Whenever you’re not boosting, press the Dive button to initiate a QB slide.

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