How to Fix Xbox System Error E106? 5 Simple Ways

A popular error code is Xbox System Error E106, which comes with a bewildering list of solutions to resolve. Error E106 can be caused by various things, including network issues and local cache problems.

In addition to opening and viewing your Xbox profile, this error frequently occurs, resulting in losing control over your console. Final point: your hard drive can be damaged during downloading or even after you’ve already downloaded material.

Error codes E103, E105, E106, and E200, on the whole, are caused by problems with downloading or defective system upgrades. You’ll learn about the most common causes of the Xbox System Error E106 and how to fix it in this article.

Xbox X Series

November 2020 saw the arrival of both the Xbox X and Xbox S series of consoles. Under the Xbox brand, this is the fourth generation of consoles. The Xbox X and PlayStation 5 are both members of the ninth generation of video gaming consoles, released in the same month.

An improved processor and a faster solid-state drive in the Xbox Series X enable better display resolutions (up to 8K), quicker frame rates, and real-time rendering of rays and other effects in 3D games and other visual effects.

What is the Xbox System Error E106?

Xbox X, as previously discussed, is prone to faults such as the Xbox System Error E106. Your Xbox X console won’t boot up properly if you get an Error E106. It is a problem with the user’s hardware, not with the servers.

There may be numerous ‘x’ in the error message, depending on the country, location, and OS version in which it appears.

How to Fix Xbox System Error E106?

Fix Xbox System Error E106

Some of the possible remedies to this error include cleaning the cache and resetting your console’s configuration. Please read our detailed walk-through solutions further down on this page.

#1) Clear the cache

The Xbox System Error E106 is a system problem triggered by the console’s data cache. Please turn off your gadget and unplug it from the wall. Allow it to remain disconnected for one minute to flush the cache from the computer’s memory. Then, use the Clear System Cache option to ensure that everything runs properly.

  1. It will help if you press the Guide button on your controller.
  2. Click on System Configuration ==> Select Storage on the Settings Tab of the browser.
  3. By pressing Y on the controller, you can select any of the presented storage devices.
  4. Select Delete All Information from the System Cache drop-down menu.
  5. Whenever you are prompted for confirmation, choose Yes.

#2) Restart your Xbox One to get it back up and running

If deleting the cache did not resolve the issue for you, the next step is to reset your Xbox 360. As a workaround, you can reset your Xbox, but be aware that doing so will wipe clean any previously installed games, so proceed with caution.

  1. Turn off your Xbox 360 system.
  2. Remove the power cable from the vehicle’s rear and wait for at least one minute before continuing.
  3. Reconnect the power cable if necessary.
  4. Hold down the Bind and Eject button on your Xbox for an extended period.
  5. While holding down the ejects button & bind on the Xbox, press the power button to turn it on.
  6. Hold down the Bind and Eject buttons until the troubleshooting safe mode options appear on the screen and release the buttons.
  7. Release the bind and eject buttons on your keyboard.
  8. Select “Reset this Xbox” from the drop-down menu.
  9. Select Delete any information
  10. The Xbox will begin restoring all settings to their factory defaults.

Once the process is complete (the Xbox will reboot several times), you will be required to repeat the basic setup process.

#3) Update your System

  1. After you have powered down your console, disconnect the power cord to check that the console has been powered down.
  2. Before plugging into the power cable, wait for 30 seconds.
  3. Press & hold the “Pair button” & the “Eject button” for a few seconds, then press the Xbox button on the console to start the game.
  4. Keep an ear out for two “power-up” tones a couple of seconds apart. After the second power-up tone has been heard, you can release the Pair and Eject buttons.
  5. Use a USB to move the Offline System Update files to your Xbox console and finish installing. Upon insertion of the USB flash drive, the Offline System Update option on the Xbox Start-up Troubleshooter is activated and can be used.

Upon completion of the update, the console will restart, and you should be returned to the Home screen.

#4) Reformat Xbox One Hard disk drive

Xbox System Error E106 could be caused by faulty firmware. If it doesn’t work, try a fresh install. For more information, refer to the steps outlined in the section below.

A faulty Xbox One hard drive could potentially be the source of the issue, so make sure you check that out. Make sure that you have a new hard disk drive and that it is formatted to work on the console by following these instructions:

  • Remove all hard drives from the computer except the one with Windows already installed and any USB storage devices.
  • Turn on your computer after you’ve connected the new hard drive.
  • You can install osu1 and Xbox One Drive Replacement Preparation Script on your PC.
  • Disk Management is where you’ll find it. Search for “hard disk partitions” in Windows search and press Enter.
  • Ensure that the MBR (master boot record) option is selected, and then press OK.
  • Set up a new folder on your C: drive and name it. It was renamed Xbox.
  • The XBOX One Drive Replacement Preparation Script file you obtained should be copied and extracted.
  • Open a Command Prompt window on your computer’s operating system. Select Run as administrator from the context menu while searching for Command Prompt on Windows.
  • Type cd and press Enter twice, then type cd XBOX and press Enter.
  • Afterward, click Enter to type “cd xboxonehdd-master,” and type cd win.
  • Enter the command: create Xbox drive.bat.
  • Press the new HDD’s disk number.
  • To proceed with the process, press Y.
  • You should use the letter that corresponds to the size of your hard drive.
  • Wait for the partitioning procedure to complete before moving on to the next stage.
  • You should be able to see the 5th partition in Windows Explorer by pressing the Windows button and E key simultaneously. Underneath, the partition should be identical.
Temp Content
User Content
System Support
System Update
System Update 2
  • Create folders in the System Update drive. A and B are the names.
  • Unzip the OSU1 file you’ve just received. Get hold of the host.xvd, SettingsTemplate.xvd, system.xvd, systemaux/systemmisc/systemtools.xvd, and systemtools.xvd from the System Update disk.
  • To install the updater.vxd, go to the System Update disk and paste it in there.
  • Remove the new HDD by turning off the computer and unplugging it.
  • Connect your Xbox One to the new hard drive.
  • It should boot as a new Xbox One when you turn it on.

#5) Try re-installing the Xbox Firmware

The next step is to reinstall your Xbox One’s firmware. It will also remove all of your game data, so proceed with caution once more.

  1. Click here to get the most recent Xbox System Operating System for your desktop or laptop computer.
  2. Copy the downloaded files to a USB flash drive (which must be at least 8GB and formatted in NTFS)
  3. Go back to your Xbox and turn it off, then return. For at least two minutes, disconnect the power cable.
  4. Insert your USB memory stick and turn on the power. You must hold the bind and Eject buttons down while the power button is pressed. Press the Bind and Eject buttons at the same time.
  5. A progress bar will show on the screen when you hear three beeps. The Xbox is updating its firmware using a USB memory stick.

After a few reboots, your Xbox will restore to its standard configuration, and you’ll be able to use your Xbox again.

FAQs – Xbox System Error E106

How do I fix error E106 00000002 80070570?

Unplug the power cord from your console to confirm that it is entirely shut off. Afterward, reconnect the power cord for 30 seconds.

What is error code E106?

E106 indicates a hardware malfunction. If troubleshooting and a factory reset haven’t worked for you, you may need to contact a professional. Console repair is the only option left, alas.

How do I fix the startup error on my Xbox One?

Xbox Startup Troubleshooter has an option to reset your console; click Reset this Xbox. To keep games and apps, select Keep when prompted. By choosing this option, you will not lose any of your games or apps, but It will reset your OS and any corrupted data deleted. Upon completing the reset, you should be redirected to the console’s Home screen.

How do I clear the cache on my Xbox One?

Unplug and turn off your console. Plug it back in after at least a few minutes of unplugging. Press and hold the power button a few times when the device is turned off & then Turn it on again; you should notice a noticeable improvement in your console’s speed and responsiveness.


I hope the Xbox System Error E106 instruction given in the previous paragraph has been resolved. Your console will need to be repaired if none of the previous troubleshooting methods successfully resolved your startup fault.