How to Fix Runtime Error Xbox One Controller? 5 Easy Ways

Microsoft’s Xbox One is a well-known gaming system. To get the most out of your Xbox One controller, you’ll need to continue updating it. Meanwhile, if you get caught with the “Runtime Error Xbox One Controller” while opening a game on this device, you may be in a quandary. 

Check out the rest of this article if this is the case. If you follow the steps outlined in this article, you should be able to resolve your problem successfully.

Causes of Runtime Error Xbox One Controller

That the Xbox One controller Runtime Error what you want to know? Then get ready for the next section. The following is a list of the factors that specialists believe are to blame for this issue.

#1) Corrupt Xbox Files

For example, the Xbox One controller may be experiencing this issue because of a malware flaw. Restarting your Xbox is the only way to fix it. Continue reading the remainder of this post for step-by-step instructions on restarting your Xbox One console.

#2) Controls on an old Xbox One controller

Suppose you haven’t updated your Xbox One in a while. As a result, the error message you’re receiving could be related to this. To fix this, you’ll need to upgrade your Xbox One controller.

Please let us know if you have any difficulties updating your Xbox One controller. You can only fix this problem by removing and reinstalling the Xbox One controller.

How to Fix Runtime Error Xbox One Controller? 5 Easy Ways

How to Fix Runtime Error Xbox One Controller

#1) Install Xbox One Controller PC Driver

Uninstall Xbox 360 drivers:

  1. Open Run by pressing Windows Key + R.
  2. To open the Control Panel, type control, press Enter, then press OK.
  3. Uninstall software can be found in the Programs section.
  4. You can select Microsoft Xbox 360 drivers from the list of installed programs.
  5. Select “Uninstall” from the menu that appears. To confirm the action, click Yes.

It’s time to install the Xbox One controller driver:

  1. Download and install the latest version of Xbox One Driver after uninstalling the previous drivers.
  2. To install the driver, open the installer and follow the onscreen instructions.
  3. Restart the computer after the driver has been installed.
  4. If you connect your Xbox One controller to the Xbox One console, you should fix the Runtime Error Xbox One Controller.

Windows 10 pre-installs Microsoft’s Xbox One controller; therefore, there are no longer direct download links. There are, however, third-party sources from which you can obtain the drivers manually.

#2) Reboot Your Xbox One System

Restarting your Xbox One console is as simple as following the procedures listed below. The games and data stored on the Xbox console will not be affected by restarting the console:

  1. To begin, press the Xbox button to bring up the help window.
  2. Click on the “Settings” Gear Icon in the Xbox guidance window.
  3. In the Settings menu, select Restart console, and then press Yes to confirm.

Continue reading if you still get the Runtime Error Xbox One Controller after completing the above steps. After that, follow the next step.

#3) Perform a Clean Boot

PC problems can be challenging to solve due to corrupted repositories or missing Windows files. If you’re having problems resolving an issue, you may have a broken computer. 

Installing Restore, a program that scans your computer and determines the source of the problem, is highly recommended.

  1. To begin the repair process, you can get the necessary software by visiting this page.
  2. By pressing the Windows key and R on your keyboard, you can do this.
  3. Click OK after typing MSConfig.MSC into the Run box.
  4. Make sure you’re in the Services tab of your System Configuration window.
  5. Select the Hide all Microsoft services checkbox.
    1. Note: This prevents you from mistakenly disabling any critical Microsoft services.
  6. To altogether disable all Microsoft services, use the Disable All button.
  7. The System Configuration window should always be visible.
  8. Use Ctrl + Shift + Esc on a Windows PC to open Task Manager.
  9. Select the Startup option from the Window menu.
  10. Close the Task Manager and uncheck all the listed apps in the Startup tab.
  11. Click Apply and OK in the System Configuration window to save the changes.
  12. Select Restart now when prompted.

All but the bare minimum of Windows services are now used during a fresh start of Windows 10. You can check if the error occurs by attaching an Xbox One controller to your PC and seeing if that helps.

An external program can be the source of the problem if the issue doesn’t appear in Clean Boot mode. To fix the Runtime Error Xbox One Controller, it is necessary to locate and uninstall the faulty program.

When troubleshooting, make sure to disable Clean Boot by reactivating all the disabled services and restarting the machine.

#4) Make Sure Your Xbox One Controller is Updated!

A common cause of an Xbox One controller error is that it hasn’t been updated in a while. Consequently, it may be challenging to discover a solution to this problem. What you need to do to get good at it:

#4.1) Take a look at Devices & Accessories

As a first step, make sure the Xbox One controller has connected to the console via a USB cord. Afterward, sign in to Xbox Live. After that, go to the Menu section of the Xbox and select Settings from the drop-down menu. 

Go to Settings > Devices & Accessories and pick it from the list to use the Controller. It is possible to utilize Buzz to make a selected Controller vibrate if you have more than one Controller connected to the console at one time.

#4.2) Download & Update the Controller firmware

Click Update after selecting the Controller you want to use from the list of available options under Devices & accessories. After that, you’ll notice that it’s checking for updates and downloading them. When you go to the Controller, you’ll see an updated interface. 

You can access the Devices & Accessories window by pressing the letter B key. To update the Xbox One controller’s firmware, follow these instructions. You’ll be able to get rid of this issue quickly if you succeed in this endeavor.

#5) Install & Run the System File Checker

  • You can launch CMD by pressing the Windows key and entering the command prompt.
  • Right-click CMD and choose “Run as Administrator” to run it as an administrator.
  • Enter the following command in the CMD Prompt window:
sfc /scannow
  • The System File Checker program will report this information to the user if you discover any integrity issues during the scan.
  • The System File Checker program can help you fix problems if any integrity violations are discovered.
  • Restart the computer system to check if the issue has been resolved.

FAQs – Runtime Error Xbox One Controller

How do I fix an unresponsive Xbox One controller?

To turn the Controller off, hold down the Xbox button on the Controller’s face for approximately 6 seconds. To restart the Controller, press the Xbox button again.

Why is my Xbox controller blinking slowly?

Make sure that your Xbox One controller is not blinking. After pressing the Xbox button and seeing it light up, this is usually an indication that you haven’t synced your Controller to your console. When you connect the Controller to a different system, you may experience this issue.

How do you reset a controller?

The Controller’s small reset button is located near the L2 shoulder button on the rear. Push the button in the tiny hole with a little tool. You should hold down the button for about three to five seconds. Use a USB cord to connect the PS4 Controller to the console, then click the PS button.


The Runtime Error Xbox One Controller can be fixed using these techniques. In the hope that you’ve studied this text thoroughly, you won’t have any issues with the methods described above.