How to Connect Unsupported Bluetooth to Ps4?

Hey! do you want to konw How to Connect Unsupported Bluetooth to Ps4? The built-in audio connection from the PlayStation 4 controller makes it easy to put in pairs of wired headphones and keep up to the restless night. 

But it’s a modern world, and no one has more time for connections, so you naturally want to combine PS4 with your recently invested wireless Bluetooth headphones.

Unfortunately, Sony supports only a few Bluetooth-compatible devices—including its licensed items. But this workaround may allow you to utilize the third-party headphones you already have before shells on an official PS4 headset.

Why aren’t PS4 supporting Bluetooth audio devices?

After starting PlayStation 4, Sony stated that A2DP, which includes Bluetooth devices, will not be supported by PS4. 

A2DP is the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile short-form. It is essentially stereo audio that is remotely delivered over Bluetooth.

Why did Sony discontinue supporting PlayStation 4 Bluetooth devices? The answer is to avoid delays. With A2DP, you are about 100-200m trailing. 

As you may imagine, this would lead to a terrible user experience, and therefore Sony supports PS4 Bluetooth devices.

That said, while you cannot typically combine Bluetooth with PS4, there are workarounds. Let’s look at them now.

Here’s the possible method on How to Connect Unsupported Bluetooth to Ps4?

Method #1 – Use Bluetooth devices supported for PS4 connection.

If Sony supports the Bluetooth device you use, adjust the settings directly to pair it. Don’t know if Sony supports your Bluetooth device? In that situation, you should verify the headset details. 

That being said, it’s worth altering the parameters to try to match PS4 with your Bluetooth device, so it’s worth shooting.

Here are the following steps:

  • Turn the Bluetooth headset in pair mode to connect
  • Navigate to Settings for PS4. Click Devices and then Bluetooth Devices click
  • Select your headset
  • If the Bluetooth headset connects correctly, see whether you can play your favourite games with it

If you are unable to connect successfully and receive an error message such as Cannot connect to Bluetooth or Bluetooth audio devices are not supported by PS4, try the remedies provided in the future.

Method #2 – Connect the PS4 to the Bluetooth Headset

An additional connection between the Bluetooth headset and PS4 may be necessary. Use an audio cable with an integrated microphone for this procedure. 

Most Bluetooth headsets are equipped with such a cord. For example, you can find such headsets online or elsewhere.

Here are the following steps:

  • Connect the Bluetooth headset to the PS4 controller through the built-in audio cord
  • Turn the headset on now
  • Navigate to Settings for PS4. Click Devices and then Bluetooth Devices click
  • Select your headset from the Device Navigation list and then select Audio Devices
  • Choose Output Device now. Click Controller Connected Headset
  • Choose Volume Control and then modify it to louder or medium
  • Select Headphone Output and click All Audio
  • See now if the headset works

If this solution doesn’t work, proceed to the next solution.

Method #3 – Use a USB Adapter to connect the PS4 headset

You may connect the Bluetooth headset via a USB adaptor to the PS4. If you don’t have a USB adapter, you could buy it and try the following steps:

  • Insert your USB adapter in the PS4 USB slot.
  • Turn the Bluetooth headset to PS4 Settings on Navigate. Click Devices. Click Devices. Click on audio devices.
  • Choose Output Device and click USB Headset
  • Select Control Volume. Now make the setting louder or medium
  • Select Headphone Output and click All Audio
  • See now if the headset works

If this solution has not worked for you, try this last solution.

Method #4 – Use the Bluetooth headset to connect to the PS4

This approach enables you to connect the Bluetooth device with the PS4 quickly and effortlessly. You only need a wireless microphone and a dongle. Most Dongles have a wireless mic. So you don’t have to buy them separately.

Here are the following steps:

  • Insert your mobile phone
  • Insert your Bluetooth Dongle into the PS4 USB port
  • Turn on the dongle with the button
  • Turn on the headset Bluetooth. Now get closer to your dongle and wait for the devices to connect
  • Navigate to PS4 Settings once the connection is made. Click on devices and click on audio devices
  • Choose Input Device. Now choose Controller Connected Headset
  • Select output devices. Select output devices. Use the USB headset button
  • Select Control Volume. Adjust the configuration to loud or medium
  • Select Headphone Output. Click All Audio now
  • See now if the headset works

If the headset still doesn’t function, try to update the graphic card drivers. Old drivers often cause unexpected problems, so this approach is worth a chance. 

We propose that you upgrade your card driver with an advanced driver update tool, such DriverDownloader. DriverDownloader comes with a 30-day cash-back guarantee, so it is not harmful to test.

How to Connect Unsupported Bluetooth to Ps4

CTIA or OMTP are used in most major smartphone headsets (Open Mobile Terminal Platform).

  • Set your PS4 to the menu ‘Settings.’
  • Click ‘Devices’ then click ‘Audio Devices.’
  • Connect your headphones to the OMTP converter and plug the converter into the PS4.
  • On your PS4, choose ‘Output Device’ and pick ‘Controller-connected Headset.’
  • Go to the ‘Audio Devices’ tab and click on “Adjust microphone level” to test whether your headset mic works. Use the slider to adjust the input level of your mic.
  • Return to the ‘Audio Devices’ screen, click ‘Audio output’, and pick ‘All audio.’

Does PS4 have Bluetooth?

How to Connect Unsupported Bluetooth to Ps4

The PlayStation 4 console has certain functions lacking, although the PS4 has Bluetooth capability. One negative is that the system does not support all Bluetooth wireless headphones and audio devices. 

The Bluetooth is here to enter the Ps4 DualShock 4 controller pair mode (using the built-in share button). Finding a compatible headset may not be easy, but it will elevate your audio to the next level and offer an immersive experience. 

If you’re into online gaming, particularly competitive multiplayer games, you can increase your overall play performance with a pair of headphones with a built-in microphone. A good game headset is vital for any multiplayer game.

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Wireless branded PS4 compatible headphones can play the trick in your favourite game or connect wired headphones using a PS4 USB microphone cable. 

Alternatively, you can use a USB Bluetooth adapter to connect more devices via a USB dongle. Please note that there are still a few incompatible cable headsets, as several essential headset manufacturers are still not supported by SONY.

My Bluetooth Speaker doesn’t connect to PS4; what to do?

As indicated above, several features have been used to build PS4. Unfortunately, the game console’s Bluetooth headset is occasionally not supported, even if you are using a dongle or anything else. 

Since the P was created such that it doesn’t help the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP), you can learn about it on Wikipedia if you don’t know about it. It is the technology utilized in most headphone Bluetooth devices. 

Most Bluetooth headphones are of this sort, and that’s why you might not connect your supported Bluetooth headphones to a PS4.

FAQs – How to Connect Unsupported Bluetooth to Ps4

Why does my PS4 say Bluetooth audio devices are not supported?

Why does Sony no longer support Bluetooth PS4 devices? The reason is that A2DP is approximately 100 to 200m, which makes things strange when you use them not to pair most Bluetooth devices to PS4. 

Is it possible to connect Bluetooth headphones to PS4?

Choose Settings at the top of the home menu of PS4. Choose Devices. Choose Bluetooth equipment. From the list, select your compatible headset to match it to PS4.

What are Bluetooth devices compatible with PS4?

Some PS4-compatible versions include the PlayStation Platinum Wireless Headset from Sony, the Turtle Beach Stealth 600, the SteelSeries Arctis 7, and the Razer Thresher.


It is How to Connect Unsupported Bluetooth to Ps4. This problem should usually be fixed utilizing the Bluetooth dongle to connect your headphones to your game console. 

However, if there is an issue or a doubt, you can post a comment below if you do. Refer to the problem or problem you face when connecting a Bluetooth headphone speaker to PS4. If you have managed to solve this problem, let us know that it will help others fix it.

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